non euclidean

creepypasta (bad, for little kids): super mario’s eyes bled hyper-realistic blood and instead of the music there was someone saying “death” so i threw the game cartridge at the window.

scp entry (for intellectual, manly adults): william shakespeare’s eyes bled non-euclidean blood and the music was replaced with sad daevite poetry. we killed a d-class about it.

“Besides, often at difficult moments you’ll catch yourself talking to the mountain, flattering it, cursing it, making promises or threats. And you will have the impression that the mountain answers you if you speak to it properly—by becoming gentler, more submissive. Don’t think the less of yourself for that; don’t be ashamed of behaving like those our specialists call primitives and animists. Just keep in mind, when you remember these moments later on, that your dialogue with nature was just the outward image of an inner dialogue with yourself.” 

― René Daumal, Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing

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Wha… what? I said that it SMELLS faintly of vanilla. You should NEVER lick the Traveller. Non-Euclidean geometry of space (and all that) can’t be good for your tastebuds.

Dare you flip through the pale leather-bound pages of...

…The Necroromicom, the Romantic Comedy of the Dead. Dare you suffer the dreaded meet-cute, or light the ancient incense at the three points of the non-Euclidean Love Triangle, where each angle adds up to more than 180 degrees?

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I want to join in on the band names thing. Made up band names from a group chat: Rusty Hot Garbage, Metal Fish Mobile, Octigenarian Barbarians, Zombies in the Cornfield, Moleman Joe and his Technicolor Ferriday Cage, Monkey Skull Chili Bowl, Non-Euclidean Haircuts, Jailtime for Orphans, Deadlift Flamingo, Maggie and the Beasts, Rabbit and Costello, Bunny and Clyde, Arcane Cosmetics, and many more which I can't find right now.

Rusty Hot Garbage: A crust punk band with a steampunk motif that plays on never-before-seen instruments they made out of things they found at the junkyard.

Metal Fish Mobile: A marching band that covers songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Octigenarian Barbarians: Viking metal grandpas that perform at Renaissance Faires.

Zombies in the Cornfield: A bluegrass Misfits cover band.

Moleman Joe and His Technicolor Ferriday Cage: An Aquabats-style band that writes educational comedy songs about science fiction mining safety.

Monkey Skull Chili Bowl: There’s only one instrument in this here band, and that’s bongos. There are fifteen members and it’s bongos all the way down, my man. The vocals are just a text-to-speech program reading out chili recipes written by one of those predictive text programs.

Non-Euclidean Haircuts: A cybergoth nerdcore rap duo.

Jailtime for Orphans: Neo-Victorian harpsichord pop songs about Oliver Twist.

Deadlift Flamingo: Dropkick Murphys songs covered in the style of Jimmy Buffet.

Maggie and the Beasts: A bunch of cats on stage while my friend Maggie sings public domain songs with absolutely no backing track whatsoever.

Rabbit and Costello: High-energy electro-swing that’s engineered specifically to get amateur magicians pumped for their next birthday party.

Bunny and Clyde: An old school hip-hop group that raps exclusively in 20s slang.

Arcane Cosmetics: An experimental music project where I try to “cover” The Adventure Zone soundtrack using only mouth noises while I also do a makeup tutorial.

It is with great chagrin that we herald the return of the catchphrase of the century, here delivered by a non-euclidean chair.

We open with Shiori shifting her personal narrative.  If she can’t be the most powerful, she might succeed at becoming the most abject.   She’s winning, either way.

Or maybe she’s just really upset, because she was given everything she wanted and it all got taken away from her.  The worst thing to imagine - that none of this is a show, that none of it is manipulative, because there’s nobody in the audience can give her what he did.   Poor little storm at sea.

Utena notices that someone is hurting and wants to fix it.  She goes to Juri and asks for help.  Juri replies with excruciating correctness that it’s not her business and she’s not getting involved.

This would be great, if she meant it.

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( @davidmann95 this is just some random ideas for Kal’l)

In the space between spaces, there was a dying realm known as KRYPTON! Older than age, beyond the reach of starlight, the denizens of this realm understood the inner workings of all reality. Until one day, their dreaming god Rao began to wake, making all of the space fall apart. The last surviving member of the race cast its child through the thinning veil of reality, depositing his egg in the garden of Martha Kent.

Krypto IS a squid, but a squid that drank some of his blood during a brutal undersea fight and gained his powers (and eldritch nature), so he started taking care of it.

The Fortress? on the moon. He doesn’t breath the same way as anyone else, drawing “Aether” from seemingly nowhere, so Kal’l made a den on the dark side of the moon.

A.A. Luthor, acclaimed cosmic horror writer, starts a society to fight back against the “horrors” after Kal’l accidentally gives his shut in mother a heart attack when she sees him on the news.

Instead of Mxyzptlk, he gets Nyarlathotep!

Giant Clay Juggernaut Diana and Kal’l still had a relationship, but it was ill-fated for some much grosser reasons. 

Instead of a cape, Kal’l wears a long dark red robe to keep his horrifying body from hurting anyone’s minds.

His “X-ray” vision is actually him peering into a non-euclidean space, and seeing the object from multiple impossible angles. 

Can eat almost anything, but doesn’t like to.

His version of Kryptonite is normal radioactive material (the energies react strangely to his interdimensional biology) and his Red Sun Radiation is magics that call upon his home realm, which can “Normalize” the space around him and make him JUST a cthulhu monster.


Not to get y'all too hot and bothered, but I’ve been idly bra shopping for the last couple months (which means trying on one as I’m looking for other clothes, taking it off, giving it up for a week, and then trying a bra one again with no memory of what I’ve tried before, you know, the rigorous science) and I’ve concluded my boobs count as non-Euclidean geometry, they are an Esher painting of mammary ducts, they are altered by observation and their true shape can only be known when they are not perceived, they’re like probably a 36 A maybe but at this point fuck it I’ll just masking tape my nips and bounce free

Title: The Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory


Name: Ryota Matsumoto 

2015, Mixed Media, 30inx22in

My project reflects the morphological transformations of our ever-evolving urban and ecological milieus. These cycles of evolution are attributed to a multitude of spatio-temporal phenomena influenced by social, economic and cultural factors. As Colin MacFarlane interpreted cities as global urban assemblages, perpetually going through reconfiguration with emphasis on the relations between sociality and spatiality at different scales, the urban environment can be defined as a multiplicity that is in the state of perpetual transformation in conjunction with socio-spatial alignment. My vision of future cities addresses the critical sustainable issues in response to the speculative changes in notions of societies, cultures and ecosystems in the transient nature of constantly shifting topography and geology. 

The drawing explores the hybrid technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, graphite, and photo collage) and digital media (algorithmic processing, parametric modeling, data transcoding and image compositing with custom software ). The varying scale, juxtaposition of biomorphic forms, intertwined textures, oblique projections and visual metamorphoses are employed as the multi-layered drawing methodologies to question and investigate the ubiquitous nature of urban meta-morphology, the eco-political reality of the Anthropocene epoch, the advancement of biomaterial technologies and their visual representation in the context of non-Euclidean configuration. Furthermore, the application of these techniques allow the work to transcend the boundaries between analog and digital media as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains.