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tips from a grocery store cashier:

  • group the produce, foods, and non-foods (especially chemicals) as you put them on the belt. it makes bagging things way easier.
  • yes, we know they’ve rearranged the store. we can’t find anything either.
  • we know you’ve been standing in line for (insert period of time). we’re going as fast as we can.
  • don’t tell us to open more lanes. if they’re closed, there’s a reason and that reason is probably that we don’t have enough cashiers on hand.
  • we stand for 4-10 hours a day repeating the same conversation over and over and over. forgive us if we forget whether or not we’ve asked about coupons already.
  • if you’re buying alcohol or cold medicine and look under 40, have your id out and ready to go.
  • for the sake of my admittedly slipping sanity, please do not remove your chip card before it makes the ungodly shrieking beep and tell you that you can remove it.
  • if it won’t scan, do not even start to think the word “free”
Chemistry Class

Okay. So I was the only senior in my chemistry class. It one of the weirdest/best classes I’ve been in.

- One day we were doing notes and this kid, a theatre kid (whom I knew pretty well), asked about “the dress”. We literally stopped the lesson and had a 30 minute debate as to wether the dress was black and blue or white and gold.

- The theatre kid’s mom was the nurse. He ended up having snacks everyday. (This is second period, mind you, so he stopped by the nurse’s office during passing period, which is on the other side of the school.) One day he had Fruit Loops and he dropped one on the ground.

Girl: Eww! Don’t eat that! There’s probably poop particles from someone’s shoe on the floor!

Theatre Kid: Oh, Poop Loops! *Picks it up and eats it.*

- The sophomores and I played a game while the juniors were taking the ACT.

- Theatre Kid was banned from bringing food into class.

- For Mole Day we had a scavenger hunt around the school. The prize was dirt cake.

- We made cookies for our last lab. (I got stuck with Theatre Kid and my lab partner in my group. We ended up yelling at him because he put in the wrong ingredient. We had to dig it out.) (Trombonist in my next block class, whose never done a drug in his life, asked if I had weed.)

- We played games every Friday for our Bell Ringer. A few times desks would be knocked over. One time a kid jumped over a desk and almost fell. Another time a kid jumped over another kid.

- One time Theatre Kid knocked over a non-hazardous chemical. (I was at the lab beside him.) I kept making puns about it and he punched me. (I always give him a hard time.)

- Durning finals week our teacher gave us food everyday. I didn’t have finals one day (two out of four classes met the second day of finals), so I brought a hotdog to her room. She gave me the food for the last day of finals week because I didn’t have her class that day.

- I somehow managed to sit by this guy (both terms). This guy made puns literally every single day. One girl asked how I kept my sanity/said I needed a trophy.

- One time we were have the ‘jif’ 'gif’ debate. My teacher looked up a video of how to properly say it….. Twenty minutes later, we’re looking up pronunciations for other words. She clicks on a link that says, “Astronaut”.

Then, very quietly, we hear: ass nuts.

Everyone was dying and my teacher stopped because she didn’t want the principal to drop by and see us doing nothing.

- Teacher: *Showing us stuff in her room.* This is the Fume Hood. You’ll get chemicals from here and other things.

Pun Kid: So, you get your stuff from in the hood?

- One time Pun Kid made a joke and the teacher asked him to leave.

- One time I went home sick during chemistry. (Like I was literally bawling in front of my teacher because I was in so much pain.) I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Woke up to my dad on the phone at 3:30. Apparently my teacher called and asked if I was alright.

- Teacher wouldn’t let us leave on our last day unless we gave her a hug.

It was a really hard class (science isn’t my strong-suit), but it was actually a really fun class.

Ye Magick Shoppe for 5E

By Dracomortua:

Your players’ ship arrives at the docks at last. They go up to the first stevedore or whombler they see and say: ‘Excuse me there, hard working fellow - but where is the local magic shop?’:

Suddenly this all takes a sharp turn and the DM goes 'Out Of Character’: “What? Magic shop?” You kindly explain that there isn’t such a thing. Says so right there in the DMG, see? It is impossible for one to exist in a 5e D&D world. Period.

