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Non-Alcoholic  Mulled Wine for Yule

Y u l e is a time of great symbolism and power. It marks the return of the sun, when the days finally begin to get a little longer. Enjoy this hot heavenly drink with traditional Yule spices & help yourself to the delicious fruity remnants!

For the base I used hibiscus tea. If you want to substitute it, you can use various types of juice (apple, cherry, grape, pomegranate,  chokeberry, blackcurrant, etc) but make sure the juice is not too sweet. 

- Hibiscus Tea: 500 ml
- Water: 500 ml
- 1 Orange
- 5 teaspoons of honey

- 1  cinnamon stick
- 6-8 whole cloves 
- Anise Star -2 stars
Optional: nutmeg, ginger, or/and vanilla pods for extra sweetness in next year. 

If possible, try using cinnamon sticks, anise stars etc, rather then milled spices, if you don’t wan the ‘wine’ to look muddy.

Boil water in the kettle (I boiled 1 litre at once). Separate into two pots. I had hibiscus tea in tesbags, and i used four of them. Let the tea brew. Meanwhile, put another pot on the stove and add spices; let them have a nice one minute bath in the boiling water.

 Cut the orange, add it to the water with spices; pour in the tea. Add honey and stir until it is dissolved. 

Best served hot, with gingerbread.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and raisins. It is served hot or warm and may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic

It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Yule and Christmas. 


4 cups apple cider
1 (750-ml) bottle red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon
¼ cup honey
2 cinnamon sticks
1 orange, zested and juiced
4 whole cloves
3 star anise
4 oranges, peeled, for garnish

How To

Combine the cider, wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, juice, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Pour into mugs, add an orange peel to each and serve.


I was originally going to save this name for a Brendon smut but what better name for Part II of Praise than Hallelujah?
Pairings: Churchboy!Joshua Dun x Fem!Reader
Warnings: tipsy and touchy on communion wine aka underage drinking, car sex, slightly less praise kink, just two young kids living life
Word Count: 2.8k

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Harvey chose Paula and Donna walked away once and for all. She hasn’t seen the man who broke her heart in about a year. Until now.

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It had been two years since Donna left New York.

Two years since that fatal kiss with Harvey.

They had argued like they never argued before, spewing ugly words at each other that neither would ever be able to take back. They were a ticking time bomb that had been building for over twelve years and finally, in the wake of Donna’s decision, they exploded.

But for the first time in over twelve years, they had talked. About them.

Millions of conversations that were all overdue, blended into one.

And it ended where he didn’t choose her.

So Donna put herself first for the third time in over a decade and left the firm. Left him.

Harvey protested at first. He fought her on that too. But eventually even he realised that Donna had gotten her heart broken by him one too many times. So he did the selfless thing and let her go.

He let her go when she walked out of her office for the last time.

He let her go when she left the city altogether.

At first, merely seeing Jessica on a daily basis was too much because all she did was remind her of Harvey. But after a while, that raw pain faded into the background. It was still there, haunting her, an ever present companion. However she learned to live with it. After all, it wasn’t as if she had a choice.

Besides, Donna soon found that she really liked her job at Jessica’s firm. She enjoyed working for and with the older woman. And soon she found herself warming up to Chicago. In the beginning it had been nothing more than a reprieve, an escape from the man who had shattered her for the last time. But it crept up on her and one day Donna opened her eyes at six in the morning and realised this was home.

She still kept in touch with Rachel, Mike and Louis. They were family. In fact, the last time she had been in New York was about a year ago, for Mike and Rachel’s wedding where she endured being the maid of honor while Harvey was the best man.

After all the official stuff was over and couples started making their way onto the dance floor, Donna had stood aside, trying desperately to ignore the stab of pain at the sight of Harvey and Paula swaying together. Rachel had soon appeared at her friend’s side, worry in her eyes but Donna swallowed her anguish, putting on the mask she had been wearing for years as she assured the bride that she was fine. Donna could tell that Rachel didn’t believe her and she had to practically drag her back towards Mike herself but she refused to let anything ruin this night for the newlyweds. And a broken hearted Donna Paulsen would certainly diminish Rachel’s happiness.

Now, Donna was once again in the city because of Rachel. She had told her the news of her pregnancy over Skype and Donna insisted they needed to celebrate in person so she hopped on a plane as soon as possible.

