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What about you your a very talented artist,you deserve some credit too

I do get credit. If Dan and Swampy didn’t think I was talented, I wouldn’t have done some credit art, nevermind storyboarding on Milo. But I don’t need an award for that. Kyle has been storyboarding for 20 years more than I have, so if anyone deserves a nomination and a shot at an award, he does, not me. Kyle is insanely talented and a fast worker. And I’m sure everyone here knows how talented Dan is, so there’s no question as to why he got nominated. Everyone on Milo has been working in the industry. This was my first job not as a freelance animator or illustrator. Every artist and writer on Milo are talented. But not everyone is going to get an award for that.

Also I didn’t work on the pilot. I only did the credit art. So it would be sort of unfair if I got an award for something I didn’t do. XP

Tom Hardy to host CBeebies Bedtime Story on New Year’s Eve

TOM Hardy is to present CBeebies on New Year’s Eve.

The Oscar-nominated actor and his dog Woodstock will host CBeebies Bedtime Story to children across the country on December 31.

He will be telling the tale You Must Bring a Hat, by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley.

In a promotional picture for the event, Tom is seen ina  plaid shirt reclining on a multi-coloured sofa.

He is also hugging a teddy bear and under a purple blanket. (x)

More photos here

hey guys!! so christmas is coming!! and my blog is turning 1 pretty soon ++ im also about to hit 15k so to celebrate all of that, i’ve decided to do a favourites/awards thing! i’ve never done these before so im really excited :’)


  • you dont have to follow me (it would be appreciated though! since favs and all haha)
  • check out my studygram or my personal insta or even my main blog for extra kudos/points :’)
  • at least 80% studyblr ok!!
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  • if ur following from ur main, put it in the tags!
  • 1 winner and 2 runner ups for each award and 1 winner for the bonus categories 
  • u can nominate urself for up to 2 bonus categories by putting it in the tags!
  • * = put the tags for ur pages in the tags // ** = submit a screenshot of ur follower count to me! 
  • ends 1st jan 2017! (must have at least 50 notes or this never happened)


  • christmas tree award - fav url 
  • fairy lights award - fav blog theme
  • santa claus award - fav original creations*
  • snowflake award - fav posts
  • snowangel award - fav small studyblr (below 1k!)**
  • santa’s little helper award - fav tips/advice posts*
  • mistletoe award - personal favourites! (1-3 winners) 

bonus categories!!

some extra categories to spice things up! 

  • the nutcracker - friendliest blogger!
  • swan lake - fav bullet journal spreads
  • jingle bells - fav notes
  • santa baby - fav masterposts
  • deck the halls - fav ‘in-action’- posts (basically anything that shows u in the process of studying
  • ode to joy - fav ‘life -updates’ posts 


  • winners: 3 screenshot promos, 4 normal promos, a spot on my favourites page (that will come up later rip…), 5 ‘instant’ reblogs (ie. send me the link and i’ll reblog immediately), a follow from me if not already, AND my ETERNAL friendship and adoration :’)
  • runner ups: 1 screenshot promo, 3 normal promos, a spot on my favourites page, 2 ‘instant’ reblogs, a follow from me, ++ friendship whoo!! 

merry christmas and happy holidays everyone! really hope yall will join this ++ keep in mind its my favs!! even if u dont win its okay!! ((also dont follow to unfollow yeah)) good luck and stay productive! sending me asks about anything will give u an advantage bc im starved for affection tbh


As you already probably know, NCT 127 has been nominated in Rookie category for the Golden Disk Awards.

We won the Best New Male Artist award at MAMA with no difficulty but things are very different here.

As you can see, as loyal NCT stans need to do our best and VOTE because we NEED to increase their percentage drastically in order to get this award!

They are on 6th place at the moment.


Vote as much as you can without sacrificing your health or sleep or any important tasks, please vote.

The voting period ends at Jan.12.2017 12 am (Korea Time) which leaves us with plenty of time to catch up so let’s not lose hope!

Here is how you can vote:

1. Download the app here in your phone.

2. If you can purchase points then you could do so. But if you cannot, you can play games, stream videos, or take surveys.

3. You can earn 50-300 points. Casting per vote requires 200 points. You can vote 15 times a day.
Grammys 2017: Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” Rejected by Country Committee

Beyoncé picked up nine Grammy nominations in various categories, and with nominations in Pop, Rap/Sung, Rock, and Urban Contemporary categories, she became the first artist to be nominated in four different genre categories in the same year. 

However, she was also looking to pick up a country nomination. Although she submitted “Daddy Lessons” for consideration, the Recording Academy’s country music committee rejected the song, the Associated Press reports.