Your sassy players do not give up. Someone points out such shops exist here in reality on Earth, despite having no provable magic. There are even different kinds (lots sell incense and religious stuff, some selling bits o’ stone, people may want to stare at your crystal balls and it just goes wild from there). They point out a variant human’s feat can give any commoner a bunch of cantrips and one first level spell. So why doesn’t anyone own anything enchanted?

This guide gives you RaW self-defense. You can have as many magic shops as you like without breaking any rules. The trick is to put items in them that are interesting, fun and even useful despite the fact that almost nothing is an uncommon or rare magic item.

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anonymous asked:

I noticed you have a knack for house hold hacks and I have 2 questions, if you don't mind :) 1. Do you know of any objects/decor that makes noise for sleeping? I can't sleep in silence and I'll be putting my fan away soon and I also don't have a tv in my room so I'm not sure what else to use 2. Are drawer fragrances a thing? My dressers are wooden and if my clothes are in there for too long they get this weird wood, stale smell that I'm not sure how to avoid. Thanks in advance!

Oh man… I was born for this ask.

I too cannot fall asleep without some sort of white noise generator. I even sleep with a fan on during the winter because I have a hard time falling asleep without noise. I just throw a blanket over it so that it doesn’t blow cold air into my room.

However, there are lots of free “white noise” websites that you can play off of your computer for free that are essentially the same idea. Some of the more popular ones even have iphone apps. Check it:

Sound Generators

1. Simply Noise: If I’m in a hotel or staying over at a friend’s house, this is my go-to generator. Good ole white noise! The website also offers “pink” and “brown” noise, which are different in tambor. They have an app that you can download (also free).

2. Rainy Mood: Possibly the most famous “sound generator” website. It’s a virtual thunderstorm on a thirty minute loop. I personally don’t like this one, because of the loop- there’s a slight pause after the first thunderstorm ends and the next one begins. Super high quality and realistic, and they do have an instrumental tune of the day that you can choose to play over the storm.

3. Simply Rain: From the creators of “Simply Noise”. Simply Rain is highly adjustable (frequency of thunder, etc) and works the same way the sister site does. And no loop! Continuous noise! But it definitely does not sound as realistic as Rainy Mood. They have an app that you can download (also free).

4. Coffitivity: Maybe not the best for sleeping, but this is my favorite “get shit done” website. The creators believe that a certain amount of ambient background noise is helpful to stimulate your brain and get you working. These generators sound like you’re sitting in a college coffee house drinking a nitro cold brew. While not customizable, there are many different “coffee house” recordings for you to choose from.

5. August Ambience: I found this website last winter when I was longing for a little bit of summer. Literally sounds like your parent’s backyard during the summer complete with crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs. Not customizable, but so lovely to fall asleep to. This website is also on a loop, but I’m not sure how long it is.

6. Eco Sounds: I’ve been looking for a good sea generator for a long time, and this is the best one I’ve found so far. Fully customizable in terms of waves, water splash, and seagulls. Relaxing and wonderful, and it does have an app.

Good Smelling Things

1. Scented Beads: I’ve been preaching the word of scented beads for several years now, because they’re so dang cool. Just the look of them is amazing, and I find that they work better than other air fresheners. I would recommend that you avoid buying any Dollar Store scented beads (I’ve had bad experiences) and just spend a couple extra dollars and buy them on Amazon.

2. Pot Pourri: Pot Pourri are essentially dried petals, fake fruit, cinnamon sticks, etc that are lathered in oil and smell AMAZING. While a bit more pricey than some of these other options, I’m recommending them because you can buy a small bag and stash it inside your drawers to save space. They last about as long as typical air fresheners do, but these are somewhat DIY reusable. You can buy an oil of your choice and re-scent them and they’re good to go. 

3. Activated Charcoal: I have not personally used these, but a friend of mine swears by them. He boxes and apparently boxing gloves get pretty rank pretty fast, so he uses these things to control the odor. The more organic option: “Febreze contains 87 different chemicals such as neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens and skin/eye/lung irritants! Shocked?Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers have 1 ingredient: Charcoal, packaged in a beautiful linen bag.This makes it natural, non-toxic, chemical & fragrance-free, reusable, sustainable and entirely “green”.”

4. Febreze: I know, I know. Toxic AF. But these small spaces air fresheners really work, and might be more suitable for sticking in a drawer with clothes. I’ve linked to Amazon, but you may be able to find them cheaper in your local grocery store.

