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its CRAZY how white/non-black people cling to AAVE like people get made fun of because they’re “ghetto” like even black people make fun of them but so quick to claim the shit they started like y’all have to cut it OUT. today. 

every other day i’m seeing white/nb people using “booboo the fool” and “bet” and the clapping in between each word (when its supposed to be every syllable but ok) like stop susie!! it ain’t cute/funny when you do it y’all stay perpetuating this modern colonization and appropriation of ghetto black culture!! GO THE FUCK AWAY!! FOREVER PLEASE&THANKS!!

I was reading a thing about how sexual/romantic gay relationships in media are more important, progressive, and necessary than platonic ones, and just… no?

Media is definitely sorely lacking in healthy romantic relationships between gay characters (especially ones where both characters survive). There is is also a problem with media that defangs its gay characters for non-LBTQA viewers by perpetually denying the idea that characters with marginalized sexualities can be, well, sexual (you know, unless it’s for the viewing enjoyment of those outside the community).

Even so, I think that the lack of platonic relationships between LGBTQA characters in media is a huge issue that needs to be addressed and talked about. Why? Have a list.

- A lot of pieces of media that include some form of gay couple then proceed to have them be the only non-straight characters clinging desperately to each other in a sea of heteronormality. Giving them some friends who are also not straight would do a lot more to normalize their identities than having them constantly be the only ones.

- Two people not being straight doesn’t necessarily make them a compatible couple. Lack of friendships and non-dating interactions between LGBTQA characters encourages this idea that if, by some stroke of luck, a non-straight individual encounters another individual of the correct orientation out in the wild, they better fall in love asap, because that’s the only open form of interaction (and also, you’ll never find anybody else).

- People’s orientations, in works of fiction, are too often conflated with who they are dating. A lesbian character gets to be a true and genuine lesbian character once she kisses another girl. A bi character is either labeled as straight or gay, depending on who they are dating. A characters orientation needs to be allowed to exist both in and outside of their relationships.

- Throwing ace and aro people under the bus in conversations about LGBTQA representation in media definitely isn’t nice.

- Basically, both romantic and non-romantic LGBTQA representation need to exist, and there needs to be *a lot* of both of them, preferably within the same pieces of media. If we are talking about a movie with ten major characters, for instance, there’s no reason not to have a lesbian couple, their currently single friend who is also a lesbian, and their other friend who is actively trying to figure out whether or not he’s ace spec.

- In a lot of progressive media there seems to be this idea that we need to create / demand a certain amount of one kind of representation before we can level up and get another. I can see where the idea came from (as sick as we all are of the Dead Gays trope, it started as a way of sneaking gay characters into media at all). I’d like to think that the time has come to get past that idea, however, and recognize that platonic and non-platonic LGBTQA representation can and should happen simultaneously.

Chance Meeting.

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I always found it hard to imagine how much pain must have been in Kenobi… especially as an empath (as the Jedi are) dealing with the emotions of others as well as his own… and trying desperately to cling to his training of non-commitment… clinging to the light like a desperately drowning man. 

More to come!

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Great Bodhisattvas perform the acts of enlightening beings throughout the future in one world, giving such things to one and all, satisfying everyone, and as they do in one world, so also do they do in all worlds in space throughout the cosmos. They cover all with great compassion, unremittingly, extending sympathy and mercy to all, providing them with what they need. They do not let conditions stop their practice of giving, and never grow weary of it, even for a moment.

When great Bodhisattvas give in this way, they give rise to these frames of mind: an unattached mind, an unfettered mind, a liberated mind, a mind of great strength, an extremely profound mind, a well concentrated mind, a non-clinging mind, a non-subjective mind, a well controlled mind, an undistracted mind, a mind without arbitrary conceptions, a mind endowed with all kinds of precious essences, a mind not seeking reward, a mind comprehending all things, a mind abiding in great dedication, a mind skillfully determining meanings, a mind to cause all sentient beings to abide in unexcelled knowledge, of mind producing the great light of truth, a mind entering omniscient knowledge.

In every moment of thought great Bodhisattvas dedicate the roots of goodness they have gathered in this way: “May all sentient beings have abundant wealth and lack nothing; may all sentient beings develop inexhaustible stores of great virtue; may all sentient beings fully experience all peace and happiness; may all sentient beings develop and extend the work of great Bodhisattvas; may all sentient beings fulfill infinite supreme qualities; may all sentient beings gain the vehicle of universal knowledge, which never rolls back; may all sentient beings see all the Buddhas of the ten directions; may all sentient beings be forever rid of the dust and dirt of confusion and delusions of the world; may all sentient beings attain pure, impartial minds; may all sentient beings be free from difficulties and attain omniscience.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 629, 630

Note on the image: Thousand armed Avalokiteshvara extending the hand of mercy.