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Disneyyandmore’s Under-Appreciated Animated Films Challenge
Day 1: Favorite Song
Let Me Be Your Wings - Thumbelina // Let me be your wings / Let me lift you high above / Everything we’re dreaming of will soon be ours / Anything that you desire / Anything at all / Everyday I’ll take you higher / And I’ll never let you fall

Disney Femslash Week: Day 4, Dance. Helga and Chel as a pair of thieves, who stole each others hearts is probably my favorite thing ever.

[Image Description: A digital image of Chel, from The Road to El Dorado and Helga Sinclair. Helga and Chel are in a dark blue classic convertible. Chel is standing in the front passenger seat while Helga drives. Chel is dancing, with her arms over her head, in one hand she’s clutching three necklaces. Chel’s hair is whipping in the wind. Between Chel and Helga there is a stack of green bags, commonly used to hold money.]


Made some quick valentines day crossovers when I realized it was just a couple of days left. Clearly not my holiday since I prepared for Christmas a month before it started and Halloween I kept going for a whole month xD I wanted to try some new pairings, so I mainly took pairings I had never done before (The exceptions are Jim hawkins and Jasmine. They haven’t really been a romantic pairing before, Jim was together with Meg in one crossover and cheated on her with Jasmine. So it has been used but not reeeaaally used. The same goes for Naveen and Kusco who technically danced together in the Christmas crossover, but at that time it was just as friends in my mind.) 


Jackunzel: Shut Up & Dance
song by Walk the Moon


mother’s right here, mother will protect youdarling, here’s what i suggest: skip the drama, stay with mama!mother knows best!

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A banner for GuiltyAngelGirl’s Non-Disney/Dragon Age RP! :D

I’m a huge nerd for Dragon Age! Have already played +40h on Inquisition while snuggling in my DA2 hoodie! X3 I have even cosplayed Morrigan in the past! ;) . A full party with Pocahontas as a qunari mage, Derek as a human rouge, Jasmine as a Dalish elf rouge and Yao as a dwarven warrior. (^-^) 

Program used: Photoshop

Movies used: Pocahontas, Quest for Camelot, Mulan, Aladdin, Swan Princess, The Last Unicorn, Atlantis, The Lion King I did something similar a few years ago, but with Lord of the Rings: 

LOTR meets Non/Disney

So once again me and @zombiejette are making characters for a Non/Disney Roleplay that we aren’t officially a part of. This time there’s a cool group called Roaring Nights that made some awesome videos and it’s set in the 20′s and did I mention Korso? We were inspired to make some 20′s characters and because jette gender bent Kent, I had to gender bend Dean and here we are. Meet Deanna, a rich and rebellious socialite, twin sister of estranged brother Dean (the corrupt police commissioner?). Best friends with new gal pal, Kendra, the tough as nails Private Eye. Gets kidnapped by Korso, mob boss and ruler of the city, to blackmail her father the greedy Mayor who isn’t doing what he’s told. Deanna rolls with it, because it beats having to attend the finishing school her father forces her to go to. Those who would think to use her as a pawn in their games better watch out, she does not like being told what to do. Hence the vase to the face that is about to happen to whomever is keeping her from a night out.

(I also just saw @thenamelessdoll ’s Deana; her gender bend of Dean is amazing and it moves!!!!)

Red hair don’t care

It’s time to celebrate all of your favorite red heads during the upcoming Animated Redheads Week!Sponsered by the AnimatedRedHeadsNetwork, this is a week for all of our favorite redheads, Disney or non-Disney! Each day will have a prompt, which you can make gifs, graphics, or drawings. Make sure to tag everything #redheadsweekso we can check out your wonderful work. If any one has any questions please contact me or Micheal. Here are the prompts.

Day 1 (December 7th):Favorite Male 

Day 2 (December 8th):Favorite Female 

Day 3 (December 9th):Favorite quote

Day 4 (December 10th):Favorite Animal 

Day 5 (December 11th):Favorite Song

Day 6 (December 12th):Favorite Underated or Non-Disney Redhead

Day 7 (December 13th):Favorite Hair


For the 30 day Penn Zero Challenge.

#6 Favorite non-human dimension:

Hands down Cereal Mascot world, this episode was just so happy and fun. And it made me feel super nostalgic, because I used to watch a ton of these breakfast commercials back when I was little. So the episode just made me smile. :)

I also really liked how Rippen wasn’t the main villain, it was cool for them to switch up the formula and have him and Larry be back up villains. I just enjoy how the PZ crew takes cliches and twists them to make something entirely new. I also really enjoyed the milkman villain, he was a real treat.

and finally, I like how unique this dimension was. I have never seen anyone explore the world of Cereal/food mascots in a kid’s tv show before. And it was so cool to see how they executed it. It was just a real fun dimension to visit, and i cant wait to see it again! :)