Good luck!

the fucking gay artist list

i know we all hate pwr bttm now and are looking for some gay artists now- here are my 2 cents into this, bolded r faves

dead or alive - lead singer is queer, 80s synthpop, great if ur a cheesy twink

pvris - lesbian lead singer, pop rock, troye sivan but lesbian

against me! - trans woman lead singer, punk, very fuck the system

gerard way/my chemical romance -  non binary, lead singer for mcr, glam rock

mindless self indulgence/the left rights - scene band! lead singer and bassist have undefined sexualities (bassist lynz way married to gerard way)

panic at the disco - dont yell at me!!! undefined genre, lead singer has an undefined sexuality

queen - freddie mercury is a bisexual man, glam rock

david bowie - hes bi, glam rock

titanic sinclair - greasy questioning rock

Octo-Jelly 8

It’s like a cross between an Octopus and a Jellyfish. I named this “Octo-Jelly” because “Jelly-Pus” just didn’t sound right.

I’m really excited about how the latest Blender 2.70 test builds have a new volumetric shader for me to play with. This creature is shaded with no surface material at all, but a simple yellow-green color on a volume absorption material. I can’t wait until they find a way to support this feature on the GPU!

I feel bad that I have not posted anything new in a while, but I’ve been dealing with some rather crippling (non-chemical) depression, anxiety, and insomnia for the past month and a half. It’s been a struggle just getting in to work each day. With the help of some awesome friends, I’ve been working my way through my emotional burdens and challenges, and while the process is slow, I think I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Over the past month and a half, I started a lot of GIF designs hoping to find solace and distraction from my demons and tormentors, but for every idea I started, the stress was winning over the drive to create. So now looking back, I have a lot of half-started, un-refined, and incomplete ideas for GIFs in the queue. As soon as I can find the mental energy and motivation to finish and polish some of them, I’ll be posting some designs and tools that I think you guys will probably like a lot. Wish me luck, everyone.

Crash Course aka. our saviours. 
(other crash course masterposts coming soon!)




Anatomy & Physiology

anonymous asked:

Can I eat/taste/chew on something that says non-toxic?

Anon, a lot of this will depend on what that item is and what it’s meant for, so I’m afraid I can’t give you a simple answer. I’ll try and explain why it’s complicated, but if I’ve handled this poorly or just made it more confusing, let me know and I’ll try again.

“Non-toxic” means that the item shouldn’t kill you via its chemical composition in accidentally-consumed amounts.

That doesn’t mean it’s good for you to eat, taste or chew, however, and I’ll give you a couple of examples to show what I mean:

A silicone chew pendant will probably be listed as “non-toxic” with other chemical exclusions and safety designations. That’s absolutely designed to go in your mouth, so chew away.

Please note, though, that while this same pendant is non-toxic, that doesn’t mean it’s safe or good for you to swallow any chewed-off bits of silicone. Silicone is a plastic; it’s not that different from swallowing a plastic take-out container (although it doesn’t have sharp edges). Additionally, a large enough piece can present a choking hazard, so there’s ways this toy, when used inappropriately, can kill without chemical composition being an issue.

A can of Play-Doh is listed as “non-toxic”, but that doesn’t mean you can or should eat it. It just means you won’t die if you do eat it.

There’s a world of difference, though, between “you won’t die if consumed” and “appropriate to be consumed”. Think about that Play-Doh for a minute, and all the artificial dyes and chemicals in the dough that are keeping it soft. Think about all the handling it has undergone if it isn’t brand new. Is that something you really want inside your body? Play-Doh is non-toxic, but kids who are prone to eating the whole thing shouldn’t be using it unsupervised; it’s not a safe food alternative.

(I’ll also observe that for folks with gluten allergies/intolerance, it’s dangerous, but this comparison is made on the assumption that this isn’t a factor for our hypothetical Play-Doh stimmer.)

“Non-toxic” doesn’t equal “safe to swallow and eat”. For toys, it most often means “this isn’t meant for consumption and it won’t kill you via its chemical composition if you do accidentally consume a little bit but if you’re going to do more than that you shouldn’t be using this toy”. Which is quite a long description!