At present, both women lounged on the couch, glasses filled with non alcoholic wine. Donna had also insisted on a show of solidarity.

If you can’t drink alcohol then I’m not drinking either. Just for tonight at least.

Rachel had laughed, eyes shining and Donna didn’t think she had ever seen her so happy. Mike had done the smart thing and made himself scarce the minute the red head showed up, claiming he had some work that he needed to finish at the office.

So Donna listened intently as Rachel babbled excitedly about anything and everything concerning babies and it wasn’t long before they started throwing around baby names.

They had filled three pages with girls names alone when Donna realised just how late it was. In the middle of their laughter and raiding the fridge Donna had lost track of time. As she declared that she should be heading back to her hotel, it hit her how much she had missed this. And it was that feeling that began to take root inside her which prompted her to promise to visit more often.

The feeling only strengthened when Donna was out of the house, soaking in the sensation of the New York air as she stood in the middle of the street. She missed this place too.

Caught up in the moment, Donna decided to walk rather than call for a cab, wanting to hold on to the night for a little bit longer. However she had barely made it two steps from Rachel and Mike’s when a familiar car pulled up and out came Harvey Specter.

Donna froze, her legs forgetting how to work as the earth stood still.

She saw the exact second Harvey spotted her, his eyes widening in surprise as he took her in.

He didn’t move either.

Time halted and everything around them fell silent. The stars looked down, waiting for one of them to make a move.

Surprisingly, it was Harvey who took the first step.

He started walking towards her and the movement caused Donna to blink, shaking her out of whatever trance she had briefly fallen into. She made her way towards him as well, trying her best to ignore her pounding heart.

Both of them came to stop a few feet away from each other but it was still close enough to make every hair on Donna’s arms rise.

“Donna,” Harvey said softly in that way, something fluttering in her stomach as an automatic response. “What are you doing here?”

“Rachel told me the news and I just had to fly out,” she replied, using every ounce of her energy to keep her voice composed.

“Yeah. I think she and Mike have bought every baby book in the city.”

“They have. She asked me to tackle the bookstores in Chicago for her next,” Donna quipped immediately because her friends’ house had been overflowing with books.

Harvey smiled, a little thing but it still tugged at the strings of her heart.

She had missed that too.

“Do you like it?” Harvey asked quietly. “Chicago?”

“I do,” she said in earnest. “It’s different from the city. But in a good way.”

Harvey nodded but Donna knew he would never understand. He loved New York too much.

“What about you?” she questioned. “How are things at Specter Litt?”

“You know how it is. One thing after the other.”

“Is managing partner finally taking a toll on you?” Donna teased.

“Me? Never?” Harvey smirked.

“Hm soon all the hair on that pretty little head of yours will be grey.”

“I could say the same for you.”

“Oh please. I’m Donna. I don’t age.”

At that Harvey let out a laugh, one of those rare sounds that she would usually have the pleasure of hearing.

Donna grinned in response, flashing her teeth in a way she hadn’t for about two years. Warmth swiftly filled her up from her head to her toes.

She had missed being the one to make him laugh.

The two of them stood there, looking at each other with the corners of their mouths turned up. He was staring at her the way he used to, the way that set her on fire and oh it still did.

It could have been any other night. A night where they both left the firm long after everyone else, working a case to the bone. A night where Harvey would generously give Donna the car because he felt like walking.

A night where Harvey would wait for her with flowers, proclaiming I’m a Donna fan, three words that made her heart soar.

For a few minutes, they were Harvey and Donna again and she let herself get lost in his eyes one more time as a slight breeze caressed her skin.

Standing on the sidewalk beneath the sky Donna felt herself beginning to fall again.

Suddenly, Harvey’s phone rang, breaking the spell. He fished it out of his pocket and Donna caught sight of a flash of blonde hair on the screen. The man before her quickly looked up, uncertainly flitting over his features.

But Donna wasn’t going to stay there and watch him choose Paula Agard over her again.

“It’s late. I should go,” Donna said quickly, brushing past Harvey before he could say anything.

“Donna wait!” he called out and her chest seized.

However, she couldn’t.

But this was Harvey so she spun around to look at him for just a second.

“It was nice seeing you again,” she said with a tight lipped smile, so different from the grin she sported only moments ago.

She instantly turned back, walking away as fast as her legs could carry her as she ignored the concern in Harvey’s expression because the last thing she wanted was his goddamn pity.

