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Omg I love the bullet points. One for Yinepu if that's okay? No pressure if not!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been around him… here’s what I remember…

  • nice puppy
  • patient af
  • quiet as hell
  • s t a r e
  • cuddly
  • “can i eat that”
  • will lay his head on your shoulder
  • y a w n
  • “can i eat it now”
  • too polite to tell you to hurry up but is secretly wishing you’d hurry up
  • a+ dog pillow

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The Osiris bullets were amazing. If you have the spoons, would you do one for Set as well?

  • a pain in the ass
  • loincloth 2 short
  • way 2 short
  • like i can see yer balls, man.
  • likes anything gaudy, anything tacky
  • “just walk it off”
  • dirty jokes
  • shit-eating grins
  • “i made this chincy thing for you i hope u like it” *runs away
  • will always find a way to justify bad decisions
  • makes bad decisions
  • good strategist, when he wants to be one
  • “I promise to help you with this thing” *disappears for 3 months*
  • parties hard
  • *comes back 3 months later* “oh shit i forgot something didn’t i”
  • angry, bitter, secretly lonely
  • will whine to get what he wants
  • will steal to get what he wants
  • will probably do anything for something he wants bad enough
  • ass cheeks
  • is actually very Capable when he wants to be.
  • not sure he ever really wants to be anymore.
  • *expletives*

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So I have a bit of an issue regarding spirit communication. I can't tell whether I'm talking to my own mental chatter or an actual spirit. I have a bad self esteem, so sometimes my head impersonates trusted spirits in a negative light, and I get many conflicting answers. I know reality/imagination is a blurred line but with some spirits their intentions are confirmed to be positive, and my head still messes with their answers, so I can't really brush it off and take the words as they are. Help?

I’m not entirely sure how helpful I can be with this, honestly. And that’s because I still have problems taking words as they are. To this day, I still question if I’m not making everything up, or if I’ve managed to fabricate some sort of fake existence and I’m just delusional.

So I think the moral of the story is that no matter how good you become at spirit work, odds are, you’re still going to have doubts. I don’t know a single spirit worker worth their salt that doesn’t still question and feel like they are possibly making things up- even if they’ve been at it for years. I know that’s probably not helpful, but I think it’s just the reality of doing this sort of work.

Ofc, you can always try to work on discernment to make it easier for you to figure out when it’s your brain and when it’s something else. Finding a way to get a more objective input may be helpful- whether through the use of divination or something else that you can’t easily manipulate may be another option.

I personally have found that my mental chatter is a bit different than most of the beings I work with over there. Similarly, I’ve found that medicated brain barf feels different than tripping balls over there as well. The only way to really figure out the difference btwn the two, sadly, is to usually document everything that you experience, and slowly figure out what similarities and differences each experience has. For example, when it’s my own mental chatter, I will notice that everything will basically give into my own self-hatred. However, if I sit there and start thinking that stuff around my menz or gods, they’ll both fwap me upside the head and tell me I’m being a twat.

When it comes to medication, I’ve learned that what I’m seeing is way more non-nonsensical than what I’d normally have- even for the astral. I’ve also found that I have way less control over myself when my medication is wooshing me away to lala land. But again, both of these things require you to experience them multiple times, and then take notes about what is different and similar btwn the two- and then draw your own conclusions about what is specific to you.

In that same vein, you can always ask your spirits to tell you when you’re having to much of your own input. They may be able to shake you out of whatever your brain is pushing you into. And it may help to add another layer of objectivity to the situation. In those situations, you could always try to probe the spirit for feedback, and if the don’t give anything, assume its brain weasels, and if they do what they’re supposed to (tell you you’re fine, it’s really them), then assume it’s legit. I have various tests and things like this for verifying authenticity of spirits over there as well, so there are multiple applications for this.