In my opinion, “non-toxic” is a really frustrating safety declaration, and I wish companies would do away with it entirely in favour of more specific descriptions about how the item is safe and to what degree it is safe. The words don’t make enough distinction between “just like food”, “item causes no harm at all”, “taste-safe”, “won’t kill you but don’t eat it” and “won’t kill you but may make you sick”. It’s borderline meaningless, in my opinion, and it does very little to help people make safer choices about toys and how to use them. Finding out if something is non-toxic is really the first step one should make in evaluating the safety of a toy, not the last.

In deciding whether something goes in your mouth, I’d ask these questions:

- Does the toy contain any nasty chemicals? Think BPA, phthalates, paint, dyes, glues, borax, sand, oils or varnishes, but know that isn’t a complete list. If you cannot confirm that it doesn’t, do not put it in your mouth.

(To explain paint: those pretty painted knock-off Tangle Jrs or spinners might contain lead in the paint. As a general safety rule, I’d wash my hands after using any toy that is painted, especially if it comes from Chinese eBay/AliExpress/Wish sellers and might not have passed stringent quality controls. Since it is hard to confirm the safety of these sorts of toys, in terms of paint, dye or plastic composition, I would encourage hand washing after use and not putting these in one’s mouth as a general safety practice.)

- Are the surfaces of the toy going to cause any damage to my mouth or teeth? For example, there’s a difference between sucking on a hard plastic toy and chewing on it. That BPA, phthalate-free hard plastic can still harm you if used the wrong way. If you cannot keep yourself from chewing it, get a toy you can safely chew.

(We’ve all got things, as stimmers, that we struggle to resist. For example, I can not chew items very easily, but when it comes to picking, I’ll be picking it before I even know that’s what I’m doing. Know your weak points and don’t purchase toys that require you to have to fight hard not to stim in potentially-harmful ways.)

- Is the toy clean? Is it able to be regularly cleaned and/or sterilised? If it cannot be washed/cleaned, don’t put it in your mouth.

(Additionally, if it cannot be cleaned, wash your hands before and after using it.)

- Is the toy meant for the use with which you’re going to put it? As a general rule, anon, I would seek out toys that are meant for the way you’re going to use it. This isn’t a guaranteed indicator of safety: there’s silicone chew jewellery on AliExpress that’s vague about chemical composition, for example, and some toys are safe for uses beyond which the manufacturer intends (especially for fidgeting). For anything that goes in your mouth, though, this is a reasonable line to draw. If you’re ever unsure, I’d recommend using this as the ultimate safety indicator.

(For example: the foam inside Stimtastic’s stretchy squish balls is said to be non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean it’s designed to go in one’s mouth or be swallowed. It isn’t. In this case, “non-toxic” means “it won’t kill you”, but that doesn’t make the foam safe for human consumption in anything more than an accidental taste. It absolutely isn’t. A baby teether, on the other hand, is non-toxic, but is absolutely designed for oral use.)

- Are you going to use this toy often? For example, a chewable that has BPA-containing dyes but is used twice a year is much, much less dangerous than that same chewable used daily. (It’s not necessarily safe, but it’s less dangerous.) The more you plan to use said toy, the more you need to make sure it is safe to be used the way you intend.

Does this help, anon? Just know that “non-toxic” covers a wide variety of safety degrees, and when it comes to objects going in your mouth, it’s usually necessary to run the toy past a few more questions to determine its safety. Additionally, folks might have own personal safety questions (size, shape, allergens) to add to this list, so this in itself is just a beginning and won’t cover the needs of all stimmers.

Additionally, I’m well aware that not all stimmers have free and easy access to the safest alternatives (money, offline availability) and some stimmers do make choices that are somewhat less than safe. I know some folks might find that the distress from not stimming is higher than their perceived risk of using the toy this way. I’m not saying this to say this isn’t problematic, just that some stimmers are in situations where they do make this decision - and that I think it is safer to talk about this happening than to brush it under the rug and not discuss it.

If I have just made this even more confusing, anon, send another ask and I’ll try my best!

- Mod K.A.


This song is full of lines that are just golden.

“Addiction’s growing faster, making you go insane
Ivory fangs are smiling, you’ll have to break the habit” 

“Forbidden fruit tastes better when it can numb the brain
The outcome of the future is looking quite inane”

For a long time, I had a caffeine addiction, downing around four energy drinks per day to sustain life on two hours of sleep per night, using the other twenty two waking to help people through their personal troubles or to be my mother’s obedient little workhorse. This song gets at exactly what it felt like.

