non dairy confectionery


Visit me and my friend Sara at our Otakon artist alley table! We’re table N-05!!

Non-Dairy Confectionery has a bunch of awesome custom decoden phone cases and jewelry! And I’ve got stickers and art and demon babies galore and I’ll sketch you whatever your heart desires!

My pal Drex will be hanging out at our booth too! Come by and say hello!!


I did an item trade recently with the super cute deco shop Non Dairy Confectionery. I wasn’t really sure what to pick because all of the things she sells are super cute so I asked her to choose and told her I just like pastels and ice creams. She sent me a super awesome purse hanger so I never have to worry about putting my purse on the floor again. Also she included 3 super cute rings! I can’t wait for a chance to wear them!

It’s all so detailed it will be hard not to eat it!