non disney week

to spend $60 on a swimsuit i’ll wear maybe two times or just wear a t shirt and shorts???

also i finished watching the first season of riverdale and there is nothing more i ship in this world then Betty and Jughead,

made memories we knew would never fade

Learning English is difficult, frustrating, and entirely too likely to lead to embarrassing stories, as Kara discovers.

(Like any good big sister, Alex has caused half the incidents on her own, and gleefully shared the other half with Kara’s friends.)

Found on ao3

Or: I wrote a short fluff piece about the Danvers sisters because this fandom always needs more of them.


TALE AS OLD AS TIME | a fanmix for actual disney couple of the zombie apocalypse daryl and beth; for finding love in unexpected places, and for finding that someone who could be your happily ever after [listen] by starssight and dawnofthedusk.

something there  //  love will find a way  //  fixer upper  //  never knew i needed  //  far longer than forever  //  at the beginning  //  kiss the girl  //  if i never knew you  //  so close  //  because you live  //  beauty and the beast  //  i see the light  //  i won’t say (i’m in love)  //  once there was the sun  //  you’ll be in my heart  //  

Okay, so I've been thinking about having a non Disney week

I blog quite a few non Disney movies on here, and usually they don’t show up on my dash, so I always have to check the tags to find them and add them to the queue

I don’t think I’d have enough posts to last a whole week, but what do you think about having a non Disney weekend? To appreciate the lovely nostalgic and newer non Disney films we all love?

Like this post if you’d like to do that