non binary pronouns

Repeat after me

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

my daily struggle.

I feel so damn happy when people use the good pronouns. I hate it when people call me by my deadname. So yeah, i drew my piece of heaven, a galaxy far far away where everybody’s pronouns are respected. ♥

Repeat after me:

I am allowed to correct people who deadname me.

I am not a bad person or rude to point out when people aren’t using my pronouns.

I deserve respect and love.

I am entitled to it.

I am not wrong for insisting that people refer to me correctly.

I am valid.

hrt appreciation post here we go

(it’s long so prepare or scroll really fast if you wanna pass it)

me, 1993, wtf is a gender i wear diapers for god sakes 

late 90s, rockin some shades and some crazy sweaters even though i live in FL (still do that to this day)

time jump to… early 2000s, flexin and loving dogs (still doing that to this day wassup somethings never change)

oh wow here comes Middle School™ and the emo phase begins (sadly no pics during the emo phase)

oh shit what up 2008 scene phase yes that is a STAY BRUTAL™ sweater) 

then ya boy calmed down a bit and stopped giving a fuck about impressing ppl (idk why I thought being scene was impressive dont ask)

ya boy graduated HS and was free to do whatever to his hair so colors were everywhere but also was the time when his self worth was at his lowest and was dressing and looking how he thought people would want so he could get them to like him (ew right?) 

ya boy got his very first mohawk and rocked that shit for a few years

dis is some pics of the year he starts questioning his gender identity and after 6 months of research and “soul searching” decides to start HRT

yo boy is SIX MONTHS ON T !!! and starting to grow facial hair B)

YO BOY IS ONE (1) YR ON T AND JUST HAD TOP SURGERY! but also shaved his head a few months back and feels hella ugly lol 

fwd and we are now 1.5 years on T ! Hair is finally coming in and he’s look decent these days.

WHOOOA LONG HAIR WHO DIS!!! YA BOYS TWO (2) YEARS ON T !!! and 1 YR POST OP! Feeling amazing tbh

ooo shit we winding down now yall

ya boy is Two (2) years and 3 months on T and thankful every day that his blood work came back with the all clear to start T, thankful for his support group and friends/family that love and support him (shout out to my sister), thankful for how well he’s transitioned even though it was long and hard on the mental state a lot of the time, he pushed through and came out the other end smiling and happy in his skin. Thankful every day that he can afford to start on HRT, thankful every day for all the support he gets online from kind words to donations that helped afford top surgery + donations I got when he was filing for the name change as well. 

I’m posting this in hopes that it helps anyone who needs it. I’m a huge believer in doing things for yourself and making sure your happiness/comfort is always first before someone else’s. I hope it gives inspiration and motivation to those who are scared to transition in fear of what their families will think, in fear of how they will transition, fear of all the nerve wracking things that comes with HRT. Hoping that it shows you, that while HRT isn’t an over night fix, that takes time and a lot of hard days but in the end, you come out on top. It’s still a struggle some days but nothing compared to the days when I was pre-T. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about HRT with T and I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability!

My name is NIkk and I’m non binary! He/him pronouns =)

Just a few of the limitless pronoun options out there :)  (my photography and editing. no reposts or removing caption)

{photo background of coloured shareish shapes in rainbow colours. With Black Bold Text saying “They/Them, Em/Eir, Ne/Nem, Ve/Ver, Xe/Xir, He/Him, Co/Co’s, She/Her, Thon/Thons, Fae/Faer, Per/Pers, It/It’s, Zi/Hie, Al/Aler”}

Vous l’attendiez, le voilà enfin ! La présentation powerpoint Le masterpost récapitulatif des pronoms neutres en français ! Juste à temps pour la journée de la visibilité trans <3

Il n’est pas exhaustif, j’attends donc vos retours si vous avez des suggestions.

Partagez, rebloguez, répandez la bonne parole - qu’un jour enfin on nous genre correctement !

Let's Get One Thing Straight...

Non-Binary people can look masculine
Non-Binary people can look feminine
Non-Binary people can be androgynous Non-Binary people can wear makeup
Non-Binary people can be all-natural
Non-Binary people can use male pronouns
Non-Binary people can use female pronouns
Non-Binary people can use any pronoun
Non-Binary people are in the LGBTQAP+
Non-Binary people can come out
Non-Binary people can be dysphoric
Non-Binary people can bind their chest
Non-Binary people are not broken
Non-Binary people are not freaks
Non-Binary people are not confused
Non-Binary people are not invisible
Non-Binary people are not false
Non-Binary people are transgender
Non-Binary people are real
Non-Binary people are valid
Non-Binary people are human
Non-Binary people want respect
Non-Binary people want inclusion
Non-Binary people want acceptance

I’d like to point out that most people with “weird” genders and pronouns are young trans and non-binary people exploring their gender identity, you aren’t helping anyone by harassing them. You’re just an asshole.