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Lemon Poppy Seed Whoopie Pies

Spring is in the air, I just feel it! The days are gradually getting longer and I am itching to start planting my garden.  Unfortunately, I still have a couple of months for that to happen but it’s getting closer day by day.

When I think spring, I think of citrus flavors and scents.  You know, that clean and refreshing aroma and taste!  Lemons are pretty to look at arranged in a large bowl on your kitchen table; the scent is uplifting, and the taste will delight your taste buds.

I suggest making a batch this weekend!

Ingredients for batter:

1 cup organic unbleached all-purpose flour
½ cup organic pure cane sugar
1 T organic lemon rind
1 T organic poppy seeds
½ t baking soda
1 t organic and vegan pure vanilla extract
2 T organic lemon juice
½ cup organic coconut milk
¼ cup organic coconut oil, melted

Ingredients for filling:

2 cups organic powdered sugar
½ cup vegan butter
5 T organic lemon juice

Method for batter:

Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.

Lightly grease one whoopie pie pan, set-aside.

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, lemon rind, poppy seeds, and baking soda.  Mix in the extract, lemon juice, coconut milk, and the coconut oil.  Batter should be smooth and slightly thick.

Fill each whoopie well with 1 ½ tablespoons of batter.  The batter should spread evenly into the well; if not, lightly tap the pan on the counter to distribute batter.

Bake for 8-10 minutes.

Let the cakes cool for a few minutes in the pan.  Remove and place on a wire rack to fully cool.

In the meantime, make the filling.

Method for filling:

Cream the powdered sugar and butter together using a stand mixer or a hand-held mixer.  Add the lemon juice and continue to beat until you have a smooth consistency.


Spread a heaping tablespoon of filling on the flat side of one of the whoopie cakes.  Then top with the domed side of another whoopee cake.

Now enjoy!

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Can you feel it? I can! Autumn! Autumn is right around the corner! The temps are beginning to drop a tinge, it’s getting darker earlier, and I just saw a boat full of pumpkins at the market!

I bake all year, but Autumn brings a barrage of recipes that truly bring us the magical Autumn experience.

Apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin are just a few of the ingredients I think of when I plan my Autumn baking.  

This coffee cake recipe is one to “fall” for that’s for sure! I plan on making this cake numerous times this Autumn.

Ingredients for batter:

6 T vegan butter, room temperature
1 ¼ cups organic whole wheat pastry flour
1 ½ t organic cinnamon
1 ¼ t non-gmo, non-aluminum baking powder
½ t sea salt
¼ t baking soda
2/3 cup organic Sucanat
2 organic flaxseed eggs
½ cup organic coconut milk
1 large organic apple, peeled and chopped into ½ inch pieces

Ingredients for glaze:

3 T organic pure cane sugar
3 T water
¼ cup vegan cream cheese


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  Line an 8x8" baking pan with unbleached parchment paper.

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Set-aside.

Using a stand mixer, cream together the Sucanat and butter until fluffy.  Add the 2 flaxseed eggs, mix until fully incorporated.  Alternate adding the flour mixture and the coconut milk.  Stir in apples by hand.

Pour batter into the lined baking pan.  Bake 25 minutes or until the cake pulls away from the sides of the pan.

While the cake is baking start the glaze.

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar and water.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.  Remove from heat and let cool.

Place cream cheese in a medium bowl and beat until smooth and fluffy using a hand mixer.  Add the cooled sugar mixture and continue beating until you get a smooth glaze.

When the cake is completely cooled, pour glaze in long diagonal ribbons.

Next, cut yourself a slice, pour yourself a cup of coffee. Sit by a window and start looking for falling leaves.

* recipe adapted from Clean Eating magazine.

L: light gave me this gumball dispenser sabotage, which is not full of gum, but disgusting low quality ingredients, all of them savory-oriented. i have no choice but to make a non-dessert eggs benedict.

light: L has been mumbling to himself about having to make a savory dish the entire time hes been turning that knob and gathering his ingredients. He is gonna blow this so bad
(fast forward to judging)
judge: im really glad you reconsidered your dessert-only position, because this is a wonderful take on an eggs benedict. the hollendaise sauce is creamy and perfectly done, and you never couldve done that inside the dessert box
(L stares at light with his shitty little thumb-in-mouth smirk. Light looks like hes trying not to shit himself)

The day is finally here! Introducing Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream: not one, but four incredible flavors made with creamy almond milk!

• Chunky Monkey

Banana non-dairy frozen dessert made with fudge chunks and walnuts.

• Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert made with fudge brownies.

• Coffee Caramel Fudge

Coffee non-dairy frozen dessert with fudge chunks and caramel swirl.

• P.B. & Cookies

Vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy peanut butter swirls.

Oggi è l’11 ottobre, ovvero la giornata nazionale del coming out
Ed oggi, io, vorrei parlare di questa cosa. 

