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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

In honor of the exclusive Oswald short available on the Walt Disney Signature Collection, here are a few fun facts about the Lucky Rabbit. Unlock the short “Hungry Hobos” when you purchase Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Digital.

Ub Iwerks was lead animator on Hungry Hobos, and one can see his superb personality animation in the early scenes of Oswald’s and Pete’s checker game and their cow encounter.

While Iwerks draws Pete as a relatively svelte rogue toward the start of this cartoon, fellow animator Rollin “Ham” Hamilton handles several later shots in which Pete shows more of the chunky physique we associate with him today.

Hungry Hobos was popular enough to launch a subseries of shorts featuring Oswald and Pete as brother hobos, which continued within the Oswald series after Disney’s involvement ended. Non-Disney Oswald-Pete hobo cartoons included Weary Willies (1929) and Tramping Tramps (1930).

Oswald’s eyes actually cover his entire upper face—we usually don’t notice, though, because the whites of his eyes aren’t outlined in full. When Oswald picks up the chicken in Hungry Hobos, however, the whites of his eyes are fully outlined for a few seconds, giving him a brief “goggle-eyed” look.

Sheriff Crabb, the grouchy dachshund lawman, also squared off with ne'er-do-well Oswald in The Ol’ Swimmin’ ‘Ole (1928), as well as in later non-Disney Oswald cartoons.

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This is what *non-Disney princess* cartoons would look like with realistic waists

We’re all familiar with how insanely tiny and unrealistic Disney princess waists are, right? [Shouts: YEP!] Well, the thing is, it doesn’t stop with Disney princesses. It seems like every animated “hero” female character in the history of everything has an impossibly tiny waist that in reality would a) not fit all her organs and b) likely snap in half.

So, in a continued effort to give our favorite animated ladies a more healthy makeover, we decided to illustrate these cartoons with more realistic waists, too. The results are pretty amazing - such a small change can make a huge difference.