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We often think of haunted places as spooky old houses or abandoned asylums, but what about an aircraft? One such case is that of Flight 401, an Eastern Airlines flight that crashed into the Florida Everglades on December 29th 1972 at approximately 11:42 P.M. The captain, along with one of two flight crew members, two of 10 flight attendants, and 97 of 163 passengers, died; 75 passengers and crew survived. The crash was a result of the crew becoming distracted by a minor problem (a burnt-out landing gear indicator light), and failing to notice that the plane was not on autopilot. They were unknowingly free-falling for more than 10 minutes. The last dialogue heard on the plane is surprisingly casual, and at least somewhat relieving to know that the causalities never knew what hit them:

 “Stockstill: Um, [pause] we’re still at 2,000 feet, right?”

  “Loft: Hey—what’s happening here?” 

-plane crashes-

Although the crash was disastrous, a lot of the non-essential equipment (i.e dinner trays, seats and hinges) were salvageable and were “recycled” onto other aircrafts in order to save money. After this, odd things began happening. On several flights, flight attendants and passengers witnessed the ghost of Captain Bob Loft walking in and out of the cock-pit before vanishing into thin air. On one occasion, the flight crew were so shaken by the experience that they had to cancel the flight. On another flight, a lady made a concerned enquiry to a flight attendant regarding the quiet, unresponsive man in Eastern Airlines uniform sitting in the seat next to her, who subsequently disappeared in full view of both of them and several other passengers, leaving the woman hysterical. More than 10 flights had reports of paranormal occurrences, and all these flights contained at least one part of the crashed plane. In 1981, all of these “haunted planes” were taken out of service in fears that a paranormal experience may cause another crash. It remains the only incident of a supposed haunted aircraft, and is as creepy as it is unusual.

some tips from your local depressed college student
  • cheap paper towels + hydrogen peroxide = acne treatment (just be careful not to bleach your eyebrows unless you’re into that idk)
  • use the acne face soap on your chest, upper back, and shoulders instead, since it doesn’t do shit for your face (or at least not mine)
  • no one is stopping you from bushing your teeth in the shower except yourself (just eliminating that extra step of going to the sink makes it so much easier for me)
  • did you know you’re actually supposed to put on stick deodorant at night??? It has time to absorb while u sleep or stare at the ceiling in dispair whichever works best for u
  • carrots and/or apples dipped in peanut butter = dinner (or just plain peanut butter but it helps to get a lil something extra if you can manage it)
  • if you give yourself an allowance of skip days (i’m talking like 3 or 4 max) then it can be easier to go to class if you remind yourself “i only have 2 skip days left, I’m gonna save them until I REALLY need them” (think of skip days like non-essential items in a video game - you could use them now, but what if you really need them during the final boss battle later on??)
  • the velveeta microwave dinners aren’t great but they’re cheap and better than some other options out there. the mac n cheese w/ meat ones can smell a bit like dog food but they still taste pretty good
  • if you like peppermint hot chocolate - save the after dinner mints you get at places like Chik Fil A and italian restaurants and such and then drop a couple in your mug before you put it in the microwave. boom. 
  • if you’ve got a sore throat, just take a spoonful of honey (or squirt it directly from the bottle to your mouth if you’re a heathen like me) and go find a hot drink
  • for essays - highlight/number/circle/whatever you want to do to make ‘em stand out the quotes you want to use in your paper, then go take a shower or get something to eat or just watch like a 15-20 minute video on YouTube and then come back to your paper, pop those fuckin’ quotes in the right order, and write in the smart bullshit around them
  • okay actually the one thing that I will spend a little extra money on is cough drops bc i get a sore throat all the damn time and the only kind i will buy anymore is Halls Breezers they taste like candy instead of koala shit my personal favorite is cool berry but the orange creme ones are good too honestly these cough drops have saved my life at least six times now
  • coffee is gr9 but don’t forget to have some water every day too dehydration is NOT FUN (speaking from very painful personal experience)
how to be a minimalist student

a lot of minimalism blogs/youtube channels are directed at older people with houses and jobs, rather than students living with their parents going to and from school; but that doesn’t mean minimalism can’t be for students/teenagers too!