I have another problem, to this day, perhaps born from that addiction, and running from my demons. Yeah, it never works. They always catch up, but I’ll be damned if that numbness isn’t exactly what I need at times.

I no longer consume caffeine to run from these things. Not very often, anyway. Now, it’s music, and distracting myself by immersing myself in things that aren’t the impending doom of whatever fate looms over the horizon.

For now, it’s a court date, capping off a trial that has been four and a half years in the making, where even if I win, I lose my ability to call myself a functioning human being, and any self-respect. 

This… This is a thing I’d rather not think about. So, for today, a ruined sleep schedule, delirium, dog-watching, and another two cans of the aptly named Venom, that is probably very slowly killing me. 

For those wondering, Killer Taipan. Mango energy drink. Yum.

Pavlove’s Killjoy Writing and Roleplaying Advice Guide #2

Cause your oc needs to stop being a stupid and selfish little shit

RULE 2: Create an Original “Original Character”

Now I get the appeal of an original character. I totally do. But what I don’t get is why everyone has to make them perfect at everything. Design a unique character and follow these ten simple steps to making a Pavlove certified™ non-cringey Killjoy OC.

Step One: Names

  • Please, for the love of God, don’t use “Cyanide” in your name at all. That’s not original, and you don’t know how many OCs I come across with “Cyanide [Insert Name Here]”. Another no is “Blood(s) [Insert Name Here]” like just stop. Those are not original, and there are a shit ton of people who beat you to the name. Reference a song, reference a movie, reference a band, just be creative.
  • In addition to that, the name shouldn’t be a joke, or something hard to pronounce. You’ve got to remember not all of the Killjoys had a real education, so it would almost make more sense for them to not use big words in their names unless they had a reason to (i.e. maybe they got it from a song from a concert like Mad Gear and Missile Kid?). 
  • Names should also, finally, be able to somehow translate to what they wear. My OC, for example, Reckless Vengeance, has guns on her jacket because it correlates to vengeance and violence. Party Poison has a pill with a skull-and-crossbones style X under it. Jet Star’s symbol is a star. Kobra Kid’s is literally a cobra head. Take costume into consideration when you’re thinking of names.

Step Two: Uniform

  • With name now decided, we’ve gotta pick colors and uniform for your killjoy. If they have purple in their name, then there should be purple on the uniform somewhere. Maybe your ocs colors are your favorite colors- that works…to a certain extent. If your favorite color is black, that makes almost no sense when it comes to being a killjoy. The point of Killjoys is color, plus it’s the desert and black attracts heat. When it’s already 110ºF out there on a good day…
  • Now, regarding heat, the Killjoys universe is in the California desert. As someone who lives there, let me tell you that it’s fucking hot. BUT, you also want to keep skin covered so you don’t roast under the sun. You’ve got the colors for your outfit, so now it’s time to plan. You don’t have to be an artist to do this. I always suggest jeans- if you wanna be “fashionable”, maybe have them ripped. Maybe they were ripped from a firefight. 
  • Jackets are a big part of the world, as we well know. Designing a jacket should be fairly simple, maybe minimalistic in design but with your ocs symbol. Look at Kobra Kid’s- it’s fairly simple. It’s got the cobra head patch on front, “Kobra” on one sleeve and “03″ on the other. That’s virtually it. Sometimes less is more. Party Poison’s on the other hand has so much detail into it, you’ve really gotta look at it.

Step Three: Symbol

  • We forgot that, didn’t we? It should correlate with the name, as I hinted at before. It can be more simple (Party Poison’s) or more detailed (Kobra Kid’s). There’s not too much I can really say on this, but matching it with the name helps.

Step Four: Job/Past

  • Your killjoy should have a job. Maybe they’re a disc jockey like Show Pony, maybe they sell shit, maybe they act as a doctor for people out in the zones. Who knows? Give them a job other than “zone defender”. 
  • For your ocs past, take some things into consideration. Maybe they came from the city, but how? Not everyone can just walk out. Please stop killing off their entire family as well, please. I get that it gives them a reason to fight, but wouldn’t it make more sense if they were alive but just religiously took pills, and taking down BLI means saving them from the pill?
  • Maybe your oc has been a zone rat their whole life. That’s an interesting backstory I’ve rarely ever seen. But, keep in mind education would be hard to find and your oc would be more street-smart than intelligent smart. Maybe they can’t count past thirty, but they can fix up a car in thirty minutes or less. 

