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Semi-rant: I like the direction 40k is taking

So perhaps its because I have only recently gotten into this fandom (about a year ago) but I actually like the fact that Guilliman and Cawl are making reasonable/progressive changes to the Imperium. These changes include:

-Better technology (grav tanks, new power armor, new space ship upgrades, plasma guns that are 100% reliable, better dreadnought armor, better boltguns etc.)

-Better governance (re-formation of Ultramar into the 500 worlds, recreation of the tetrarchy, Guilliman’s efforts to write a treatise on good governorship etc.)

-Alliances/Dialogue with Xenos (Guilliman’s working relationship with the Ynnari, possible non-agression treaty with the Tau)

While a lot of people say that the setting is ruined because of these things, I would say that its actually improved because it adds diversity of thought to the Imperium.

If you want a completely grimdark Imperium that wants nothing more than to kill the xeno, traitor and heretic, who mainly uses older types of weapons and fanatically worships the Emperor as a God; then there’s a large portion of the Imperium holds these beliefs already (probably on the Imperium Nihilus side of the rift).

However, if you want a more reasonable and forward-thinking Imperium where there is an effort made toward techological progress etc. you could look at Ultramar or other places where Guilliman and Cawl have strong influence/rule over.

I don’t really want to sound entitled here but to be honest, I’ve been looking for a faction in the Imperium that thought the way the latter did ever since I got into the setting. Its part of why I became heavily invested in the Ultramarines and their efficiently run star empire of Ultramar. Now I’m finally starting to get something like that and I’m happy with it.

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Question: Should a customer be considered an asshole for constantly insisting that they bring buisness to the store? They did it in a very whiny non agressive way, yet it was so irritating to hear them go on and on about bringing in new customers and spending a lot of money at our store in an obvious attempt to get favors from us.

USEFUL TIPS & GUIDES FOR WRITERS, a masterlist by cyrusassists.

It came to my attention that people really like masterlists around this community, so I threw another one together. It’s not specifically for role-playing, as most of mine are, but everything I linked below was designed to help you with your writing, so you should probably check them out anyway. EDIT !!! Because Tumblr sucks, the masterlist has been moved to Wordpress. See it here:

  • Common mistakes in English writing.
  • The Guide to the Writing Process.
  • Describing a person: Adding Details.
  • Masterlist of choice generators, part one.
  • Masterlist of choice generators, part two.
  • How to end a novel with a punch.
  • The ultimate guide to Grammar and Writing.
  • Getting your writing done on an online program.
  • Useful profile sheet for creating characters!
  • Helpful for when there’s a word on tip of your tongue.
  • Back to Basics: Writing a Novel Synopsis.
  • 25 ways to plot, plan and prep your story.
  • 20 writing tips from fiction authors.
  • Short writing activities for beginners. [ESL learners]
  • How to use an outline to write a first draft.
  • 25 ways to improve your vocabulary.
  • Using people-watching as a learning experience.
  • The DO’s and DON’T’s of adding description.
  • How to make simple writing more vivid.
  • Advice: How to perfect your writing.
  • Template for family tree planning.
  • The Writer’s Mary Sue Test!
  • How to create characters for your story.
  • A beautifully written guide to BODY LANGUAGE: EYES.
  • Plotting your novel, by Lee Masterson.
  • IUP Writing Center: Descriptive Writing.
  • Writing well-rounded characters.
  • Masterlist of guides to help describe someone/something.
  • Masterlist of positive character traits for your characters.
  • Heavenly sounds that help you relax + focus.
  • Grammar & style: ways to tighten up your writing.
  • Different music playlists to inspire you as you write.
  • Survey to help you with fully developing a character.
  • List of alternatives to overstated words.
  • Masterlist of flaws for your characters.
  • Steps to writing more and more.
  • A guide to role-playing/writing relationships.
  • Guide on staying in character.
  • Knowing when to stop: expectations for a satisfying ending.
  • Creating emotional frustration in your characters.
  • Writing out friendships between multiple characters.
  • Writing gender-specific dialogue.
  • Writing for the young adult audience.
  • Write fiction that grabs the readers from day one.
  • Finding solid names for your unique characters.
  • 7 ways to make a good story great.
  • Story Structure: Skipping Time Between Scenes. [x]
  • How NOT to start your story.
  • Masterlist of 140 character guides.
  • Resource blog for writers, #1.
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  • Resource blog for writers, #3.
  • Resource blog for writers, #4.
  • Resource blog for writers, #5.
  • A lot more writing blogs.