I thought I would write some tips and tricks for being a student minimalist and why it’s worth a shot:

how to:

1. cook with friends rather than buying takeaways or go for walks instead of sitting inside watching films. make the most of the time you spend with friends (and spend less money while you’re at it)

2. stop scrolling and turn off notifications. I’ve switch off all notifications on my lock screen (except for essentials like text) and have muted all non-essential chats so I only have to know about them if I have chosen to go on my phone for that purpose. this is a really easy way to get rid of distractions

3. practicality > aesthetic. I agree that colourful beautiful notes are lovely but they aren’t necessarily worth your time. use your time effectively and don’t rewrite pages of notes just because you had to cross something out and now it’s ‘ruined’. 

3. trade your busy life for a full one by doing one thing at once. learn to focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention. this isn’t just about studying, but also about social events. if you’re meeting a friend, spend the time with your friend, not on your phone. devote yourself to each thing you’re doing and plan your time

4. remember: just because its on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it. just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to spend it. 

5. say no. its easier to take back a no than it is to take back a yes. don’t feel obliged to sign up for everything and do everything for everyone. put yourself first and don’t feel guilty

6. try the hanger trick. hang all your clothes on hangers facing the same direction. twist the hanger around after you wear something. after a month, donate everything that hasn’t been twisted round to charity 

7. cleanse your social media: unfriend people you don’t know anymore. unfriend people who are negative. delete the apps you don’t use. unsubscribe from channels/newsletters that no longer interest you. declutter your online life

8. cleanse your real life relationships: stop spending time with people who put you down. end your unhealthy relationships. be honest with people you care about. put yourself first

9. record your favourite show or watch netflix. avoiding adverts frees you from the endless cycle of always wanting to have the next big thing

why it’s worth a try:

1. teaching yourself to switch off from social media and learning to spend more quality time with people face-to-face is liberating

2. everything is easier when you have a clear(er) head. having less means you have less to worry about

3. you’ll save money surprisingly easily. the money you spent on takeaways or shoes you thought you needed because everyone else had them can be put towards bigger things that will make you happier e.g. travelling or can be saved for the future

4. you can focus on your mental and physical health more when you aren’t distracted by your phone buzzing all the time and aren’t basing your happiness on keeping up with the latest trends

N.B. don’t expect to ‘get’ minimalism overnight. I definitely still haven’t cracked it. start small and slowly implement minimalism into different areas of your life. figure out what works and what doesn’t. minimalism is personal so there is no ‘right’ way of doing things.

just because minimalism can be about having less, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your beloved book collection. if it makes you happy, keep it; if it doesn’t, let it go.

  • Mccree: You done stuffed my wagon full t'bustin’ with non-essentials! Look at all this! Cinnamon! Oregano! Cilantro?! What in cockadoodle is cilantro?! what is this?
  • Mercy: That would be lettuce
  • Mccree: Lettuce!?, Lettuce!?
  • Mercy: It’s a vegetable, Jesse, Men need their Four basic food Groups
  • Mccree: (raises three fingers) I Got your Four basic food groups!: Beans, Bacon, Whiskey and Lard
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Consideration of sexual color dimorphism in the Galrificus spacecatus

(Probably one among many such posts, rolling off the press :3)

So, now that we know what female Galra look like, I can’t help but notice something

Here are a few male Galra

Here are a few female Galra

Notice a big difference? Yeah, COLOR
With the kinda-exception of oddball Kolivan, male Galra are purple.  
K? They’re purple. Some are more lilac, some are more eggplant, some have markings that are *gasp* slightly paler shades of purple. Some are more violet, some are powdery bluish/lavender/whatever. But the theme?
Full stop

The ladies, however? We’ve got pink, blue, salmon, orange, teal, yellow. All sorts of markings in all sorts of colors

2 theories

  1. Make-up. All those face markings could be cosmetic. Which. Yeah, would actually be a super-fun idea, because pretty ladies & swag. However, I don’t think it’s the case. Because
    1. They’re on active military duty. Modern military and non-essential cosmetic alterations often don’t hang out together. 
    2. Well, if it’s cosmetic, then why aren’t any of the guys wearing it?
      (Again, argument can be made for Kolivan)

  2. All-natural skin pigmentation.  This, I think, is the more likely answer. AND it actually is more fun, because this means it could be an evolutionary holdover from Galra prehistory, perhaps even pre-sentience

Now. Take this journey with me, folks. Think of birds. Earth birds. Specifically, think of passerines (the sparrows, the robins, the birds-of-paradise, the bluejays, the swallows, etc. They flutter. They perch on stuff. They cheep, they sing, they squawk, they have a good time)

Remember their sexual dimorphisms? Remember how (not always, but often) one sex tends to be dull-looking, and the other tends to be pretty & flashy?  

