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Elvis Stitch by disneylori

creating two non-human faced characters with opposite personalities where one of them is very shy and the other agressive and dominant is literally a direct formula for success in tumblr “fandom culture” because they will IMMEDIATELY be drawn as two skinny white gay men and everyone will go crazy over it and if you think lemonteaflower didnt know that while making/working on this show youre oh so wrong


Celebrate The Season by disneylori


And as the years flowed by, some villagers told travelers of a beast and a beauty who lived in the castle and could be seen walking on the battlements, and others told of two beauties, and others, of two beasts.
      For the lovely and encouraging Rose, the most positive and kind flower on the earth.


endless list of good books: [5/?]
↳ the heroes of olympus by rick riordan

“The main thing about ghosts – most of them have lost their voices. In Asphodel, millions of them wander around aimlessly, trying to remember who they were. You know why they end up like that? Because in life they never took a stand one way or another. They never spoke out, so they were never heard. Your voice is your identity. If you don’t use it, you’re halfway to Asphodel already.”


get to know me | non-human characters [2/5]
Dio Brando - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Donald Duck by disneylori


Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex by disneylori


Pinocchio and Geppetto by disneylori

scenario: you’re talking to a black friend about a celebrity or a show or a movie. you really like this thing and you’re talking to them about it and ask them their thoughts. they say “_____ is really antiblack.”

what do you do?

a. immediately go “well, I didn’t see it as antiblack…”

b. go “I get that it’s antiblack but here are all these good things/this is why I still like that”

c. explain why the thing is antiblack (”this celebrity has a different context for racial things!”/”non-black characters also faced the situation the black character faced!”)

d. acknowledge that the other person has every right to hate this thing and keep that in mind in the future

the correct answer is d! because really, when they say “yeah this is antiblack so I don’t fuck with it” the most important thing for you to do is recognize that they are hurt by all forms of antiblackness and don’t need to hear you get in your feelings about it

and I really don’t need to hear my friends bring up antiblack shows/celebs when I’ve expressed my discomfort with them.


Meeting Stitch and Mike Wazowski by disneylori


Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger by disneylori


Jedi Mickey and Princess Leia Minnie by disneylori


Fantasmic by disneylori


Mickey and Minnie by disneylori