So the TL;DR is basically: everyone has doubts about their spirit work. That’s just the unfortunate nature of things. However, you can work on discernment skills to see if you can get better at telling the difference btwn brain and spirits. The best way to do that is to make a more objective litmus test for experiences, and to take copious notes during your trial and error while working with the Unseen, and then use those notes to see if you can find differences btwn brain and spirits and use that to discern.

Hopefully that helps a little bit >.>;;

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If you're still doing the "bullet points" list after so many,what do you think about Hathor?

  • too much energy
  • can be bubbly, happy, exuberant
  • will cut a bitch
  • t i d d i e s
  • seems to constantly be moving and doing stuff
  • music = important
  • smells good
  • furry ears
  • knows how to push your buttons
  • cuddly

anyone who works with her regularly want to add or modify?

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Ive had two dreams involving Osiris, and in both, it feels like He was trying to help me confront my OCD-induced phobia of death. The most recent one has me kind of shaken up, esp. since I dont know much about Him. Can you describe what He's like?

(Osiris dream anon) I ran out of space but when I say “what He’s like”, I mean personality-wise if that wasnt clear 0u0 Thank you!!             

Osiris in bullet point format:

  • Quiet
  • Creepy uncle vibe
  • plays the long game. the very long game.
  • patient. because long games require patience.
  • coy, doesn’t do things directly. 
  • will kick your ass to make a point. might not know its him doing the ass kicking, though. 
  • largely incoherent/non-sensical in how he talks. if he talks.
  • can be very kind and understanding. is definitely more understanding than Set.
  • big-picture oriented
  • sometimes a bit out of touch
  • old man that hands out werther’s originals to everyone.
  • “i used to be a young whipper snapper, too, you know”
  • feisty when he wants to be. obstinate when he wants to be.
  • doesn’t move until he wants to. once he starts moving, you’re fucked for stopping him.
  • “look at this thing i made you. doesn’t it make you feel better? oh it doesn’t make you feel better? i am sad now.”
  • “what is personal space. what do you mean i can’t get 3cm from you.” 
  • “duck shoe canoe. bird shell cat swing. orange.”

I will also add that my experience has been that by the time you realize he’s got his fingers in your stuff, its already too late to really break away from him. That’s not to say that you can’t, but to say that it will be hard. He plays the long game, as I said above, and as such, he usually doesn’t show himself until after he’s already got you. That being said, if he comes on too strong, you can usually talk to him and he’ll back off a bit.

There is also this, which may be helpful.

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How to I start reconnecting with a Diety after taking a break from it. I use to worship Wesir quite heavily and suddenly stopped because I become extremely depressed,, I feel extremely bad but I want to start up with him again. Do you have any tips on doing so?

Here is the stack from the FAQ to get this party going.

Beyond that, I would say that the TL;DR is to do whatever you feel to begin with. Start simple and start in places that you have the most desire to do so. In my experience when you’re dragging yourself back into practice, its best to go with whatever makes you the most pumped to do so. The more successes you can have early on, the more likely you are to get back fully into practice, and the more likely you are to continue with it.

In regards to O specifically, I’d tell you to get some nice offerings, do a rite for him and tell him where you’re at. Let him know why you fell off, your feelings on it, and apologize for doing so (if you feel its appropriate.) I usually tell people to ask the deity for feedback in whatever form gets through to you. F’ex, to find a way to make sure that O is okay with you starting up practice again, to learn if he wants you to do anything, or has any messages for you regarding your falling off the wagon.

I usually tell people to ask for this stuff because I feel like many times the gods are like “lol its all good I’m not mad” and it can often help to assuage the practitioner’s fears. And even if the deity isn’t 100% okay, at least it gives you a structure to get back into their good graces, and provides information on how to best go about getting back into practice as per their needs/requirements.

But, uh, yeah, that’s my general advice for getting back on the wagon. Even if you feel bad, remember that we all have periods of fallow time, we all have periods where we just can’t make the time to practice how we’d like. Gods get this, and its why it was a job in antiquity to maintain their cult. And even those who held that job had lots of other people helping them with it. The NTRW seem to get that we are all doing our best, and tend to not be jerks about us disappearing for periods of time. 