This got pretty long, so I’ll insert the rest beneath the cut!

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If we can’t murder… Why is the government allowed to?

If we can’t steal… Why is the government allowed to?

If we can’t pollute… Why is the government allowed to?

If we can’t force somebody to do something against their will… Why are PARENTS allowed to?

Parenting is the first step in building a better society. Talk to your kids. Negotiate. They are humans too.

~Practice peaceful parenting~

—  Spilly

domestic sheith post-voltron:

  • they would totally be into yoga ok like they go to a studio at least once a week and do it together all the time at home. it helps keith deal with his anxiety and for shiro it’s about having positive structure in his life (non agressive active workout!!). also keith with his hair in a bun. shiro holding a perfect forarm stand. they invite lance with them once to the studio and he totally embarrasses them and farts a lot (he’s never invited again). allura and hunk are great yoga pals tho. pidge can’t touch her toes.  
  • sorry that got out of hand (yoga au????)
  • keith HATES grocery shopping like he would (has) live(d) on canned food and ramen his whole damn life but shiro makes them eat pretty healthy and he loves buying fresh food (he’s a whole foods ho)
  • like the people in the grocery store know him everyone has a crush on him
  • “shiro these nachos are really good” “thanks the chips are organic stone ground corn” “cool” (he’s gotta make up for years of consuming space goop ok)
  • keith is the worst cook like he will burn everything including the kitchen. shiro does most of the cooking and he’s good but pretty basic. hunk gladly comes over and cooks elaborate meals for them and they are always so Amazed. 
  • shiro has had enough fighting for two lifetimes so he opens his own yoga studio to focus on a life of peace (it becomes wildly sucessful and he even stars in some yoga exercise films??)
  • “i don’t know why, it just kind of blew up. i’m glad if it’s helping people.” “yeah but shiro could you wear more shirts in the videos…?” (the yoga au is ALIVE)
  • keith would become some kind of intelligence agent (did you guys forget about his Wall of Conspiracy because i did not) shiro always lowkey helps him with his work
  • some days shiro looks down at his artificial right arm, and the reminders of battles lacerated on his skin, and he is reminded of the ugliness of the galra empire. it feels a million miles away but also like he will always carry a piece of it. keith can feel shiro’s moods like his own, and on days when shiro’s self worth is at it’s lowest he kisses every scar on his body until shiro smiles.
  • even after everything nothing can diminish shiro and keith’s  instincts to look up to the galaxies in wonder, and on clear nights they find themselves outside wrapped up in blankets, staring up, hands pressed together
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what is a moon cycle? its called a menstrual cycle.....

oh. someone woke up a bit grumpy… why does such a banal thing matter to you enough to take your precious time that could very well be used to make someone smile to write this to me? in anyways hehehe!!! here is a lil snack for your mind… guess what MENStrual means… monthly… MONthly… a word that comes from… you guessed it. the MOON! a moonth. MOONthly. & our bleeding cycle follows the moon cycle = 28 days. women bleed with the moon. when we are truly in harmony with the earth & not eating so much non-natural food & under artificial lights all the time including television, computer, phone, etc. & our hormones are balanced & we listen to our body. we are deeply connected to the moon. and this is why i, in all my beautiful & glorious freedom, have chosen to call my bleeding cycle a moon cycle instead of a menstrual cycle. it resonates deeper with my heart. & simply because i can :) & that’s that. and i am bleeding now & it’s a time where the fierce jaguar in me comes out and i really have no patience to take these silly messages in a whole majestical patience loving filled way… thankfully the jaguar in this moment is quite sleepy & non caring & passive agressive hehehe. from my heart, i send you love, friend… take a moment to breathe and ask yourself why do these lil things bother you & why you think it’s important that you should tell others what the “correct” thing is… according to your own limited perception. focus on your own journey instead of wasting your beautiful time with these things. you are capable of such amazing things, it’s truly a waste of your beautiful energy & time. bless ~


I did a thing. >:D


Of course he was unclaimed. Who would ever own up to a joke of a son like him. Especially a god.

Hiccup sighed as he unpacked the couple items he had managed to scavenge together before he ran out of his house screaming from a…what was it? A bronze bull of some kind? He couldn’t remember the real name but the thing had been nasty. Really what self-respecting monster sets your butt on fire?

