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made memories we knew would never fade

Learning English is difficult, frustrating, and entirely too likely to lead to embarrassing stories, as Kara discovers.

(Like any good big sister, Alex has caused half the incidents on her own, and gleefully shared the other half with Kara’s friends.)

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Or: I wrote a short fluff piece about the Danvers sisters because this fandom always needs more of them.

Top 5 Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What

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1. Captain Swan. I’ve always loved fairy tales, but this one is hands down my favorite, and it always will be. There is no love more timeless than theirs.

2. Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert. If it weren’t for the lovely lady tagged above who tagged me in this, I would never have watched Tangled and finally discovered a Disney movie that I can say without a doubt is my favorite movie of all time.

3. Ichabbie. I’ve been with Ichabod and Abbie since day one, and I only fall more in love with them as time passes. The way that they’re constantly fighting to protect one another, at all costs…beautiful.

4. Cecilos. These two are just too adorable…in an “I want to squeal each time I hear Carlos’ voice on the radio with Cecil” way.

5. Anastasia and Dimitri. My favorite non-Disney animated movie/couple.

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