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A futuristic mix of songs by trans/non-binary artists for a party at the end of gender. [youtube]
PWR BTTM - Big Beautiful Day | Gerard Way - No Shows | Angel Haze - Werking Girls | Mykki Blanco feat. Jean Deaux - Loner | Planningtorock - Doorway | Rae Spoon - I Hear Them Calling | La Roux - Bulletproof | Ezra Furman - Body Was Made | Against Me! - Crash

Unpopular opinion time
  • Cisgender people aren’t automatically transphobic just because they’re cis.
  • White people aren’t automatically racist because they’re white.
  • Men aren’t automatically misogynistic, rapists or abusers, just because they’re men.
  • Everyone can be racist to everyone else of a different race. Reverse racism doesn’t exist, it’s just racism, everyone is capable of it.
  • Anyone who lies about rape accusations should receive prison time.
  • Everyone is entitled to a proper course of justice in the court of law.
  • Transgender men should be put in men’s prisons, transgender women should be put in women’s prisons.
  • Women can be abusive to their partners. Do not automatically victimise women or say “this motive means that the man deserved it” are you fucked in the head?
  • People who are incapable of looking after their child should not receive custody over the other parent.
  • Feminism is great. Everyone deserves equality, and the proper precautions should be put in place at demonstrations. However, extreme feminism is not great. It gives feminism a bad name. If you go out there shouting “MEN ARE PIGS!” “MEN DESERVE TO DIE!” and all that bullshit, you’re a fucking moron.
  • Transpecies and transrace are not things. You cannot be cat, or a horse or a fucking bunny rabbit. You cannot be black, or Asian or anything else to the race you were born. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Go ahead and call me transphobic (even though I’m not)
  • The amount of genders and sexualities that Tumblr is creating is fucking ridiculous. “Angeligender– A gender found only among angels, that is hard to describe to non-angels. For godkin and angelkin only.” “Lichtgender- A gender represented by a ball of light.” “Zodiacgender– A catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign.” I’m sorry, what?? What the fuck? No.
  • There is not 76 fucking genders. Fuck off.
  • If you are transgender male and deliberately present as female, or transgender female and deliberately present as male, and then complain that someone misgendered you, that’s your fault, nobody else’s.
  • If you are 13 and your boyfriend is 20, I’m sorry, but he’s a paedophile. “Age is just a number” yeah, then prison is just a room.
  • Stalking celebrities to a point where you find out where they live is NOT okay. Stop being a creepy little weirdo and play outside or some shit.
  • You are not edgy because you hate people. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing mental health issues. You are not edgy for self-diagnosing other medical issues. You’re a twat.

“And I want people to feel that even as the show ends, we see Booth and Brennan walking off, and they’re changed people, but you want to have that feeling that yes, they’re still going to be out there, and they’re still going to be solving cases and making the world a better place, even if you’re not going to see them anymore. They’re still joking and laughing in the car, having their differences and having those playful fights they have. You really hope that’s still going on when you don’t see it. It’s certainly bittersweet not to be able to see them again, but just to feel that they’re all in a good place and they’re going to be okay. And you as a viewer are going to be okay, too.” - Michael Peterson

[about Tony’s master plan for taking down Thanos]

Bucky: If you want me, I’m on your team. 

Tony: I want you, Bucky. 

[pause and blushes]

Tony: Thinkin’ about rephrasing that. 

Bucky: [smirks] Yeah, I think I’d be more comfortable if you did. 

funkzpiel  asked:

PROMPT: Angel!Graves and Demon!Grindelwald are fighting for Credence's soul. They bicker and argue all the time. Credence knows he should pick the angel's side, because religion, upbringing, yada yada - but whenever the Angel is asleep, the Demon loves to feast on Credence's biggest weakness, his sexual attraction to the Angel. "What if I told you I could make your Angel human? Make him love you?" Grindelwald smiles. "You could touch him, kiss him, fuck him - all it would cost is your soul."

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poor credence caught in the middle of these two and the battle for his soul.

amazingly, 100% squeaky clean/because i need to redeem myself from recent sins tbqh

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Tony: Bucky, are you trying to say you love me? 

Bucky: What? 

Tony: I love you, too. 

Bucky: You do? When did this…? 

Tony: [to Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha] Bucky loves me, I love him! 

Bucky: Oh, my God. 

Tony: You guys love us and we love you. 

Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha: We love you, Bucky! 

LGBT Artists To Listen To After PWR BTTM Broke Your Heart

these are all artists I personally listen to! feel free to add onto it if you’d like. i’ve included gender and sexual orientations so you can find someone who most closely resembles your own identity, if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • Panic! At The Disco - mga male lead singer
  • Gerard Way - non binary
  • Against Me! - trans female lead singer
  • Fergie - bisexual woman
  • Angel Haze - non binary, mga
  • Tove Lo - bisexual woman
  • The Japanese House - lesbian woman
  • Green Day - bisexual male lead singer
  • Sia - bisexual woman
  • LP - lesbian woman
  • Hayley Kiyoko - lesbian woman
  • Years & Years - gay, non binary lead singer
  • Pentatonix - one gay man, one gay non binary singer
  • Kehlani - bisexual woman
  • Halsey - bisexual woman
  • Tyler Carter/Issues - bisexual man
  • Adam Lambert - gay man
  • MIKA - gay man

acomaf + the high lord of the summer court for @queenofraccoons

“Tell me what that look means,” Tarquin said, bracing his muscled arms on the gold tablecloth. I said baldly, “I’m thinking it would be very easy to love you. And easier to call you my friend.” He smiled at me—broad and without restraint. “I would not object to either.”