So no time like the present to get back to it :>

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Can you please make Isis in bullet points?

Not sure if you’re meaning Isis or Aset in this case… I’ve never interacted with Isis at all, but I used to mingle with Aset for a while. Here’s what I remember…

  • carbon copy of Set
  • no, like seriously
  • stern mom is stern
  • will cut a bitch
  • a l c o h o l
  • keeps a cool head in tough political situations
  • sleeps like the dead
  • protective and fierce
  • “what did i tell you [about that]”
  • “don’t get mud on my floors”
  • high standards like omg
  • loves flowers
  • and dick
  • smells nice

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Hey if you're around and not busy and stuff, can I ask for you to weigh in on a thing? Someone named xoxogarnet is kicking up a fuss in the spirit companions tag about how "relationships" with spirits are fake and impossible and letting newbies think that they aren't is dangerous. And you've always got such well-thought-out opinions, as well as this being an area of expertise for you, I think you would be a good influence on the conversation.

First I want to say thank you for asking me this off of anon. Since most folks ask for input while on anon (which I will no longer oblige 9 times out of 10, just fyi for those reading.) So thank you for that.

I’ve flipped through the thread, and it definitely is a dumpster fire from start to finish. For those who don’t feel like looking at the original, here are some choice bits…

Dating Spirits, is NOT a thing. You are not dating a God, you are not in a committed relationship with an angel or demon, or anything that falls under the spirit/entity category.
You aren’t creating “children” either, just thought forms/tulpas/entities that may or may not develop free will.

THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. This is TOXIC and everyone who is doing this is either being taken advantage of by something darker or are willfully misinforming other witchlings of how to abuse Spirit Work!

I have seen my fair share of ridiculous claims in the magical community but to all the witchlings and Spirit Worker’s new and experienced, THIS IS BUNK. Its not what Spirit Work and Companionship is about.


Seeing run of the mill entities in ‘relationships’ with people is alarming as well because I fail to see how it takes the place of a living person. The human body craves touch and I don’t mean just ‘sex’ and other sexual activities, I mean hugs, hand holding, pats on the back, kisses, snuggling, tummy rubs, etc! You simply can’t have that with an entity not on this plane! Its why I keep saying this  is so unhealthy, because it IS.  You can’t start your life with a Spirit, a spirit can’t take you to dinner or drive you to the doctor when you’re sick, or push you on the swings at the park.
No matter how you slice it, a 'relationship’ with a spirit is just an affectionate friends with benefits type of deal, it doesn’t fix or replace the need for a real living partner. 


These kind of unhealthy emotional attachments just helps people and spirits take advantage of casters who don’t know any better and I was noticing that the vast majority of people doing this are brand new or a few years in and this is not helping these new witchlings experiment with their Craft, SAFELY. 

And i know that you had asked me to weigh in on the conversation, but I’m of the mindset that OP will likely not be persuaded into any sort of other thinking. Given that the thread has over 100 notes as of right now, I don’t expect that they’d be willing to listen to anything I say.

However, for those who are interest in spirit work and/or spirit relationships, I can say this much:

OP is not wrong in that it’s not something that everyone has to do. It’s also not something you should just run into without thinking it through and quadruple testing your discernment. I understand their concern, as it is a good way to wreck your life if you’re not careful.

However, OP is assuming a fuckload about what people in these relationships think and how they advise people who are interested in non-corp relationships. And I think they’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater in a lot of their responses. Assuming a lot, and bordering on ableism in some of their responses (or more accurately, who they’re agreeing with in the responses.)

I think anyone who is in a non-corp relationship knows that it’s not easy, that its not always fun, that these entities are not around to help you with things. That you can still get lonely because a spirit is not a physical being. that doesn’t invalidate the relationship, though. Nor does it mean that non-corp relationships can’t add to someone’s life.

