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idk if you're into it but might i prompt some in-universe ninja ship party fluff? Ninja Brian having night terrors about his past and Danny calming him down, copious amounts of cuddling and comfort ensues (or at least as much as you can fit in your word limit, pfft) <3 - love, @sin-grumps

Half way tw i guess? Blood mention but also comfort ensues 😋

The silver blade gleamed in the moonlight.

Brian kept to the shadows, which was surprisingly easy in the darkness of the street. His footsteps were quiet to the point of non-existence, attributed to the brand new shoes he’d had custom made exactly for this purpose. The person in front of him was oblivious, and walked along without a care in the world. The footsteps of the target were loud enough that Brian could follow the sound instead of the sight; so he could keep in the darkness, half blind, without much trouble.

This went on for several blocks, and for some reason, Brian couldn’t bring himself to leap forward and attack. His body wouldn’t let him, though in his mind, he was completely ready.

Wait a second. That street sign. ‘Abraham Avenue’. He definitely remembered reading that sign a few blocks back. Why would another street be named the same thing?

Brian’s vision wobbled in front of him, and suddenly he was where he began: standing in the shadows on the corner, target walking on the sidewalk in front of him. Brian thought he’d just had a dizzy spell, and continued forward as he had been, when he looked to the left and saw the same sign again. Abraham Avenue. Was the street repeating?

“Agent 214, he’s in our sights,” said a voice out of nowhere. It seemed to come from above him, but before Brian could even turn his head, the scene in front of him changed.

He was strapped on a bed, wrapped so tightly in leather binds that he could barely breathe.

“Talk,” demanded a stranger, new voice. It was loud and aggressive, omnipotent and all around.

Immediately, Brian shut his lips and closed his eyes defiantly. He wasn’t going to spill *anything.*

“Where are the headquarters?” The voice asked. Now answer. “WHERE ARE THEY?”

Brian only answered with silence.

When there was no response from anything for a few seconds, Brian dared to open his eyes. In front of him stood a tall figure, clad all in black, like himself. Though, it didn’t seem like a costume. It felt more as if the person in front of him was a shadow of someone else he couldn’t see.

“Don’t feel like talking?” presumed the voice.

Hands Brian couldn’t see yanked his mask off and forced his mouth open. Someone grabbed his tongue with pliers, extending it as fsr as it could go.

“Then let’s make it to where you can’t talk ever again.”


Waking came with instability. Ninja Brian sat bolt upright with a scream caught in his throat. The pain was so fresh in his mind, so real, that he could almost feel the blood running down his lips, staining his clothes. He could feel himself choking on his own blood all over again. All the people he couldn’t even see grabbing him and forcing him down, forbidding him to scream.

Even now. Even now a pair of hands were grabbing Ninja Brian by the shoulders, and he tried with all his might to push them away. Where was his knife? Where had it gone then and where was it now?

After a few moments of struggling, a soft, familiar voice paired itself with the hands holding his shoulders.

“Brian, Brian. It’s okay. You’re okay.”

There was only one person who ever only called him just 'Brian’.

He stopped struggling, and, his eyes adjusting to the darkness of his room, he could see that Danny was in front of him.

He smiled. “There you go, buddy,” Danny said, wrapping his arms tightly around Ninja Brian. “We’re back. It’s okay.”

Ninja Brian couldn’t help but sigh, glad that it was only Danny he was waking up to. He hugged back. A silent 'thank you’.

Danny didn’t ask what he’d been dreaming about because he already knew, but he wouldn’t have asked anyway. He wasn’t like that. Instead, he scooted over and lied down next to Ninja Brian, motioning for him to do the same.

He did, and Danny grabbed hold of Brian’s hand under the covers and gave it a squeeze.

“Try and go back to sleep, okay? We have a big day tomorrow. Just remember that they can’t hurt you anymore. They’re gone, and you’re not. So, it’s okay?”

The instinct to contradict Danny was pushed down, because even though he wasn’t really right, he kind of was. It was true. Those people couldn’t hurt anyone anymore. And they couldn’t hurt him either. It was okay.

Danny moved a little closer, and rested his head on Ninja Brian’s shoulder just before falling asleep.

Yes. It was definitely okay.