Hiccup sighed again.

“How’re you settling in?” Came a voice from behind him that he instantly recognized.

He turned and found Jackson Overland peering in at him from the door to the Hermes cabin. Jackson, nicknamed ‘Jack Frost’ for his shocking white hair, blue eyes, and icy weapon, had been one of the three half bloods to save Hiccup from his bovine problem. He, along with Jason Grace and Leo Valdez had stormed in-no pun intended-and saved Hiccup from the fire breathing monster like it was normal. Which for them it probably was.

Hiccup had been embarrassingly staring at the striking boy when he had smiled and said, “Your butt’s on fire.”

That little scene had been mortifying enough that Hiccup had pretty much barricaded himself away since then.

Yet now there Jack was, smiling at him with those beautiful pearly whites.

“Uh yeah.” Hiccup said nervously, neuroticly touching the items he’d just set down and rocking on his heels, “Its, uh, cozy.”

“Don’t worry,” Jack’s smile was reassuring, “You’ll get claimed soon enough.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes. Yeah, right. What God wants to say 'oh yes, that there is my talking fishbone, yes.’

Thanks Jack.” He tried for a smile but it came out more like a well meaning wince.

“Any time.” Jack returned the 'smile’ with an actual one, “And Hiccup? Don’t hesitate to come find me if you need anything.”

“Yeah, 'course, will do, roger that.” Stop talking.

Jack shook his head, still smiling that smile that should have landed him in the Hermes cabin before he turned and walked away.


To say that sword play was not Hiccup’s class was so comically understated that it was almost a decent joke. Not only did he manage to nearly decapitate himself but he’d actually broken a celestial bronze sword that had weathered sixty monster battles.

He was just special that way.

“Uh, maybe you should give something else a try.” Percy Jackson smiled, patting Hiccup’s shoulder and nearly toppling him, “Maybe something a little less pointy.”

“Is there such a thing as less pointy in a demigod camp?” Hiccup sighed, sagging under the weight of his armor.

Percy thought for a moment, “Weaving? Or maybe match making.”

Hiccup actually laughed at that, “You seriously think Aphrodite is my mom?”

Percy put his hands up to show non agression, “I have seen so many weirder things. I don’t even have expectations any more.”

Despite the implications, Hiccup found himself smiling. He’d heard so much about Percy and honestly was a bit terrified to actually meet him, but he was so much not what he’d expected. He was almost as much as a goof as Hiccup himself.

Okay maybe that was pushing it, but still.

“I think I’ll try my hand at weaving.”

Weaving which only went slightly better than sword play. While he did manage to make something, he also managed to cocoon his hands. Annabeth Chase had simply laid a hand on his shoulder and gave him an encouraging but dismissive smile.

Okay weaving was not one of his gifts either.

By lunch Hiccup had tried sword play, weaving, match making, archery, gardening, lock picking, and croquet (was there a god for that because if there were he’d likely offended them) with absolutely dismal results with all of them.

He was dejectedly nibbling a turkey leg when Jack wandered over to him.

“Any luck?” He asked, tearing into a bagel.

“No, but I have accidentally entombed a couple people.” He sighed.

“Entombed?” Jack raised dark brows, “With what?”





“Are you the son of the god of parrots?” Hiccup accidently snapped, “Yes. I may have weaved a couple people onto woolen prisons okay.”

Jack laughed and laughed hard. He probably didn’t mean to but he just as likely couldn’t help it. The phrase 'woolen prisons’ would have done that to even the most serious of people.

“Oh gods, I’m sorry, but that’s rich.” He breathed out and little snow flakes glittered out of his mouth, “And for future reference my mother is the godess of snow.”

That made sense.

“That’s cool. Er, no pun intended.”

Jack actually snorted, shaking his head, “You’re certainly interesting Haddock.”

At that a blush warmed his freckled cheeks. Hiccup wasn’t remotely used to compliments. He was used to screwing up and having people stare at him sideways. He was used to being called cruel names, not 'interesting’. He didn’t really know how to react.

So naturally his reply came out something like, 'I.. you thank…nice…highly high…weirdness concentrate…’ Mixed with bits of Norwegian until he forced himself to shut up.

But Jack didn’t look the least bit off put. No, if anything he looked even happier. When he opened his mouth Norwegian flowed out of it like run off from a glacier.