I have been in a physical relationship with someone for about ten years now, and I never set out to get a man harem, but let me tell you, my menz add to my life in a way that my physical SO can’t. Similarly, my SO adds to my life in a way that my non-physical menz can’t. My non-physical family enriches my life in many ways and anyone who says otherwise can Fight Me.

I guess the overall takeaway is that OP’s posts are filled with “been there, done that, stfu” because nothing they’ve said is not anything I haven’t heard before. All of their crying and whinging and pearl wringing is old news that won’t stop ppl from forming these relationships, nor is anything they’ve said going to prepare someone for being responsible and informed about any sort of relationships they form. Its all of the most frustrating elements of these conversations rolled into one thread.

TL;DR: I’m sorry that people assume so much about consorts and spouses and that everyone has to put up with this fuckery on the regular. You keep doing you and just be sure to be smart and responsible about how you form these relationships and everyone can take a long walk off a short pier <3

*rolls away*

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What is the appeal in worshipping Set? He continuously tried to hurt his nephew in anyway possible (including sexual abuse), and as someone from an abusive family I cannot see what anyone could gain from him and his constant chaos (besides stepping out of boundaries)

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The first thing I want to clear up is that I can’t comment on the appeal of worshiping Set, as I don’t worship him. I know some people will say that that is irrelevant, but it’s a large difference for me in my own mind. I can comment on why I continue to work with him, despite his flaws, but I can’t comment on the worship thing.

Also, to be clear, he came to me first.

From my perspective, there are always a few angles to take the sort of “why do you interact with XYZ god who has done shitty things.”

The first is “well, truth be told, all gods have done shitty things.” Our pantheon is riddled with NTRW who have done god awful things. Who have been mean to others, who have been vindictive to one another, etc. Arguably, rape has been committed by multiple gods (HSA included, Aset would have been the victim) in our pantheon. Set is by no means the only deity with a checkered past.

So, I mean, why worship any god, if they have all been jerks who have done awful things?

The second angle to take is “well the myths may not be literal.” As such, we have no real way of knowing whether a god actually did something, or if its just myth. You can see more about that over here on sat’s post about mythic time. In this case, it’s worth mentioning that the Contendings has been changed several dozen times, and as such, it could potentially be argued that maybe perhaps there is a possibility that the mythology is inaccurate to what actually happened.

Also, I’d like to point out that the way the NTRW have treated Set in the past wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. While that is not meant to excuse what he’s done, it does highlight that the bro was likely mentally messed up at an early age, and that that could/would affect his behaviour later on (this is, ofc, if we’re taking mythology at face value.)

The third angle to take, which is my favorite, is “things change.” Yeah, Set has been an asshole in the past. He’s done shitty things, and he was punished for those things–rightfully so. However, there has been a fuckload of time btwn then and now, so even if I take the mythology at face value, I can logically understand that he did something awful, and perhaps has changed.

As someone who has come from an abusive household and who has also experienced sexual assault firsthand, I can say that I don’t take the topic of rape lightly by any stretch of the imagination. If Set ever started acting like that was on his mind, believe me when I say that he would be cut out of my life so fast it’d make his head spin. But to my experience, he hasn’t done so.

Further, I’m going to venture out and guess that you’ve never really dealt with Set in any capacity, because anyone that has done any sort of in-depth work with him knows that he’s not all chaos all the time. He’s not there to make your life miserable, or stir shit up for the lols. Perhaps he was more prone to it in his youth, but gods (like humans) can be tempered and change over the years. It’s my belief that he has mellowed, and as such, is better able to wield his strengths (chaos) as to achieve better results (overall, obvs he can still make mistakes. no one is perfect.)

Also, for me, he hasn’t been bad at pushing boundaries (unless it was a part of shadow work.) But I’m also very strict about my boundaries and what I will and will not allow. Others may have other experiences. But still, it hints at the likely fact that you probably only have a very superficial/limited view of what Set is like as an entity.

