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Hey Tumblr, help!

This week my school, University of Michigan, made it possible for students to post their pronouns to class rosters. Super cool, extremely helpful for trans/nb students, but apparently some students have decided to mock this policy and started a hashtag making fun of it, pretending like misgendering people and respect for trans/nb folks is some big joke.

So, we’re taking the hashtag back (bc honestly fuck these people) and could use all the help we can get! On Twitter (or on FB) please tweet support for trans/nb folks and pronouns using the hashtag #UMpronounchallenge

I would really appreciate it, this matters a lot to the trans/nb kids at my school!

Heyo! So I saw the submission advertisement so I thought I’d join the fun. Here’s some stuff about moi. Name: Jake Age: Hint; can drive Gender: Fluid, obviously 🙃 Sexuality: Poly/Pansexual Some interests and shtoof: • I love Black veil brides as you can tell by the merch in this photo. • Love Kpop and Vocaloid (EXO and Miku especially • I sing, mainly Japanese. • I’m VEEEEERRY friendly 😋 I used all hashtags because I’m sure they all apply to me 🙃

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confuzzled-fook  asked:

Do you have any tips on how to deal with feeling like you'll never be out, or get anywhere with your transition? I am waiting for some kind of gender therapy but sometimes it feels like even the small things I try aren't enough.

• Remember that this isn’t forever

• There are tons of other transgender dudes and girls going through the same thing

• I am 26 and just starting my transition, I was in the same place as you until recently. It took me years to save and get the balls to do what I needed to do

• Start saving for your transition, even some quarters will do.

• Start picking out clothes, you might not be out but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a top or some jeans that fit the real you

• Talk to people, vent, write a journey, reach out to other people

You aren’t alone in this!



Today wasn’t the best, but I bought a lollipop bouquet for my friend paùl because he cheered me up and gave me a hug. ❤️


I can’t remember if I said before, but for a while I was doing an ‘a selfie a day’ thing, just for myself mostly. I am still sort of doing it, even though I forget most days. Anyway, these are some of my favourite selfies from it; mostly I like the outfits I’m wearing in them :) The photos are in chronological order, with the first one being from back in June, and the last one from a couple of days ago.

They/them or he/him

A little kid at my painting camp pulled me over to the side and said “I don’t know how to ask this, but are you a boy or a girl?? I can’t tell.”

And I was thrilled because I had passed the “child pointing out your appearance means gender” test as well as being approachable enough that he could ask. So I sat down and told him I was neither and explained that growing up I was told I was a girl but that I’m not, but I’m not a boy either. And he just looked at me and said “so you’re just a person.” Swear to god I had the biggest smile on my face when I told him that’s exactly what I was.

For the rest of the day he just called me Izzy instead of Ms something or any gendered title and I got a hug at the end of camp.

So if you say gender is too confusing for children to understand, I have a first grader who would tell you otherwise.