Fingers closed around her lungs, rendering her breathless. She forgot.

She let herself forget.

She saw him again and he looked exactly as she remembered. They were exactly as she remembered.

It was too easy to fall back into what they were. She forgot how easy everything felt with him.

She saw Harvey again and it felt like home.

But that was the thing.

He wasn’t.

Everything may have felt the way it used to but it wasn’t.

Harvey wasn’t hers anymore. Hell he never had been.

They never had been.

Donna thought she had accepted the fact that she and Harvey weren’t meant to be. That she wasn’t the one for him.

Yet there were still times when the simple fact would slap her in the face.

It wasn’t her.

It would never be her

All of her old wounds ripped open and she stained the streets in red as she bled out on the pavement. Eyes burning, she tried to swallow the lump in her throat but couldn’t.

Because for a few moments, it felt like maybe it could have been.

However Donna and Harvey were destined to be nothing more than an almost.

A wish that never got made on a shooting star. A whisper that never quite fell from one’s lips.

They were merely a story that never had the chance to be written. Incomplete from the very start.

Maybe they would have been beautiful. But the world would never know.

Harvey may have been the sun in Donna’s universe but he couldn’t have been bothered to even make her a star in his.

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So youd rather eat a girl out on her period than kiss her feet or something

i would rather eat a communion wafer drink some non alcoholic wine and say ten hail marys than look at this ask for another second

Tonight is my little sister’s senior prom. She and her friends don’t have quite the money to go to a fancy restaurant, so my parents, brother and I have created a little restaurant in our own house. Our dining room table is set up, and Mom’s been in the kitchen since this morning cooking up some great food.

I’ve been running last minute errands all day, created a sorta menu, and am acting as waitress. My dad is the host/manager/chauffeur. My bro is the busser/dishwasher.

We have appetizers, salads, two entree choices, two desserts, and even non-alcoholic wine and mocktails.


At the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Cafe at THE BLACK BAR on THE CAMPANIA at Omotesando, Shibuya. I got Snake and Grell print coasters, ordered alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling wine (the one with raspberries is alcoholic and the blueberry one is non), a Scotch egg and wagyu burger, fish and chips with dill hollandaise sauce, the rest are merch and artwork plus some free fliers! It was a lavish experience but surprisingly inexpensive (less than ¥10000 for the meal and merchandise all together). I had to cancel my next reservation because of upcoming Utapri and DWD events but if I had the chance I’d go a million more times!

A former physics teacher is recreating a 700-year-old pilgrim’s journey using only medieval clothing and equipment. The two-week journey means he will be spending Christmas Day sleeping with just a woollen cloak for protection and a venison pie from a medieval recipe.

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How do you pack a medieval bag?

  • Cloak - a waterproof woollen cloak which weighs two stone
  • Soap - made from olive oil and wood ash
  • Deodorant - a block of alum
  • Fire-lighting kit - flint and steel, horseshoe fungus and wood shavings.
  • Food - hard fruit loaf, nuts, dried fruit, honey oat cakes, boiled eggs, cinnamon spice, dried apples, water, ginger wine (non- alcoholic)
  • iPad - for writing a blog (non-medieval)
  • Mobile phone - for emergencies (non-medieval)
Four more years

Gillovny RPF

This is for @thegatw​, who has requested a fic where Gillian and David are moved by Carrie Fisher disappearing and realize how short life can be, so they decide to finally move forward in their relationship and admit their feelings for each other. 

Note: It’s pure fluff. Thanks for the request my fellow Frenchy! :)

When he heard the news, his first thought was for Gillian. He knew she would be devastated. Not in the same way she used to be when she’d lost a member of her family, or like he was when one of his closest friend passed a few months ago, but in the way you have to live in a world where one of the major role model you ever had isn’t here anymore. Someone who gave her the strength to be more self-confident, stronger, more invested in many causes to make this world a better place was gone. With her, he knew a small piece of Gillian’s heart was gone too.

They’ve both had been grieving in the past few years. And even if they’d never managed to clearly define their relationship, there was one thing they knew about each other. They would always be there for each other when they need it. So he called her. She said she was okay, “sad but okay”. He asked if she wanted to go to the funeral. She said yes. He asked if she wanted him to go with her. He heard her smile. Of course, she would love that. And of course he would do it for her. He had done it before. He asked because it was what he had to do, but he knew she couldn’t accept his offer. He even asked if she wanted him to come over. He could buy a last minute flight ticket and be with her in the evening, if she needed his shoulder. She refused, politely.