You wanted to know what Set could offer to someone from a shit past. I can tell you a few things. He can teach you how to survive, how to be resilient, how to keep going when the world is against you, how to keep going when you don’t want to keep going, how to take care of yourself when others won’t, how to get by in bad situations, how to pushback when pushing needs to happen, how to stand your ground, how to navigate difficult situations (albeit, his methods aren’t always the best, but no one’s methods will be 100% spot on), how to value yourself, how to have discipline

like. should I keep going?

There is a comic whose main theme is something along the lines of “different stories resonate with different people” and the same could be said of gods. Set will not be everyone’s cup of tea. No one deity will be well liked or well received by everyone. It’s impossible. But there are a lot of us who have found strength and even solace (to an extent) in Set’s company. I totally get if he’s not for you, but I wouldn’t discount him simply because of his mythology. Please remember that there are a lot of factors involved in myths and pantheons, and not everything necessarily is how it appears on the surface.

TL;DR: Set is a dick, but he’s a useful dick that has enriched people’s lives.

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Hey so I'm prone to mood shifts and have trouble keeping organised and a schedule all together. I usually reserve my sundays for offerings but my mood is shot and I don't feel like putting my mind into rituals latey. I'm worried if I don't that I'll forget and start losing my regular contact though. Any advice?

Hello fellow mood shifter, I too have mood shifts, and they are a pain in the ass. 

Generally speaking, I’ve found that if I’m having difficulties with doing something at a particular time, I try to find other ways to weave that practice into my life on a more regular basis, so that I can still get it done. 

Put another way, if you’re finding that only doing rituals once a week is becoming a crap shoot because you can’t predict how you’ll feel, then I’d tell you to have a bunch of smaller rites that you do that don’t require you to be on your A game to complete. And to do these smaller rites whenever you feel the need or desire, regardless of what day it is. 

When rituals became unfeasible for me, I shifted to offering my meals. Sometimes this looks like me setting a meal in front of the shrine with minimal additional action/activity, and other times it looks like me having a small moment of reflection at the dinner table before I eat. 

I often suggest to people that they should offer up their self-care, since it’s part of enacting and creating ma’at in your life (and the gods feed off of that.) So you could start dedicating those moments to the NTRW, if you happen to do any such things (imo showers are a good one to not only dedicate to the gods, but to also hear back from the gods because you usually are more relaxed and open in the shower.) 

You could also go a more Shinto route and lean more into prayer work towards the gods. Instead of focusing on a ritual that involves food offerings, instead focus on reciting a prayer or what-have-you instead. To me, this uses less spoons, and gives me one more way to reach out, depending on how I’m feeling. 

You could also do a ritual in your head, where you act out the rite mentally, going through the motions, saying the words, etc. and seeing if that gets you any closer to the gods as well. 

Hopefully what I’m trying to illustrate is coming across… essentially, find as many ways to remove barriers between where you are, and where you want to be. Make things easy and accessible, even if they’re not as “grand” or amazing looking on the surface. Find a way to take religious rites and weave them into your daily activities, so that you can incorporate the gods into whatever space you’ve got available, and not kill yourself while doing it. 

That’s more or less how I’d tackle the issue. 

Hopefully helpful??? hopefully makes sense???? Obligatory stuff and things. 

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Hey! So I’ve been Kemetic for almost two years now and I know that not everyone has godphones or feels things like some people do. But I was wondering, is it bad that I don’t “feel” much of anything when giving offerings or praying? I don’t feel their presence very often and when I do I’m afraid it’s forced by me. I’m just worried that the gods are angry with me or the ones I follow don’t actually like me and I don’t know. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!

I mean, unless you’re getting vibes that specifically say “stop it”, I don’t think a lack of presence that you can actively sense means that you’re doing something wrong.