“You speak Norwegian?” Hiccup asked, spring green eyes widening.

Jack nodded, “Spent a while there while I was young. Well younger. I picked up the language but I’ve never had reason to use it.” He grinned that mischievous little smirk, “Funny how the world works out, eh?”

Hiccup nodded slowly, still effectively hypnotized by this beautiful boy speaking his native tongue.

Maybe there was a silver lining to this whole demigod thing.


Hiccup passed the next couple days in a perpetual state of trying not to get himself killed or maimed. He sucked at almost any physical task, being far too small and thin to manage much of anything. And for some reason the Ares cabin had it out for him. Maybe because he was small and easy to pick off.

However when he wasn’t trying not to impale himself on some manor of sharp thing, he spent most of his free time with Jack.

He found that the ice demigod had little trouble moving through social circles, seeming to trail a fun times with him wherever he went. Even Nico di Angelo didn’t seem to mind him when he kept his hands to himself.

Hiccup was sure he knew why Jack was so easy to like. Not because he was funny or goofy which he definitely was, but because he was so genuine with everything he did. His big, bright blue eyes were almost childishly transparent and every thought he was played out in them. It was easy to trust someone when you could see their intentions so easily.

Hiccup himself found that he had an easier time talking to Jack than even his cheerful partner in crime, Leo Valdez. The two demigods had made it their mission to spread laughter to every corner of camp whenever they had the chance. They played off each other well, but where Jack was open and genuine, Leo seemed to be hiding something even if Hiccup couldn’t exactly tell what it was.

Mostly it didn’t matter. Hiccup was too busy surviving to analyze the humor which was keeping him from going insane.

“Soooo, Nordic Noodle The Second, what’s on the docket today?” Leo grinned, looking up from the little project he was fiddling with.

Hiccup didn’t protest the nickname. Unlike the dozens he’d earned himself before, this one was good-natured and affectionate so he didn’t mind it. Much.

“I was going to explore camp a bit more. Maybe see if I could find something that appeals to me.” He watched Leo’s hands carefully, running up specs in the back of his mind. With the dimensions of the project it was either going to be a toy car or a miniaturized crossbow. But it was hard to tell with Leo.

“You sure you wanna do that Hic?” Jack asked, flopping down by his feet, “There’s a lot of ways to get yourself killed around here.”

“Thanks for the faith Jack.” Hiccup said dryly.

“Just saying.” The snowy haired teen shrugged. “Be careful Hiccy.”

Hiccup shuddered, “No, don’t call me that. That sounds pet-namey.”

“Pet-namey? Is that even a thing?” Leo chuckled.

“What’s wrong with a pet name?” Jack asked, rolling onto his back playfully, like a kitten.

“Its…” Hiccup could feel his face starting to flush and actively failed to do anything about it, “It seems kinda…”

“Super homo?” Leo arched an eyebrow.

“I was going to say personal.” Hiccup spluttered, now hopelessly lost to blushing.

Leo and Jack were both inches from laughter when they glanced at each other. There was something in that look, something that only two people who had schemed side by side for a long time could have understood.

“Nah, its super homo.” Leo grinned.

“Very homo in fact.” Jack agreed, “I mean you are pretty cu-”

Hiccup was out the door in one smooth movement. It made sense that the only time he was graceful was running away.

Hiccup moved without much of a goal in mind. Just the need to not be near Jack and Leo. He knew they were only teasing but apparently his hormones didn’t. Those shocking ice blue eyes made playfulness look akin to flirting and Hiccup was not well versed in controlling himself under those circumstances.

The little Norwegian was so wrapped up in trying to calm himself he had no idea where he’d wandered to. He might’ve kept wandering had he not run directly into something solid and…scalely?

Oh no.

Hiccup back pedaled quickly, crab walk style. His breath hitched into stillness as he glanced up at the thing he’d just run into.

Oh no.

As a boy Hiccup had heard stories of dragons that used to plague his homeland. They came in all shapes and sizes and had a large variety of abilities, destructive abilities. This scalely mass he’d just run into looked eerily similar to the deadliest dragon of them all the one they called…

“Night Fury.” He whispered.

