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I think that the power of art is the power to wake us up, strike us to our depths, change us. What are we searching for when we read a novel, see a film, listen to a piece of music? We are searching, through a work of art, for something that alters us, that we weren’t aware of before.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, “The Metamorphosis,” In Other Words.
What does a word mean? And a life? In the end, it seems to me, the same thing. Just as a word can have many dimensions, many nuances, great complexity, so, too, can a person, a life. Language is the mirror, the principal metaphor. Because ultimately the meaning of a word, like that of a person, is boundless, ineffable.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, “The Fragile Shelter,” In Other Words. 

“PRADA MARFA; actually located in Valentine, Texas 30 minutes drive from Marfa, Texas. The Marfa Ballroom (a non-profit contemporary art organization) commissioned artists Elmgreen & Dragset to do this site-specific art installation. It’s in no way promoting Prada but rather— a social satire; the installation is meant to decompose and rot back as one with nature. No matter how expensive or fancy anything is, it will eventually turn to dust… And so will we.” Via @geneticboi


Batman & Robin (1997)

I unabashedly love this movie. It’s got a terrible, pun-laden script, hammy acting, a cast evenly divided by great actors slumming and future has-beens, and some of the strangest day-glow-gothic production design I’ve ever seen. 

It’s one of the first contemporary non-animated films I saw as a kid (on VHS, naturally) and to me it will always represent that vaguely-remembered time in the late 1990′s. It’s a horrible, compulsively-watchable high-camp classic.


Elizabeth Tubergen
The World is Flat, 2012
16’ x 20’ x 29" tall
Table comes to within 18" of the wall on all sides

The artist’s next iteration of this “impossible object” oversize table project, entitled Once we agree (2015) is on view at Vox Populi through 3/1! A must see- beautifully built and really quite funny in person.


I actually really like this. A lot.

Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran