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Ive seen femme used as a gender by nb people though? Especially transfeminine people

yep! i know a lot of people who use transfemme as a descriptor for their gender! 

but “femmes” (not transfemme) is a super broad category, and it includes femme men and femme non aligned nb people, who are NOT women. there are many mlm who identify as femme, there are non aligned nb people who also describe themselves as femme!


everyone who i’ve met who ids as transfeminine or transfemme is woman-aligned and is okay with being included under the “women and woman-aligned people” umbrella! so… yee.

if any transfeminine mods or followers want to give perspectives, that would b great!

-mod tabby

(please do not bring up the “femme is for lesbians only” discourse please. femme was taken from black LGBT+ people and ballroom culture (which was primarily black and latinx gay men, black and latinx trans gals, and black and latinx transfeminine people from my understanding) femme isn’t only for lesbians! if you wanna talk about it, make your own post. thanks! <3)

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Idk if you've answered a question like this before so sorry if it's a repeat! I was told im being biphobic because not all bi people are sga, their example was: a person who is attracted to non-aligned nb people and the opposite gender. Idk what to say like?

non-sga bi people are a transphobic myth

who you want to punch, based on your alignment
  • Lawful Good: no one
  • Neutral Good: someone who's trying to harm them
  • Chaotic Good: nazis
  • Lawful Neutral: their computer
  • True Neutral: doesn't know how to throw a punch
  • Chaotic Neutral: fascists and communists
  • Lawful Evil: people who annoy them
  • Neutral Evil: people who punch nazis
  • Chaotic Evil: pretty much everyone
Modern Inquisition “We’re fucked” shared AU

The only way I know how to self care is through Dragon age. I’m doing a mini comic/fanfic series as a way to contextualize current events. I invite other Dragon Age fans to play around with this if you think it might help you.

As long as you’re mindful with your comics, I’d love to see your art and promote them.

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Good morning.

My daughter is writing about Gandhi today. He was so right. Show your strength through non-violent, non-cooperation. We need each other.



like, I’m attracted to non-binary, man-aligned people and men which are two separate genders but I’m non-binary and man aligned which means I’m attracted to the same gender



before i go and reblog some patrick then turn off my laptop, i just wanted to say that i just watched amandaschronicles new video and they’ve come out as trans nonbinary, are using they/them pronouns, and changing their name to miles. and you have no idea how happy they were in the video and how happy i was watching it. near the end, they said, “i’d rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not”; (if you recall, they said this when they came out as gay), and they said a couple other things that really got me emotional. 

i hope one day i am free to be myself like them. fem-aligned non-binary, open abt being bi + panro; i hope one day i dont have ppl dragging me down for who i am. and honestly? sticking to the fact that patrick wouldnt want me to give up is something im gonna keep doing. 

im here to stay. im here to fight for who i am. i like girls, guys, non-binary ppl, & im non-binary too. i wont give up. not a chance.

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so I identify as pan and was wondering if it's transphobic in any way to do this, because I'm more aesthetically attracted to people who have more typically feminine features, but someone's gender identity wouldn't stop me from dating them. I just seem to think people who have rounder faces and more stereotypically feminine faces are more attractive, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't date someone who was non female aligned. (sorry if this made no sense; I'm just trying to get my thoughts out)

Kii says:

I don’t see anything wrong with that? The vast majority of people have some kind of preference when it comes to physical appearance, and there’s not a problem with that.

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i kinda hate the fact that i love nail polish; im masc-aligned and non binary, but i absolutely love nail polish. however im afraid to wear it in public because i dont pass as it is and i dont want people to think im a girl even more so. im also afraid itll set off my dysphoria.

I’m sorry about that. I also like nail polish, but stopped wearing it because of similar reasons. I guess you just have to decide what would be more worth it, not passing, or wearing what you want.

tbh im totally for discussing the similarities in some experiences and feelings (ex dysphoria etc) between butches trans guys and non aligned nbs but what i mean when i say butch women dont have anything in common w them i mean on the base of being ‘masculine’ which is why grouping them together doesnt make absolutely any sense

I just don’t understand how some of y’all look at a word a specific group of people came up with to define them and what they experience and decide to completely change the meaning of said word so that it fits you instead