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Okay, so the thing that irks me about Scarlet is that she tells Axl that just because they are in fwb relationship, she doesn't have to tell him about who's she is with. I completely disagree with that mentality. I myself am fwb with my best friend, and one of the things we made clear when we started is to communicate how we feel and let each other know of we are seeing other people. Heck, we even got tested together. And yeah, sometimes it can be hard but it's helps a lot in the long run.

Hey, Anon!

You are completely right and I am so glad to see that you have a really healthy FWB relationship! Communication and honesty are the key no matter what type of relationship it is!

Scarlet has no excuse. She’s immature and thinking only of herself, whilst Axl is equally as immature and naive, but all he ever wants to do is please her. It’s a complete recipe for disaster, so maybe it’s going to be good for the pair of them to part away from this unhealthy relationship!

I completely appreciate your opinion on this though, so please do let me know if there is anything I’m misrepresenting and I’ll happily take your feedback on board! :)