Step Five: Transportation

  • How does your oc get around? Not everyone in the desert has a car, keep that in mind. Do they have a motorcycle? Do they hitchhike? Do they have a van? Or, if they’re in a large group, do they have a car? Maybe keep in mind how many killjoys are in the group you’ve got set up. More than five, maybe they have a van. Less than five but more than two, maybe they have a car. 
  • If your killjoy rides solo, I’d recommend giving them a motorcycle or having them hitchhike as opposed to having a car. UNLESS their backstory gives them a reason for it. Maybe they used to have a large group and there was a firefight that got them ghosted. Maybe they stole it from other killjoys. 

Step Six: Sexuality and Lingo

  • If you want the best guide to killjoy lingo, go here (by fuckyeahmcrquotes).
  • Sexuality is a big thing for killjoys. And, I’m just gonna ask you to please not make your oc bisexual. Unless you can show us that your ‘joy is bisexual, maybe through having them be in relationships with men and women, don’t bother saying they’re bi and just have them as one team or the other. It really bugs me with the amount of killjoys that claim to be bisexual but only have attraction to one gender. Usually, that’s one of the Fab Four.
  • Basically, show us. Don’t tell us, because if you tell us, we won’t believe you.

Step Seven: Crushes

  • This can make or break your oc. NOT EVERYONE HAS A CRUSH ON PARTY POISON. Killjoys have favorites in the Fab Four, and they’re not all the leader. Maybe your oc has a crush on someone else- on a different ‘joy. If you want to show your character’s bisexuality, if they’re a female oc, why not have a crush on Hot Chimp? She’s great. 

Step Eight: Strengths and Weaknesses + Being a Mary Sue/John Smith

  • Your strengths and weaknesses need to be balanced out as any character’s would. For every strength, give your oc a weakness. One of the ones I often use is that while a character may be very fast with their gun, they might not be very accurate when it comes to aim. Or, like earlier, your character could be very street smart but can’t even read. 
  • Take age into consideration with this. If your oc is under twenty, there’s a lot of things they probably can’t be. If your oc is over twenty, they have a chance of mastering a lot more skills and having a generally different personality as well. They might still be stupid, sure, but not as willing to risk their lives over a can of dog food unless starvation dictated. 
  • With that noted, please also give your oc balanced negative and positive personality traits, and more dislikes than just “dracs, bli, korse, and pills”. That’s not a personality, that’s just the cliche half of a killjoy. One of my favorite killjoys that I’ve made, who will have a link to his page, doesn’t like drugs for example. That’s different. Be different, because that’s what killjoys are supposed to be. 

Step Nine: Drug Usage

  • This bugs me with a lot of ocs. If they get drugs, where from? And how can they afford to run through a whole pack of cigarettes in a day? Drugs may be common out in the zones, sure, but probably more at hyper thrusts than anywhere else. I find it hard to believe that just any regular ‘joy can afford the best weed and can smoke it almost 24/7 without being affected very much. 
  • Think about what kind of drugs your oc uses, if any. If they drink, maybe they have to save up for awhile to get good drinks. If they use cocaine or opioids, maybe they only do it at hyper thrusts. If they have cigarettes, they have to ration them. If they have weed, its leftovers from medical uses and isn’t solely meant just for the purpose to get stoned. 

Step Ten: Age 

  • There’s a time and a place for ‘joys of all ages. However. I see far too many 16-18 year old killjoys being perfect at everything. Make your killjoys a little older for the love of god! It’s not a crime. Most of my killjoys are anywhere from 25-35, most being nearer to the middle than one end or the other. 
  • An older age gives your character more opportunities to be good at things, and to have discovered themselves more. Discover likes and dislikes, what works and what doesn’t. And, if you wanna try to rp/write a competent med killjoy, they’re gonna have to be a little older to have mastered any of it. 


If you want to see one of my Killjoy ocs, go here

Otherwise, that’s about it

A Spot Treatment for Every Person

Hey guys! Here’s a little of some pimple treatments of every kind. Everyone has preferences so I thought I’d include all of them. Every product on this list is either one I’ve tried, or one that has come highly recommended to me by people I trust. I hope this helps!