They haven’t seen each other for a few months. It wasn’t anything personal, just work, a few days in Chicago in the summer. Of course, they managed to make it personal at some point. They always do. How could he not sneak into her bedroom in the middle of the night anyway? It’s like a tacit agreement between them. They are friends, but nothing else. They have sex, but nothing else. Actually, it’s more like a misleading tacit agreement. They have feelings for each other and it’s more than just sex, but they silently agreed not to talk about it. Why? He isn’t really sure anymore. They’re not cheating on their respective spouse or partner. They’re not hurting anyone. Themselves, maybe, but they can’t talk about it so they’re just going full circle and it lasts for years. Forever, actually.

How old was she when she passed? he wondered. 60, Wikipedia told him. 60… If people die at 60, despite all the kale and avocados he eats and the Pilates and Yoga he does, he could be gone in 4 years. What would he leave behind? A career? Great. Two beautiful and smart children. That’s a lot already. An ex-wife he’d made suffer and a lover who never knew she was loved. That’s perfect, he thought, cynically. There are things that can never be fixed and a few he still can change, even if he only has 4 years before him.

He left without telling anyone, not even Gillian. If he had a second thought on the plane, he still could change his mind and go back to New-York. For the first time of his life, he is scared during the flight. Usually, he just reads or writes peacefully, smiles to the stewardess when she brings him food and sleeps after a shot of good Bourbon. But this time, every tremor makes his jaw clench and his stomach tighten. He never thought about death before, at least, not about his, but now, it obsesses him. Actually, the thought of her life without him obsesses him. What would she feel? Would she really be sad? Yes, of course she would, he reassures himself. Maybe she would find someone else, though. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell her his feelings. Or *Her* feelings… Who knows? And what if she goes before him? His fist clench at this thought and he asks for a second mini-bottle of Bourbon.

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It’s graduation and you’re sitting in the back while the high school sweethearts slow dance wondering what your life has in store for you. You’re surrounded by aviators and brain surgeons, veterinarians and electricians and your chest is tightening because you just don’t see it, you can’t see you, ten years from now, with a career and a house and a car and kids and you don’t understand how anyone here could be so sure of themselves or where they’re headed. Where’s the map, you wonder, where’s the rulebook on waking up tomorrow because all of a sudden they say you’re supposed to be an adult and it’s all going much too fast. You wish time would slow down. You want tonight, for all its white balloons and ballroom gowns and non alcoholic wine and over enthusiastic DJs and teary eyed teachers and proud parents and all of the people you’ve grown up with the last 6 most significant years of your life, to last forever. You don’t want to forget anyone’s names. You don’t want to leave any of this behind. But you must. And it’s okay to be afraid. Tomorrow the sun will come up just as it always has and always will and you will be given two choices, each day, again and again, over and over for the rest of your life: “do” or “don’t”. And my god I hope you do. I hope you seize every moment. I hope you live fiercely and laugh deeply and love wildly because the truth of the matter is whatever comes next, whether its an eternity of nothing or a kingdom up in the sky, graduation is not the few short hours we’re given to celebrate our arrival into adulthood. Graduation takes a lifetime. And what you make of it is entirely and always up to you.
—  Beau Taplin || Graduation. 

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Hey Carmilla...I was wondering if you could give me some advice seeing as you have experience of manipulative family members. My dad is an alcoholic.We had an intervention but I caught him pouring real wine into empty non-alcoholic wine bottles that we got him. I came out as gay to him three months ago. We both know that my mum won't take it well and he promised not to tell her. But now he says if I tell her about him drinking he will tell her I'm gay. What do I do?

You should probably tell your mother now, before your father does, cutie. Keeping secrets is bad for your health. When a loved one isn’t.. in their right mind about something they may lash out and say things they don’t mean, things that they were told in confidence. If you’re worried, just say the words when you know you’ll feel safe. Write a letter maybe, or do it over the phone if you’re worried how she’ll react in person. It’s better coming from you than your father.  Just make sure you’re safe, and have chocolate. Chocolate helps with everything.