Comincerei appunto dicendo che mi dispiace.
Mi dispiace, davvero. Mi dispiace che nel duemilasedici ci sia ancora bisogno di fare “coming out”, perché, diciamocelo… se tutte queste discriminazioni non esistessero non avremmo nemmeno bisogno di fare un discorso alla mamma, al papà, alla nonna ed al nonno, agli zii, ai cugini ed anche agli amici. Non ne avremmo veramente bisogno.
Perché, insomma, voi avete mai visto e sentito qualcuno tintinnare la forchetta contro il bicchiere, durante una grande cena di famiglia, per annunciare a tutti i parenti di essere etero? Un po’ come a tranquillizzarli. “Non sono gay/lesbica. Sono etero. Felicemente etero.” 
No, sono convintissima che un caso del genere non sia mai stato visto, nemmeno in televisione.
Perché non è così che funziona, perché etero è normale. Omosessuale, no.
Anche se mamma e papà ti ameranno lo stesso, anche se la nonna continuerà a prepararti i suoi immensi piatti di pasta, seguiti dalla carne, dal pesce e dal dessert, tu non sarai uguale per tutti.
Perché, un giorno, nel bene o nel male, dovrai prenderti questa briga di dire a chi ti sta accanto che non sei etero. Come se fosse una questione di vita o di morte. 
E, nonostante gli anni passati, ancora uno non può essere omosessuale e basta, senza dover rendere conto a nessuno. 
Ecco perché mi dispiace dover “festeggiare” i coming out di chi è riuscito ad aprirsi, anche giocandosi tutto. E per tutto intendo anche l’amore (per me sbagliato in partenza) della propria famiglia, dovendo rinunciare anche al proprio tetto -mi riferisco soprattutto ai ragazzi minorenni-. 

Però, voglio cogliere l’occasione per dire che, in un periodo come questo, dove purtroppo nessun pregiudizio si riesce ancora ad abbattere, è importante rimanere uniti, pronti ad affrontare qualsiasi battaglia pur di riuscire ad acquisire la stessa parità di diritti di chi è eterosessuale. 
Per questo non dovete aver pura di essere ciò che siete. 
Non siamo sbagliati, non siamo persone cattive, non siamo alieni e soprattutto non siamo malati.

Siamo belli. Tutti. E siamo esseri umani favolosi !
Noi ci amiamo così! 


To all the people who have asked, Style & Spice has indeed been released worldwide. We thought we’d share with you the Table of Contents, so you can see why it has been called “the most complete Southwest cookbook ever published!”

Style and Spice is also the only cookbook which doesn’t call for ANY processed ingredient or GMO foods! Of course it also features the healthy spices and herbs of the Southwest which are all known cancer fighters.

The books is available at Amazon (currently sold-out in America with more arriving in a few days), Barnes & Noble, Chapters and all Amazon international sites and bookstores throughout the world. If you’re into Ebooks, it is available in that format everywhere, including Google!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy all the recipes/dishes the Chef shares here on Tumblr and remember, if you have Twitter you can always talk to Chef there @ChefLarryEdward.

gruntadminloch  asked:

✒︎✒︎✒︎✒︎✒︎ Loch lives for random guzma trivia. Tell him more.

✘【 send me ✒︎ for a random, dumb, pointless fact about my muse . 】TENTATIVELY OPEN

✒︎   Guzma has two very embarrassing things hiding under his pillows. One is his childhood copy of The Very Hungry Caterpie and the other is his baby blanket ( a yellow cutiefly print with the very occasional shiny one on it ). Only Plumeria knows about these things. If anyone else were to find out, they best keep their mouth shut.

✒︎   His favorite non-chocolate dessert food in general is Nanab pudding. His favorite non-chocolate cake is confetti cake. His favorite non-chocolate ice cream is rainbow sherbet. His favorite non-chocolate candy is sour gummy Wurmple. For all of these he is still notorious for putting chocolate chips or chocolate syrup on them, though.

✒︎   He despises Ghost-types, rarely giving any a chance to redeem themselves. He isn’t scared of them—really, he’s unfazed by their antics—but he finds them to be extremely annoying and irritating. The only Ghost-type that is automatically an exception is of course Shedinja, which are perfect literal angels.

✒︎   Every now and then, sometimes every couple months or sometimes once a year, he will write letters to his Mama that he never intends on sending. Once they’re written, he rips them into shreds and then throws them out. It helps him feel like he’s been talking to her all these years which eases some of his guilt for not doing so.

✒︎   As many people know, Guzma eats everything. He’ll even try to eat things past the expiration. There is just one thing that he can with 100% certainty identify as his least favorite food, however. It’s kale. Veggies and the like are all down there with it, but kale will make him roll his eyes all the way back into his head.

Easier than it looks: Crab salad with cold cucumber, sweet mango and avocado

As a student of Le Cordon Bleu, my mother is all about the plating. But when she applies that to non-dessert food, it’s easy to see that the plating actually makes such a difference in transforming something relatively normal into something that looks spectacular. This dish? 5 minute prep - but it feels like you’re eating in a hotel, and tastes amazing.

  1. For the avocado layer: simply dice the avocado into a small bowl and squeeze lemon/lime juice over it, as well as salt and pepper (to taste), and refridgerate
  2. For the mango layer: dice some sweet mango into a small bowl and squeeze some lime juice over it as well (this works even better if you have sweet and sour mango, because the sour mango is crunchy and helps hold the beautiful shape of this salad together), and refridgerate. 
  3. For the cucumber layer: slice cucumber into thin, thin strips (without the seed) and squeeze all the water from it, and refridgerate. 
  4. For the crab layer: take some crab meat (for us we had to boil the crab and then pull apart the meat) and mix it with the remaining lime juice, pepper, salt (to taste), lots of dill and some finely cut deseeded chilli (you can use chilli flakes instead for this)
  5. Finally to assemble, use a metal ring and start with the avocado layer, firmly pressing down on the avocado when all the diced parts are in, and doing the same for the mango and the cucumber layers. Then place your crab on top, and garnish with basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and of course - balsamic glaze for the dressing!