I personally think it’s a harmful idea that we’ve cultivated in modern pagan-dom that apparently you need to always feel the gods in order to have a valid practice. And I personally think that’s not true, and that its unrealistic. Even I don’t always sense the gods’ presence when i’m doing rituals. Sometimes I will go months (hahahaha try years) without feeling anything profound from them–and it didn’t necessarily indicate that I was doing anything wrong. Sometimes gods are just busy. Sometimes humans just don’t sense things.

So from my perspective, if you’re enjoying doing what you’re doing, and nothing is actively yelling at you to stop, I see nothing wrong with continuing to do what you’re doing. Just because you can’t feel the gods on the regular (or even at all) doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong or need to stop. Nor does it necessarily mean that they’re not there and not paying attention.

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I somehow got Bast's attention when I was young and didn't realize it was a diety reaching out. At one point, I even got a book on Egypt literally dropped on my head in the library and it fell open to Bast's page. And it still took me two years to realize she was asking to be worshipped despite my obsession with Egypt itself at a young age even. (I just felt like sharing, sometimes I picture her beating her head into a wall trying to get my attention.)

Bast in regards to u:

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im sorry if this is inappropriate but what should one do when they found out that their ancestors aren't so happy with their decision to get into kemetism? should they obey their ancestors right away? should they try to debate their ancestors? can getting into kemetism be dangerous? once again im sorry if these are such a loaded question. you don't need to answer it if you don't want to. thank you

So maybe this is bad, but this is the first thing i thought of…

So honestly, I don’t consider it inappropriate. While I personally haven’t experienced this, I know other practitioners have had issues with their ancestors being all “you are what religion now?” So it’s sort of a documented thing.

To answer your questions… Whether you should “obey” your ancestors or not is kinda up to you. How important are they in your culture or life? Do they have valid reasons for why you shouldn’t follow the path that you’re on? Further, have you insured that the communication that you had was accurate? Have you cross-checked to make sure you’ve heard correctly?

The answers to these questions will really tell you what you should do imo. If your ancestors are super important, or they’ve got valid reasons for why you shouldn’t, then maybe its worth listening to them. But if you don’t give a shit about your ancestors??? You may opt to ignore them. It really just depends on your needs and the specifics of what happened (and again, confirming you’ve got the info right).

And lastly, getting into Kemeticism isn’t any more dangerous than getting into any other religion. For some people, though, anything that isn’t Christian is inherently bad, so take that however you want.

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So, I suffer from depression and anxiety and I can't do the rituals as much as I would like. I was wondering if there are ways to subtly connect with the NTR without feeling that I disappointed them?

The truth of the matter is that nearly anything can be dedicated to the gods. Almost any activity that you shake a stick at could be utilized as a ritual, as a means to connect with the gods, pending on how you look at it.

So with that said, I’d tell you to look at things that you do regularly/daily and see which of those things remind you of the NTRW. Then you can utilize those things to help connect yourself with them.

To help generate some ideas, here are some themes that you can use to center your ideas around:

  • nourishing yourself
  • taking care of yourself
  • cleaning yourself or the area around you
  • things that help the environment/community
  • things that help enrich your life
  • things that help your health
  • things that help the health of others
  • reconnecting with the world and/or environment around you (provided it doesn’t degrade your health or put you at risk)

idk if this helps, but that’s where I’d start? I’d also recommend looking through the FAQ, under the “working with gods” section, as there are some posts in there with ideas and suggestions as well.

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lately Set has been throwing around the word 'priestess', and things have started to get sort of, uh, godspouse-y. is that even a thing kemetics do? is there precedence in AE? what would be the implications of something like that, anyways? ugh, i'm just really confused.

Priesthood definitely has a precedence in AE for all genders. However, priesthood for us, in the strictest sense, is not what many other religious groups considered to be priestly, so that’s probably worth keeping in mind. Priests were all about taking care of the gods and keeping their house clean and feeding them, etc. Whereas a lot of people think priests are about “tending the flock” and taking care of people and stuff. Which isn’t really what Egyptian priests did.