12.28.2016 – Bungou Stray Dogs Animate Cafe

THIS CAFE WAS LIT AF. i was having too much fun just fangirling over the servers cosplaying Port Mafia Dazai and Q (they were too cute!!!) and being amazed at how much goods the people around us bought lol

my friend and i got Soukoku’s drink (Chuuya’s tasted like non-alcoholic wine hah and Dazai’s was straight up cola) and we both ordered Odasaku’s rice dish. for dessert we had Q’s sundae which was rather delicious, then I ordered Mori’s drink to finish it off. his drink actually tasted the best???

you can play this game where you go inside another room and try to solve a puzzle? but my Japanese is not good enough so i didn’t even attempt that shit lol 

the Dazai server also hosted a small game in which you hold up 1 of 4 pictures (2 of Port Mafia, Guild, and ADA) and whoever holds up the matching one to whatever Dazai randomly chooses, you receive a special bookmark. turns out Dazai picked the Guild which only like 2 people chose

the coasters we got in total were Ango, Odasaku, Fukuzawa, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Fyodor

I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH HOW CUTE Q AND DAZAI WERE AHH – we took a pic with each of them but don’t wanna upload bc we forgot to ask their permission if it’s ok to post online ;;;

anyway we just walked around ikebukuro after and i did this BSD vending machine that sells themed drinks w/ a charm inside AND GUESS WHO LIL ‘OL ME GOT. that’s right, Kunikida!!! so i was very happy. k bye 

Quite Ready
  • Molly: *lying on a Hospital bed; looking around and tapping her fingers in boredom*
  • Molly: *sees the tray of medical intruments; picks up the forceps, scoffs* Absolutely not.
  • Sherlock: *enters; casually* Morning.
  • Molly: *sits up; alarmed* Morning.
  • Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow at the forceps still in her hand* You're eager.
  • Molly: *replaces the instrument; scowling* What are you doing here?
  • Sherlock: *matter-of-factly* I'm here to see my son.
  • Molly: *frustrated* Oh for God's sake. I'm not having a boy!
  • Sherlock: *fluffs her pillow* You're having a boy.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* What makes you so sure?
  • Sherlock: He's a Holmes.
  • Molly: *scoffs* No, he- it isn't *shakes her head* How did you even find out about today?
  • Sherlock: Your mother. I think she's on my side.
  • Molly: *through gritted teeth* I don't need your help.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Yes, you've said.
  • Molly: *pouts* I can't force you to leave-
  • Sherlock: *sits in the chair beside her* Nope.
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *quietly* Did you get the ice cream?
  • Molly: *softly* Yes...thank you.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* My mother enjoyed it when she was pregnant. With her boys *glances at her*
  • Molly: *shakes her head* You're going to be disappointed. We Hooper ladies have never let men tell us what to do.
  • Sherlock: *smirks; leans forward* Now that's not strictly true, is it?
  • Molly: *frowns* Shut up.
  • Sherlock: *chuckles*
  • ...
  • Sherlock: You never asked me how I felt about it.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *swallows* How do you feel about it?
  • Sonographer: *enters; consulting a clipboard* Right...good morning, Miss Hooper, I'm Doctor Montague. Just relax and get comfortable, we'll have a look at the little one. So *looks up, smiling* how are we feeling today?
  • Sherlock: *stands up* Ready *grasps Molly's hand* quite ready.

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what did you make for your game of thrones feast?

Here are links, with recipes.  I had to make a few substitutions depending what was on sale (raspberries for blackberries, dates for figs/currants/raisins).   HORS D’OEUVRES:SOUP/SALAD:MAIN COURSE:SIDES:DESSERT:LIQUOR: NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:

Total meal served about 20-30 people at about $10-15/person, with leftovers.  I cooked largely by myself over the course of three days.  My sous-chef helped me wash dishes and cut vegetables.

Animate Cafe ~Uta no Prince-sama~ Limited Time Menu - Drink:

  • Otoya - pomegranate soda with red jelly.
  • Masato - Curaçao soda with star-shaped pineapple.
  • Natsuki - lemon soda with orange jelly.
  • Tokiya - açaí soda with blueberries.
  • Ren - orange juice and black tea with an edible rose.
  • Syo - strawberry yogurt drink with raspberries.
  • Cecil - kiwi soda with sliced kiwi.
  • Reiji - lime soda with lime.
  • Ranmaru - Coke with non-alcoholic wine and dark cherries.
  • Ai - grape Calpis (milky Japanese soda) with nata de coco.
  • Camus - grapefruit, Curaçao and blue jelly.