Another TRUTH ABUSE is his “Black & White thinking”.  

There is an assumption implied that there is only one choice B&W.  Madonna or Whore. Only one winner at a time.  This is a competition.

Not wanting to be controlled isn’t even related to all those virtues he’s validating as important and moral. 

Don’t validate his B&W thinking.  

Attack him at there are hundreds of possibilities for solutions, and hundreds of possibilities where everyone wins.  Refuse the competition argument.

Don’t tell me that not everybody is beautiful when anyone has the ability to be. You are more than the way you represent yourself on the outside, you are beautiful in the things that you do, words that you speak and the intentions that you bleed. Beautiful is a word I would use to describe the flowers growing in your heart that you would rip out to give to someone else to see their smile, which you would then call beautiful.
—  NO MORE / T.P.R

#NOMORE “Oh, boys will be boys,”
#NOMORE “What was she wearing,”
#NOMORE “Was she drunk?" 
#NOMORE "Boys can’t be raped.”
#NOMORE “She shouldn’t have been alone ," 
#NOMORE "But they’re married…”
#NOMORE “Why didn’t he say something?" 
#NOMORE "We don’t talk about that," 
#NOMORE "She seems fine," 
#NOMORE "But he’s a good kid, he wouldn’t…”
#NOMORE “It only happens to women," 
#NOMORE "She’s too smart for that," 
#NOMORE "Why didn’t he leave him?”
#NOMORE “It was years ago. She should be over it,”
#NOMORE “It’s none of my business," 
#NOMORE "She owed me,”
#NOMORE “She was asking for it," 
#NOMORE Excuses.
#NOMORE Silence.
#NOMORE Ignorance.
#NOMORE Domestic Violence.


Just read how she commented 

          “Rather then distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show. Thank you to the fans.

I would not even comment on all the other actors. And also all the other people out there sending hate to those people/characters that are still (maybe) in a Castle s9 should. it is not their fault, but ABC decision-ers’.

Only concentrate on Stana classy answer to all that uncommenatble sexist behavoiur of ABC managers. She only concentrates on what good they have brought her, on how much she could do.

And it is this I am trying to do. Instead of commenting on the shameful, disrespectful, sexist, despicable, ABC Network behaviour, I will thank Stana Katic for everything she brought in it.

So THANK YOU Stana for everything that was Kate Beckett, THANK YOU for all your insights, your studies, your thoughts into the character, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING YOURSELF INTO IT. You brought life into the show, and even if all the other actors are good people and talented, it was you (at least for me) who brought that special spark that led me to it. THANK YOU FOR BEING KATE BECKETT. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST SHIPPER QUEEN, THANK YOU FOR CASKETT, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

I hope, and I am sure, you have so much in your future, I wish you all the best movies, and trips, and adventures all over the world, I wish you all the best because you are such a talented actress and rare person you deserve so much more than what ABC has given you. Thank you for being one of the best female characters ever, and not being even recognized for that.

Thank you for accepring Kate Beckett because you entered my life, making it better. You certainly deserves better, and wherever your future choices will be you will find me, and many other people with you.

Thank you for everything, your future will be brightest as ever.
You deserve so much better, you will get the best.
All my support to you.