There’s the courted, pursued, “stay at home/take care of the kids” half of the species. Typically, they’re very well-camouflaged (wouldn’t want to attract predators to their nests), and they look rather drab. They come in browns, grays… *whispers* perhaps purples?

And then, there’s the half that does the courting. And (once babies show up) they’re the ones who leave the nest more often, and who act (generally) as the breadwinners. THESE are the ones that usually come in bright pretty colors. Reds, blues, greens… salmons, oranges, pinks??


If we go waaaaay back in time, to their civilization’s beginnings-  waaaaaaay back to when physical markings would have most mattered-  we could tentatively conclude a few things about this (perhaps matriarchal?? Idk, but just perhaps????) Galra society

Picture it with me: big, bright, strong, eye-catching, courtship-performing females, who strut their stuff(!!) for smaller, drabber, homemaker males.

So, (at LEAST) in terms of their great-great ancestors, I guess what I’m trying to say is


So sometimes I want to include an essential oil in a sachet or a jar spell, but sachets are not meant for liquids, and if a jar spell contains mostly dry ingredients and I don’t want to turn it into an oil, I don’t want too much moisture in there to avoid mold. So the workaround is to create a salt.

  • Measure out however much salt you need for your jar
  • Put the salt into a non-plastic container (essential oils and plastic are not friends)
  • Add a drop of your essential oil (or more if you’re using a lot of salt, but the point here is to wind up with something dry)
  • Mix the salt and essential oil together really well
  • Spread the salt out as much as you can and let it dry

Once the oil has evaporated away, your salt should still smell like your oil (though not nearly as strong). That will give you a nice dry ingredient to work with, yet still give you the intents associated with your oil.

Disclaimer: Be safe with your oils and don’t go giving yourself a rash or anything by mixing undiluted oil into your salt with your fingers.

Yo but honestly what is this weird loyalty people have to meat?

Like why do people get so annoyed about it? If this was any other food or activity, like playing golf or wearing a certain brand of clothing, and you showed people that it was harmful to animals, humans and the environment people would just be like ‘oh damn yeah I’d better stop’.

But with meat, it’s like you just threatened their family? People act like they get up every morning and pledge allegiance to animal products whenever there’s a vegan around.

Can you imagine if someone went around posting 'TENNIS FOR LIFE!!’?? You’d be like 'that’s kinda weird but you do you I guess?’ because it is a genuinely weird way to act about a non-essential activity?? but when someone says it about meat people are like 'YEAH FUCK VEGANS THEY CAN GO FUCK THEM SELVES’ and it’s like why??????

What are you actually supporting here????

Why are you supporting it?????????????

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re being played into reacting this way towards a group of peacefully non-compliant protesters??????????????

Did you ever think that maybe there’s money involved in you responding that way???????????????

Did you ever think about what else you may not have thought about because you were too busy trying to block out any coherent thought along these lines???

By being so opposed to those trying to learn more about the wrong in the world and act accordingly, you’re blindly holding up the machine in its current form, regardless of ways in which it could be improved.
And lastly remember that part, it’s not meat that you’re holding up, it’s not some war that you personally are waging against vegans, all you are doing is simply doing the deeds of an industry that doesn’t give half a shit about you and is banking on you perpetuating this culture, and spreading their influence as a method of free marketing.

Wake up friend, there’s a lot to learn.

I went to the mall today and saw this in the bathroom. I was absolutely shocked. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of these machines. Obviously, we all have seen the ones that cost 25 cents but these were FREE. IS THIS THE START OF GOVERNMENT FINALLY PAYING FOR OUR “non-essential luxury goods”????? I WANT TO SEE THESE EVERYWHERE IN THE NEAR FUTURE ESPECIALLY IN SCHOOLS !! IT WILL SAVE SO MANY GIRLS PANIC AND STRESS ABOUT RANDOMLY HAVING THEIR PERIOD OR FORGETTING THEIR PADS/TAMPONS !!!!