T’es à l’intérieur de moi t’vois? T’as creuser ton trou pendant des années, c’était ta manière à toi d’laisser ta trace pour qu’on ne t’oublie pas, j’crois. Tes l’genre de personne sans date d’expiration, le genre qui existera toujours mais qui ne pourirra jamais. Triste sort. Je tenais à toi comme la prunelle de mon pieu. J’entend encore ses voix t’sais, qui m’disent “elle peut s’estimer h(p)eureuse.” Une phrase. Deux sens. Et pourtant un seul qui s’accorde à moi. Non, j’chiale pas et non, j’ai pas de poussière coincée dans l’oeil. C’est juste l’énervement qui m’monte et la douleur qui m’fait honte. Regarde-moi pas putain, baisse les yeux. Comment t’peux osé m’ignorer tout en m’regardant en face hein? Alors c’est ça ? On commence par être des inconnus, pour être des amis, un couple, puis à nouveau des étrangers? C’est dommage, chaque fois qu’il t’arrive quelque chose de bien dans ta vie, tu t’sens obligé de tout foiré. Non j’suis pas agressive, j’suis très calme. Pourquoi tu m’hantes ? Pourquoi tu me tentes ? Tire-toi de ma tête, aller soit pas bête. Tu vois comme la solitude te bouffe ? J’te r’connais même plus. Tu veux que je te dise un truc ? Bien, les gens comme moi se foutent d’être tué car ils sont déjà morts à l’intérieur d’eux-même. Non, ne me r’gard pas comme ça, c’la vérité. T’sais, chaque fois qu’on me parle de “l’amour” je peux pas m’empêcher de soupirer. Il est presque 6:00, j’suis confuse, j’crois que c’est la fatigue. J’ai b’soin d’une vodka. Non, j’dors pas, pourquoi tu veux que je dorme ? J’sais plus c’que c’est moi, dormir. Arrête, me touche pas. Regrette-moi. Ouais, c’est bête qu’on en soit là maintenant, c’est toujours après qu’arrive les “mais comment on a pu en arriver là ?” J’suis pathé.. poétique à parler d’toi. Attend, répète. “Pourquoi j’ai tant de haine ?” Et toi, pourquoi tu bégaye ? Pourquoi t’es parti ? Ne dis rien. Je sais ce que tu vas dire, je sais ce que tu vas fuir. Regarde l’arbre. Regarde-le, j’te dis. T’vois nos initiales gravées sur cette arbre, sa r’presente quoi maintenant ? Tu crains l’avenir et la vie t’fait peur alors tu perds tes couilles, quant à l’amour, tu l’douille. Mais t’sais bien qu’on sera toujours liés, que même quand j’te vois, mon cœur s’met à r’démarrer. Arrête c’regard méprisant, j’sais bien que c’est pas toi. J’suis fatiguée de t’aimer seule, ton visage assombri m’fait bien voir que t’as peur. Ne me repousse pas. J’en ai plus qu’assez. Serre-moi et étouffe-moi dans tes bras.

Human rights.

It’s not a politicians job or a governments job to “give you rights” or even to “protect” your rights. It was never theirs to give you in the first place. You as a inherently free conscious human being have always had rights and the right to protect them, and there are people conspiring to keep those away from you as you read this. Don’t rely on greedy old men to make you free. Live like you are free. Let no one hold you back. Your liberty is in your own hands.

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Can you explain the idea behind Stefan Molyneux' "universally preferable behaviour"? I will read the pdf later, it just seems to be very complex and I wonder whether I need any other previous knowledge besides the NAP and self-ownership?

It is actually quite simple and easy to understand.  I’m not exactly sure why some people here are having problems.  I think they just disagree with some of Stefan’s other views and think they then have to disagree with him on everything.

UPB just says that actions are only moral if both parties consent to the act.  So if we want to have sex, and we both agree to it, it is a moral act.  But if I want to rape you, and you don’t consent to it, it is an immoral act.  Regardless of whether you resist or are powerless to stop me. 

His book takes that idea and proves it step by step. 

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i have a guy friend who's really into hiking and stuff and he also thinks that females are naturally less aggressive and dangerous than males and a couple of days ago he nearly got mauled by a deer because he got in between her and her child and i think maybe i should feel bad because he's in a lot of pain but somehow i don't it's actually pretty fucking hilarious lmao females are the most badass creatures of this earth tbh

The only reason why human females A.K.A. women are non-agressive is because we were socialized to be helpless and passive. Every other female mammal will rip off your face if you push her far enough. Specially if you mess with their younglings.

