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We're looking for new members!

Hey! We are looking for new members for the FTM TRANSTASTIC collab channel!

We are prioritizing TPOC individuals! But we are looking for fresh new faces, so feel free to audition! Doesn’t matter what age you are, where you live, what you do, where you are in your transition. As long as you have a camera and can edit, send us an “audition” tape!

-Let us know your name, age, location

-where are you at in your transition?

-why you want to be part of transtastic

-what do you think you can bring to transtastic?

Please only audition if you can commit to posting every week!!

(You can audition if you identify as non binary under the trans umbrella)

Post your video on YouTube under UNLISTED and send us the link at

Audition close may 30th


also since arriving, ive been trying to be unapologetically non-binary with painted nails and blush 

and like i know my family knows im queer cause they follow me on ig but im not trying to “come out” cause i dont have energy for that rn

nor do i care enough to explain to some family members

Isn’t it funny how straight cis people make all the “rules” to be a true, real life, certified gay™. Like if you’re lgbt, you have to know that you’re lgbt your whole life & you have to come out around maybe your early 20’s because if you come out before that you’re “too young to know” and if you come out after that you’re “too old, you should’ve known before”. You have to make sure you’re a “gold star” but also you have to have sampled every type of person because if you haven’t then, how could you know like for sure, right? Once they’ve accepted you as lgbt, you must uphold all lgbt stereotypes for their benefit (so they can laugh at the silly lil gays in movies or have gay bff’s). And girl, don’t even mention sexualities and gender identities like “non binary” or “asexual” or “pansexual”, they can’t even accept bisexual as a legitimate orientation so you must DEFINITELY be a special snowflake if you identify with any of those. 

Now that you’ve made it through all of the check points of gayness™, you may have your true, real life, certified gay™ badge. Be careful though, once you pick a label you must stick with it. If you came out as a lesbian but now feel pansexual? Well that’s too bad, you’re a lesbian now hunty otherwise you lose you gay™ status and return to straightness. Game over.

Things I need from a TRC TV Show:
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Ronan Lynch to be played by Reece King
  • Blue Sargent to be a WOC
  • Kavinsky to not be a straight fuckboy 
  • Monmouth. Getting Monmouth wrong is a dealbreaker.
  • For Ronan to beat the shit out of Adam’s Father
  • Ronan say the words “I’m gay”
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual
  • Have an actual raven as Chainsaw not some bad CGI
  • To take out the racism that surrounds Henry 
  • Ronan to say the words “I’m gay” 
  • Pig
  • For Noah Czerny to finally get the happiness he deserves.
  • Adam Parrish to say he’s bisexual