Gels, Creams, Medicated Ointments, etc.

Patches, Bandages, Covers, etc.

Natural, Organic, Non-chemical, etc.

anonymous asked:

i found that my body does get turned on, and it's messing with me. I didn't consent to this. i'm sex-repulsed. and... i feel... i don't know... violated? betrayed? i feel serious distress. i don't want to have sex. i don't want to feel this. is it possible to be traumatized by your own body? because that's sorta what it feels like. i know that it's natural and healthy but i didn't ask for it i haven't felt it before now, and i'm 22. i'm just freaking out.

There’s a lot of questions here and I just want to say Do not blame yourself for the shit your body does. Bodies just do shit. All the time. They can reflectively kick your knee, or any other joint. They can make you see shit just cause. Being turned on is a bodily response. It does not equate to enjoyment one tiny bit. It means chemicals were like do you need this? Is it jarring and annoying when your body is like thing brain is like Um no???/ ABSOLUTELY. Think of it as an inch or a twitch. If you have periods, but never want kids. Also like that. Bodies do stupid shit, it absolutely does feel like omg why can’t you just listen to me but bodies are a system and they don’t listen to non-chemical input very well. It’s not a you failed, or you secretly want or even have to do a thing.

I'm mocked for my experiment

But Sean Spicer can go on national television and revise history with “Hitler didn’t even sink in the level of using chemical weapons.” And later clarify with an “oh, but I meant cake” remark saying that Assad used them on “innocent people”….

When your world around you becomes so malleable that your highest informational representative in the country doesn’t remember that millions of non-combatants died in chemical gas chambers, and your major news outlets (Fox News) say things like “I don’t know how you fire a guy with one of the most difficult jobs in the country for what was obviously a innocent mistake.”

An innocent mistake. Alternative facts. No mindfulness of history that is still within living memory. Revisionism of current events that happened last week. The reframing of verifiable fact with repetition of a narrative…

And an entire percentage of the population willing to swallow all of it.

Humans are irrational. They don’t remember their own past. They would rather dwell in fantasy than ever take the time to think critically, if they still even have the capacity. They’re lazy and foolish.

It is utterly disgusting.

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i know that its good for the kinds of stim toys you have to be varied, do you have any recommendations for toys you think all stimmers should have? i tend to have a very particular idea of what i like and i only get those kinds of things [i have almost exclusively fidget toys, honestly], but i dont want to neglect whole types of toys i might really enjoy just because i didnt think i would like it looking at it online.

I’m going to answer this in two parts, because it’s an awesome question. Today, I’m going to give a general breakdown of stim toy categories and possible toys one might choose from those categories to build a varied kit. Tomorrow, I’ll take a photo of what I consider the core essentials of my own stim toy kit and talk more in depth about why I’d recommend those toys for others, especially with regards to offering different types of stims.

A great deal of this, though, will depend on one’s personal preferences with regards scent, texture, appearance and sensation. I’d start by working out what cannot work for you. For me, strong artificial or chemical scents and flashing lights are permanently on the No Stim list as both trigger headaches and flashing lights trigger partial seizures. Tackiness is a Bad Texture (as in I just won’t touch something that’s tacky) so I steer clear from that as well. You may not know yet what your dislikes or triggers are, and that’s okay, too.

Once you know what to avoid (or know you don’t know), you can then approach categories of toys. It’s worth trying a thing or two from each category to build up a collection that allows for swapping/variation, and then going deeper into each category, or not, depending on how it clicks with you.

None of these categories contain complete listings, just a few examples. These categories also don’t include the variety of larger therapeutic items used by OTs and the like but focus on more-portable stim toys. All the different types of toys featured so far on this blog can be found on the toys tag page, grouped by type. Keep in mind that many toys belong in two or more categories as well: scented slime, for example, is both a mouldable stim and a scent stim!

Mouldable: kinetic sand, slime, floam, playdough, Thinking Putty. The issues with this category are those of texture and scent: slime and floam can be sticky or oozy; everything often has a synthetic fragrance or a chemical odour. I’ll be honest: as much as I despise Autism Speaks, Spinmaster-branded Kinetic Sand is the only kinetic sand I’ve found in Australia that has a non-chemical odour. Handmade playdoughs might be best for those scent-sensitive.

