non disney heroines


I felt like making pictures of Tiana as Belle recently. I’ve heard people say that Tiana (appearance-wise) is a black version of Belle with Jasmine’s eyes and I can kind of see it. However, Tiana is FAR more beautiful in my opinion. I love Belle but I don’t think that she’s an extraordinary beauty like she’s made out to be in her movie or among Disney fans.

Belle iss drawn so inconsistently, has a lot of terrible shots, and her overall appearance is not what Disney promotes. Her overall appearance is quite common looking with an ordinary facial structure, horrible bangs, nothing stand out about her looks like she’s made out to be, and I think plenty of animated women in the Beauty and the Beast franchise are more beautiful than her. I think Babette (The feather duster), The Enchantress (In the sequel), the Bimbettes, Angelique (In human form), and even the woman during the song Belle that says “Good Day” (Though she looks MUCH prettier during The Mob Song) are all more beautiful than Belle. Disney only promotes the gorgeous shots of Belle and Disney fans seem to ignore how she looks for most of the movie, which while beautiful, is average and common looking.

 Tiana, on the other hand, is GORGEOUS! I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think. Please comment, like, and reblog! Enjoy!