Some person: Circumcision is bad

Me: I agree, I don’t think that non-essential surgical procedures on an infant for aesthetic reasons is appropriate in any case

Some person: FGM and circumcision are the exact same thing and I can’t hear discussions of FGM without constantly bringing up circumcision, I honestly believe that removing an infant’s foreskin is the same thing as removing a 12-year-old girl’s labia and clitoris and sewing her vagina closed

Me: I will come to your house and cut your dick off myself

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When will you stop begging people to their cash? In all honesty, get your life in order and stop relying on other people's work. If you honestly need the money you'll have to make some sacrifices

Oh, right, sacrifices… 

Like how I had to cut down my medication to half the dose, despite serious risk of my health, because I couldn’t afford a full dose? Or that I’m using cheapest possible pads when I’m on my period, despite the fact that they give me skin irritation and sometimes rashes on my fucking vulva? Or the fact that I don’t go to anything to do with university on campus because I need to save transport money, which has seriously effected my marks? Or the fact that I haven’t been able to do anything social in months? 

Or that I am living off canned foods and can’t even afford fresh vegetables or meat? Or that I go to churches that offer free staples despite the fact that they are openly anti-LGBT and I feel deeply unsafe and can’t be honest about a very big part of my life? Or that I’m pretty sure my wisdom teeth are coming up but I haven’t been able to see a dentist so I just gotta live with the fucking pain? Or that I’ve sold everything I owned that I could

Or that I have to spend an hour every morning calming myself down from a panic attack before leaving the house because I’m agoraphobic? Or that I spend HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY looking for and applying for jobs, going to shopping centres with my resume, writing cover letters, changing my resume to suit the jobs, filming those fucking ridiculous videos that shops want you to do? Or that I have to deal with all that rejection every day… and know that it’s not because of my qualifications, it’s because someone is always cheaper, it’s because I’m just a bit too fat, because I have visible self harm scars, because of all these stupid little things? 

Or that this whole thing started because I was supposed to go to a fucking psych ward but my mother kicked me out instead, leaving me without the safety and psychiatric care I need, and also cut off from a huge part of my family, including her even though we used to be incredibly close? Or that I have to know that my father is paying for accommodation filled with fucking cockroaches and leaking plumbing but “can’t afford” to help me with anything else even though he’s a fucking rich engineer who lives overseas and is planning his second international holiday since this happened to me? Or that I have to accept that the people who I thought were always going to be there for me were actually selfish bastards this entire fucking time?

Or that fact that I have to put up with dickheads like you even though most of this information is in my fucking posts?

You’re right. I’m entirely at fault here and have been nothing but selfish. Thank you, o wise person without reading comprehension, I have see the error of my ways.

Anyway, donate here. For meds, food, etc. 

If you want to be more confident in what I’m spending the money on, you can check here for my essentials Amazon wishlist (toiletries, etc.), here for my health & mental health wish list for stuff to help me while I can’t afford to see doctors, and here for my non-essentials wishlist. Unfortunately my wishlists are pretty limited because not many things ship to Australia.

This is how escaping the Room of Requirement should've went
  • [Harry, after swooping in and getting Draco]
  • Draco: Can't this thing go any faster? I can feel the flames licking my heels.
  • Harry: I could toss off some non-essential weight.
  • Draco: Exactly! *looks around* Okay, so that was an insult. I get it.

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Hello ! I'm a SS shipper but what does make you think that SS is more popular that NH ? I've heard many people saying the same thing ^^

The only way we can really objectively judge their popularity is by comparing how active each respective pairing is in the fandom, in both Western and Japanese online Social Media. So in light of that, these are the search results for both the Japanese and the Western fandoms on Pixiv, Deviant Art and Google, as of February 22nd 2017:

Pixiv Japan:

SasuSaku (サスサク) - 11,267, SakuSasu (サクサス) - 46 = 11,313

NaruHina (ナルヒナ) - 4,843, HinaNaru (ヒナナル) - 22 = 4,865

SS more popular by a difference of 6,448

Pixiv Western:

SasuSaku - 954, SakuSasu - 5 = 959

NaruHina - 792, HinaNaru - 3 = 795

SS more popular by a difference of 164

Deviant Art is essentially non-existent in the Japanese fandom, so I won’t bother including those results. On the other hand…

Deviant Art Western:

SasuSaku - 65,933, SakuSasu - 5,587 = 71,520

NaruHina - 74,370, HinaNaru - 5,007 = 79,377

NH more popular by a difference of 7,857

Google Japan:

SasuSaku (サスサク) - 320,000, SakuSasu (サクサス) - 35,600 = 355,600

NaruHina ( ナルヒナ ) - 216,000, HinaNaru ( ヒナナル ) - 10,100 = 226,100

SS more popular by a difference of 129,500

Google Western:

SasuSaku - 5,220,000, SakuSasu - 95,700 = 5,315,700

NaruHina - 4,940,000, HinaNaru - 84,300 = 5,024,300

SS more popular by a difference of 291,400

So according to those results, SS has more than double NH’s results on Pixiv Japan and is also more popular on the Western version. NH is more popular on the Western Deviant Art, but SS again has NH beat for both the Japanese and the Western versions of the Google searches.