As for godspousery, there is minimal historical precedence for it. The closest we’ve got is the God’s Hand of Amun, which was a priestly role that popped up in the MK (iirc) and became more prevalent towards the very very end of pharaonic Egypt.

I don’t remember all of the details about it, though. I’m sure someone around here has a post on it…

In the modern sense, the answer would be a yes. There are Kemetics who are god spouses, Kemetics who are god consorts, Kemetics who happen to do the do with gods… we’ve got it all. It just happens to be very hush hush because certain sectors of our community don’t believe that it could be a “thing”. So be aware that if you were to take on that title, you will likely get hell from people.

Based off of my discussions with O, it’s my personal opinion and theory that godspousery, in a way, is a lot like being an Open icon for the god that you are connected to. And that in a way, it’s like a less direct form of the god having an Open icon in the physical world. Which indirectly means that being a godspouse is a lot like being a priest. Because priests would have taken care of Open icons in the past, and if your body is the Open icon, if you take care of yourself, you are indirectly taking care of the god as a priest would.

But that’s all personal theory and conjecture and I’m still ironing out the details for it. But the moral of the story is that yes, we have priests and yes we have godspouses, and yes we have priestly godspouses, too.

The implications of becoming a priest, imo, is that you’d have a job that you have to perform daily (or close to it), and that it would be a job that you technically would have to facilitate indefinitely. The sucky thing about being a priest in the modern era is that you don’t have state funding and you don’t have other people to take over for you when you get sick or have to move or whatever. I feel like being a priest is a big deal, and it’s something that you should spend a lot of time thinking about before you accept the role. BEcause once you start, it’s hella hard to stop.

I’d also double check that priesthood is what he really wants from you. Communication from the Unseen can get wonky, and sometimes there just aren’t good enough words for the gods to get across what they want of us. So if he’s using that title with you, I’d advise you to ask him what he expects of you, and then determine if A. you can do those things, B. if you want to do those things, and C. if priest is the best word for what he’s asking of you. I used to think that priesthood is what I was aiming for, but only found out later that it’s actually not what I need to be doing. I just didn’t have words for what I am at the time. 

I’d also recommend that you do a trial run before you accept the job. See if its something you can maintain for a full year or so before you decide to take it on permanently. There is a lot to learn during such a trial- such as possible pitfalls, considerations you hadn’t thought of, things you learn you can’t maintain, etc.- and it’s easier to renegotiate details at that point than if you’re already signed the contract.

The implications of god spousery are a little less clear because there are multiple ways to spouse, and the method used to create the link btwn you will have different… side effects. If you are not really an astral traveler, and you only do rites over here to connect yourself to him, there are minimal side effects that you’d probably have to worry about because you’re not necessarily making a link that will last lifetimes. However, if you are a traveler, and you start to work on bonding methods with him as a form of making that connection, you’re running the risk of having this be a lifetimes level obligation or commitment.

There is nothing quite like waking up and realizing “fuck I did this so long ago, and I don’t remember it, and there is nothing I can do about it now and I’m completely stuck because I already did this 9849467 years ago”. Be sure that you’re really willing and wanting to possibly sign up for something that will last longer than this one existence. Be sure that you are really willing to put up with the hell of having a partner you can’t lay physically with, that can’t help you wash dishes, that you can’t take home to meet your parents, etc.

And remember that you’re not under any obligation to take on any role from him. He may huff and get grumpy, but you’re within your rights to say no to him. You’re also able to take as much time as you need to think this through. To give an example, I was sort of… propositioned for a sort of consort/spousal/idkwhat role a year and a half to two years ago.

I’m still thinking on it. I still haven’t made any decisions.

And I won’t make a decision until I am ready. And considering the volume of work and responsibility and obligation that comes with spousery, bonding, and priesthood- I’d tell you to take as long as you need to. There is no benefit to rushing into things. 

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