(My rec: kinetic sand. Non-sticky, non-messy, wonderful.)

Tossable: stress balls, prickle balls, bouncy balls, bean bags. These range in shape, size and firmness. Many also have plastic odours. I adore prickle balls because they give texture as well as bounce and squish.

(My rec: prickle balls, but only for people who like hard textures.)

Squishable: squishies, puffer creatures/balls, playdough, thicker slimes, balloon stress balls, grape mesh stress balls. Again, ranging in shape, size, scent and firmness. Puffer creatures often smell very strongly, but they have soft fronds great for pulling and they’re very squishable.

(My rec: squishies. Available in fast and slow rising, many with scents but some without, inexpensive if one purchases from a free-shipping listing.)

Fidgets: Tangles, chain fidgets, bead rings, bead lanyards, Klixx, snake puzzles, wooden block puzzles, fidget cubes, marble mazes. These are all basically “things you hold in your hands and manipulate”. Note that one uses some of these differently - a chain fidget is a one-hand fidget for me, but I use a Tangle Jr in both hands. I use a snake puzzle and a Tangle Jr pretty similarly, though. Fidget jewellery also fits in this category, like bead-filled tube bracelets and snake necklaces.

(My rec: Tangles first, chain fidgets second.)

Plush and/or weighted: any soft toy/plushie, weighted plush, Disney Tsum Tsums, Teeny Tys, @caseydickdanger‘s Hedgehugs, my own mop-head creatures, weighted blankets and lap pads. I look for things that usually offer multiple textures, like embroidery, fur, chenille or multiple fabrics used on the one toy. It’s pretty easy to DIY weighted versions of these things.

(My rec: Disney Tsum Tsums: they’re squishable, crunchable and portable.)

Visual: glitter balls, flashing/light up balls, flashing puffer creatures/balls, liquid motion bubblers, glitter batons, liquid paperweights, glitter jars. Most of these require some hand movements to use, but nothing as intensive as a fidget. Note that glitter balls without lights do exist but can be tough to find.

(My rec: Glitter jars. Easy to make and fun to watch.)

Scent: plushies, bean bags, slimes and doughs, Stimtastic’s scented vial necklaces. This can be as simple as a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, blanket, pillow or soft toy. (Just don’t scent anything you plan to chew.) I recommend pure essential oils, but for those who like non-oil fragrances and don’t have chemical sensitivities, fragrance oils can work, too.

(My rec: any of these. I can do a post about essential oils if anyone’s interested in exploring this further.)

Sound: bean bags, rattles, pop tubes, the spinning wheels on toy cars, cronch slime, fishbowl slime, cracking squishies, crocheted stress balls, toys with noisemakers or crinkle paper. A lot of things, surprisingly!

(My rec: I really like rattling bean bags. I use soup mix to make mine, because the different-sized beans and lentils make a pleasing sound.)

Touch/texture: crocheted stress balls, Hairy Tangle, Tangle Jr Fuzzy, prickle balls, prickle fidgets, swatches of fleece, fabric stress balls, wooden toys, bead rings. This is category is for anything that is primarily about touch for the sake of touching - I quite often hold my coiled Tangle Jr Fuzzy in my hands and just run over it with my fingers. It’s not even a fidget toy for me!

(My rec: Tangle Jr Fuzzy first, crocheted stress ball second.)

Chewable/oral: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chewables, teethers. Can be made from fabric, silicone or wood. It may take some experimentation to find out what kind of chewer you are and where you prefer to chew. You may not chew at all but prefer to suck on toys or rub them over your lips, so this category may still be useful for non-chewers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post what I consider to be the essentials for my own kit and the roles they serve within it. I think, however, looking at the kinds of toys in each category and picking a couple from any category that isn’t covered by your current kit/collection is a good place to start.

Make Me Believe Again

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: ~4600
Summary: Ford heals and recovers, in more ways than one.
Warnings: Implied/referenced self-harm, suicidal thoughts, non-graphic description of chemical burns
Notes: inspired by a universe from the fic Homologous by @asdmabel. in case you were wondering how long it takes me to get anything done, i started writing this in november, finished it in january, and then sat on it for four months before i finally went back and edited it. as with everything i write, it’s super self-indulgent. please enjoy
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