In addition to all of that:

So yeah, it has the most haters, but SS has always retained its position as the most popular canon and heterosexual ship in the series.

Wu wei ( 无为) is a Chinese word which is usually translated as “non doing”. This is a Taoist concept which has found its way into mainstream Buddhism via Zen (Chan). It is a fundamental principle in Eastern cultures and one which mystifies and at times frustrates Westerners.

The idea is that there are times when the best action is no action. We can best deal with a situation by not reacting to it. This is alien to most Westerners who feel that a reaction is always necessary. With wu wei we are as the water when it meets the stone in the river. It flows around without directly opposing the stone. Wu wei. The water way.

Wu wei wu(无为无), alternatively is essentially ‘doing non doing” or “action without action” Bruce Lee talks on this during an interview when we instructs those to “be like water”. 

“The Sage is occupied with the unspoken and acts without effort.’

– Laozi, The Tao Te Ching, chapter 2

Can’t start studying?

Get up and go for a 5-minute walk

Have a glass of water and a snack

Write a short to-do list

Get out all the supplies you need.

Sit down

Tell a friend you’re going to start studying. (If you don’t have a friend nearby, text them. Or tell yourself. Or tell a wall. Just say it.)

Turn off your phone and close any non-essential internet tabs

Do the very first step of what you need to do. If you have to write an essay, write the first sentence. If you have to read a chapter, read the first sentence. If you have to do a multi-choice quiz, answer the first question.

Congratulations! You have started studying!

Now do the second step. Write the second sentence. Read the first sentence. Answer the second question.

Now do the third step.

Keep repeating.

Now you’ve done more than just start studying! Keep going and soon your to-do list will be all finished.

For more tips follow How To Study Quick!!


as you may know Polish government decided that nuances such us constitution or judicial independence are non essentials in democracy. For some reason it sparked quite a lot of controversy and protest all over country. So pleas give a thought to Polish democracy before it will require past tense.  



● Work smart, not hard. Keep a schedule of exams so that you are able to prepare on time. Remember not everything will work for some people, so find what works for you and stick to it.

● Making notes- don’t write notes for the sake of it, be concise. Grow a habit of summarizing everything. Break down notes in to diagrams, flash cards, graphs or other pictorial representations. Summaries are great for remembering long notes/chapters.

● Teaching others- this is an excellent way of retaining what you learned. For example, you can get together in group and each person could teach one module to the rest of the group. Plus, you’ll be rewarded for helping your fellow brothers and sisters. (Remember too many people may become distracting, so try limit it to 1-2 people you know who are highly dedicated).

● Practice exam questions- This may be obvious but gets overlooked. Practice exam questions, then go to lecture notes to try and understand. This way you can filter out the non-essential stuff quicker and be more efficient with your time. Go through lecture notes, because lecturers might put similar if not the same questions they delivered in the lectures in the exams. Also, doing past papers/ exam questions helps familiarize you with the exam.

● Memorising- Look at you notes multiple times. Spider diagrams, mind maps and concept maps are great for visual learning. You can memorise it and then try re-create it.

● Breaks- Take regular breaks for revision, this helps the brain remember all the information that you’ve taken in. Try 50 minutes on, 10 minutes off.


● Start early and finish early. Wake up for Fajr and stay up till lunch. There is a lot of barakah as the Prophet (Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said: “O Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings (i.e., what they do early in the morning).” [Ibn Majah]. So utilise the early hours for revision. It is advised to work from the morning (whether after Fajr or at 9am) to 5pm, and to take the evening off for rest and enjoyment

● Try and take the Afternoon nap (Sunnah). Any nap shouldn’t prolong such that you enter deep sleep. For example, 20-45mins, you will feel refreshed and more productive Inshaa’Allah.

● Organisation- With any goals/targets one must be organised from the start. So have a plan/timetable/diary etc. that divides your time.

● Avoid futile activities- Minimise activities such as watching TV, Netflix, social media, gossip and bad company.

● Procrastination- Constantly remind yourself of the end goal and make lots of Du’a to Allah to protect you from Procrastination.