And in non-mammals, females are usually bigger and stronger than males. This can be seen very often in reptiles and amphibians, and it’s very dramatically seen in arthropodes.

Your friend sucks at biology. Maybe he can use his time recovering from his doe-mauling to study a little bit about zoology and stop projecting human biases on animals.

J'en ai chié pour vous : La prochaine, c'est ta soeur.

“Il a violé personne le gars”
“La violence du billet…”
“J'suis féministe et pourtant, je trouve pas qu'il faille en faire un fromage”
“Je trouve que c'est hyper facile de l'insulter le gars, alors que même si c'est nul, c'est pas non plus une agression…”
“Il a dérapé sur un sketch, ça va le lynchage….”
“Le descendre comme ça, c'est puéril…”
“Féministe de merde.”
“On ne parle que de ça en ce moment, écrire sur ce qu'il a fait ou l'insulter ne fait qu'en remettre une couche”

Petit mix au “mot pour mot” de ce qui tombe sur twit’, facebook ou autres réseaux sociaux.
Alors certes, ça représente en gros 10% de tous les retours que j'ai pu avoir, et ça se noie dans la masse de messages gentils et de repostages.
Pourtant, c'est marrant, c'est là dessus que je vais appuyer mon gros doigt gras. By the way, la plupart de ces phrases ont été exprimées par des femmes.

Il se passe quelque chose, en moi, dans ma tête. Il y a tant à dire. Tant à hurler.
Je me vois avancer, je vois mes amies avancer et je vois le monde autour faire du sur place.
Je me sens de plus en plus opprimée.
Je me sens de plus en plus insultée, dans la rue, dans les magasins, dans le regard de certains.
Je me sens de plus en plus concernée par cette révolte qui grandit. Je me revois écrire il y a quelques mois un pamphlet anti féminisme qui aujourd'hui me met de plus en plus mal à l'aise.
Et je regarde avec angoisse mes congénères féminines ne pas avoir cette même réflexion.

Au sujet de monsieur Gaillard (qui persiste et signe avec une ancienne vidéo, dans laquelle cette fois il y a CONTACT avec des inconnues)… :

“Il a violé personne le gars” : Non, mais il laisse passer l'idée qu'il est normal de sexualiser des inconnues dans la rue, le tout pour faire rire la plèbe. Il passe le message que les femmes peuvent être utilisées comme bon lui semble tant que c'est pour rire. Je ne suis pas d'accord.

“La violence du billet…” : Oui. Parce que c'est violent. Parce que la violence faite aux femmes est permanente et pesante. Parce qu'il est temps de remettre les pendules à l'heure et que l'heure des gentillesses est terminée.

“J'suis féministe et pourtant, je trouve pas qu'il faille en faire un fromage” : Alors tu n'as pas compris. Je ne cherche pas à t'éduquer, je te montre qu'ici, il se passe quelque chose de contraire à la liberté et l'indépendance qui nous manque si cruellement.

“Je trouve que c'est hyper facile de l'insulter le gars, alors que même si c'est nul, c'est pas non plus une agression…” : C'est une agression, selon Maitre Eolas, c'est qualifiable de harcèlement sexuel. Il te faut un contact, un coup, des contusions… pour prouver le caractère malsain de la sexualisation et de l'utilisation d'inconnues sous couvert d'humour ?

“Il a dérapé sur un sketch, ça va le lynchage….” : Un c'est trop. Si on ne dit rien, si on laisse passer, dans le prochain, il bifle ta petite sœur.

“Le descendre comme ça, c'est puéril…” : et mimer du sexe sur des nanas à quarante ans, c'est quoi ? C'ui qui dit qui est, certes, mais j'ai l'impression de dénoncer un fait de société, au delà du quadra qui s'est perdu dans ses blagues foireuses.

“Féministe de merde.” : même pas. Je me suis longtemps persuadée de ne pas l'être. De trouver ça vague et agressif que d'être féministe. Aujourd'hui je comprends l'enjeu et la différence qu'il existe entre chaque féminisme. Ce n'est pas le sujet de ce billet. A la base.

“On ne parle que de ça en ce moment, écrire sur ce qu'il a fait ou l'insulter ne fait qu'en remettre une couche” : PARCE QUE SI ON N'EN PARLE PAS, PERSONNE NE SAURA. Personne ne comprendra. Rien ne bougera. IL FAUT PARLER. DÉNONCER. FAIRE ENTENDRE NOS VOIX.

Encore du dégoût, toujours de la peur, encore cette sensation de pisser dans le vent.
Je vous laisse, si vous n’êtes pas déjà au courant, lire le récit de Jack Parker…:

Pour rappel : Fin 2012, un homme tente de la violer dans une rue, elle s’en sort grâce à son putain de sang froid et ses réflexes d’auto-défense.
Cette autre semaine donc, un type se baisse dans les métro pour lui introduire ses doigts sous la jupe, ce à quoi elle répond par des patates dans la gueule.

Le 5 février, la photographe et amie Chloé Vollmer-Lo est agressée en pleine rue par un type qui, lui lançant une planche au travers de la gueule, à la délicatesse de lui dire : “J’ai pas peur d’aller en prison pour une pute comme toi”.

Tu ne vois pas le lien ? Femme objectifiée, femme utilisée. Autorité naturelle d'un homme sur une femme, juste pour rire.

Je ne connais pas Jack Parker. Je connais Chloé. Et je suis tellement en colère. Pour toutes les deux. Pour toutes les femmes. Contre lui et contre d'autres. Contre vous aussi, femmes indifférentes, vous mesdames, capables d'insinuer l'idée que tout ça ne sont que des cas isolés.

SI ELLES N'AVAIENT PAS PARLE ? Si rien n'avait été dit comme depuis dix ans où les récits d'agressions tombent au goutte à goutte ?
Le climat est à la révolte, non à l'indifférence.
Et si pour se faire entendre, il faut taper sur les doigts d'un vaniteux sans talent qui s'approche de près ou de loin des femmes, alors je veux bien sortir la baguette et taper fort.

IL EST TEMPS DE PARLER. Et je te dis que cette vidéo est une erreur qui cache quelque chose de sale et de permanent.

Monsieur Gaillard, vos fans et ces gens qui ont la certitude que tout ça n'est qu’anecdotique avez gagné le jackpot. Je sens déjà la perte de “followers”, la déception et l'énervement de certains. Tant pis, le jeu en vaut la chandelle.
J'empoigne le flambeau, je rentre dans la bataille au nom de toutes et je persiste et signe, vous avez démontré de la plus belle des façons être bien en dessous de n'importe qui.

hooOOOly shit so again, theres like

2 people on first shift that are kindergartners poopy pants

so this one girl, who, plays her ugly music rEALLY loudly out loud is like a station away from me, and, HEY. youre actually supposed to be using headphones!! WOW!! so i mentioned it to our manager because agian, she plays it everyday and i just cant focus at all when its playing, and he got her to stop playing it, but like 5 minutes later started playing it again

SO i again, and i cannot stress how much i make sure to be as fair, polite, and NON PASSIVE AGRESSIVE AT ALL, in how i talk to someone like this because i know they will go off on aynthing

i just asked her if she had headphones and she went off on me about i do not get to ask about her business and all this so i again, rebuttled with “jared (our manager) said we had to listen to music through headphones” and she again slammed at me about the whole that is none of your business and how dare yous and so i said id get the manager and she told me to get your boss. like WONDERFUL i can already tell how you view your place in this warehouse. so you know i did. and then she muttered to him constnantly about how i was some shebat demon, and it was just

i mean

is it so much


 to ask for someone to listen to their music through headphones

because you blare autotuned bs crap out loud and hey even when i listen to music i can still hear it so you know

maybe just

be polite

A PSA to the ToG fandom. Again.

As you all surely know by now, SJM is hosting a tumblr q&a this Tuesday. And seeing as the turmoil in this fandom is currently at it’s peak, I would like to remind you all one thing, should you choose to participate in the q&a:

Be. Civil.

Make your answers short, make them polite, or at the very least non-agressive. And above all, make it answerable. No author is going to answer a rant or a bashing, publicly or privately. If she opens her ask box and sees hate, she is not going to bother with you.

So please. This is supposed to be fun, informative, and may actually help this situation. Please don’t turn this into a public stoning. 

I’m sorry, but when I have anons telling me to go kill myself, a line has been crossed. I have only projected a message of non-agression and compassion. When people are threatening me because I refuse to accept hate, then there is definitely something wrong. I refuses to accept hate of any kind, period.