● Intention – As Muslims it is vital to have a noble intention behind our studies e.g. doctor – to save lives; an engineer – to build things that will benefit people etc. These will benefit us not only in the Dunya (world) but also in our Akhirah (Hereafter) insha Allah (If Allah wills).

● ‘Struggle now, enjoy later’ – put yourself in this mindset throughout i.e. in the short term you will work at Uni/library then relax at home; in the medium term you will work until exams and then relax in the summer; in the long term you will work until Uni finishes and do well in your chosen career.

● Company – Surround yourself with highly motivated and hardworking people. Being around aspirational people can help you in the right frame of mind and help prevent you from procrastinating

● Avoid regret – One of the worst things in life is regret, and something that happens to us a lot. Put yourself in the mindset that if you don’t work hard now, then you will regret it later.

● Fight procrastination – “Never do tomorrow, what you can do today, procrastination is the thief of time”. Something of an epidemic amongst students is to procrastinate, but fight the urge and make a start to get the ball rolling and remove the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality.

● By yourself – Realise that you have to work hard for the simple fact that you are the one who will be sitting in that exam hall doing the exam, no one else will be writing for you, so prepare as much as you can.


● Plan around Salaah (Prayer) – It is very important to plan your revision around the five daily prayers and use these as breaks, they are an obligation upon us set by Allah, imagine seeking success in exams whilst not fulfilling the obligation that is a backbone to ultimate success.

● Qur’an – set aside some time (15 to 30 minutes) to recite and contemplate on the Qur’an, not only is this a break from revision but also, by the permission of Allah, puts barakah (blessings) in your time so efficiency will increase

● Make plenty of Du’a (supplication) - Without Allah’s aid you have nothing. You can have all the knowledge memorised but then you arrive at your exam and with a click of a finger it’s gone. Ask for His aid often.

● Morning and Evening Adhkaar (remembrance) – Fajr until sunrise (Morning Adhkaar), and Asr to Maghrib (Evening Adhkaar), try to keep up with remembering Allah in these times and read the Adhkaar which are Du’as that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) read. The Adhkaar can be found in the Fortress of the Muslim (a pocket sized book that many may have, can be bought cheap from Islamic book stores)

● Intention – As Muslims it is vital to have a noble intention behind our studies e.g. doctor – to save lives; an engineer – to build things that will benefit people etc. These will benefit us not only in the Dunya (world) but also in our Akhirah (Hereafter) insha Allah (If Allah wills).


● Diet - During long days of revision it becomes very tempting to just each junk. Heavy fatty food makes not just your body sluggish but your mind too. Have healthy lunches and also have good snacks such as nuts, fruits and plenty of water.

● Speeding up videos – When watching videos, lectures, seminars etc. on Q-Review, Moodle, YouTube and so on, it is helpful to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x so you can save time as well as absorb information quicker

● Someone to monitor you – If you find it difficult to discipline yourself then you may want to get someone like a family member to ‘monitor’ you by controlling your reward and punishment. For example, your parents could hold your PlayStation controller, if you complete a good amount of revision or fail to, then they can allow you to play or prevent you, respectively.

● Distractions – Smart phones can be a major distraction so battle this by giving your phone to a family member or friend while you revise; or switch it off completely and leave it on the other side of the room; or download on app called ‘Forest’ which prevents you from going on your phone and if you do then your virtual tree begins to die, if you leave your phone untouched for the time limit set then you get points and may be able to get a real tree planted somewhere in the world; or some brothers have even gone to the extent of getting an old ‘brick’ phone as their primary phone, they say that productivity has improved hugely.
Also try to cut down on other distractions such as video games and TV shows, it may be tough to stop completely so limit it e.g. normally if you watch 4 episodes of a TV show a day, then reduce it to 1 episode a day.

May Allah grant all of us success in this life and more importantly, in the Hereafter, Ameen!


Summary: In order to get the information you need for case, you start to date the owner of an auction house’s daughter. Dean isn’t keen on the idea of you dating anyone else.
Words: 8.5k (plus 2.8k smutty coda- smut can be avoided or read alone)
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, brief Sarah x Reader
Warnings: pseudo-infidelity, bi!reader Coda warnings: smutty smutty goodness

Beta: @blacksiren 
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

You were lying on your stomach in a motel just outside of New York, skimming through local papers and looking for a case.

Dean was out hustling pool, your sister shopping for non-perishable essentials, leaving you and Sam behind to do the job hunting.

Keep reading