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Bigbang won nothing tonight legends my ass they should move over

BIGBANG wasn’t even fucking nominated tonight cause they haven’t released anything this year why would they win????

Move over?!!! When your fav group’s earnings are recognized by Forbes’, members are becoming Chanel ambassadors, curating record breaking art for Sotheby’s, are heading on a solo dome tour in Japan, are making massive bank via foreign investments and successful running of businesses, have individual Daesangs from MAMA, are legends for 10 years, and release music that breaks records and rules Melon and other charts call me okay?



Marvel movies have notched up 13 nominations at this years Critics Choice Awards - 9 for the MCU and 4 for FOX. ‘Doctor Strange’ leads the pack with 6 nominations including Best Visual Effects, Best Action Movie, Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Best Actress for Tilda Swinton. ‘Civil War’ managed 3 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Action Actor for Christ Evans, and Best Action Actress for Scarlett Johansson. Finally, ‘Deadpool’ managed 4 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Comedy, and Best Comedy Actor for Ryan Reynolds!

BTS reaction when your idol group wins ‘Best Female Group’

Scenario: You are part of a girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and you have been nominated for several different awards at the MAMA awards 2016. The host announces your group as the winner of ‘Best Female Group’. (No disrespect to Twice or anything, well done to them!)

Rap Monster (Namjoon): 

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He’d be so proud of you. Holding back his tears, he’d applaud, a smile forming on his face, dimples and all. He’d know how hard you worked, how many hours you put into tirelessly practising over and over, until you came home an exhausted mess, retreating to bed almost immediately. He’d attempt to hold back his emotions, but a tear or two would roll down his face as he felt such immense pride for you and your group.

Jin (Seokjin):

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Jin would immediately stand up, his mouth stretching into a huge smile as he continued to applaud for you and your group. He’d want to climb up onto that stage there and then and pull you into a huge bear hug, but he’d restrain himself and instead stare up at you on the stage, his heart swelling with pride.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Suga wouldn’t show as much emotion on the outside, instead simply clapping and smiling his gummy smile, but don’t be fooled, on the inside, he’d feel so damn ecstatic and proud for you and your group. “That’s my jagiya,” he’d think to himself, his heart swelling with happiness and pride for you. Although Suga wouldn’t usually be one for public shows of affection, as soon as you walked down those steps and walked past, he’d pull you into a hug, not caring who saw. “I’m so proud of you, baby,” he’d whisper into your ear.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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This cutie would jump up straight away in disbelief (see GIF cx). He would cheer so loudly for you as you walked up onto the stage, waving his arms around, attempting to get your attention. He’d nudge the other members, saying, “That’s my baby! They won!”. He’d continue to stand throughout your whole speech, clapping and applauding throughout the whole thing.


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This adorable ball of fluff would look up in disbelief when your group was announced as the winners. “Did they just say (Y/G/N)?” 

When he realises that you have in fact won, his face would light up, and he’d smile his adorable eye smile as he cheered on for your group.

“Ah… my jagiya is so talented.” He’d murmur under his breath as he watched you with pride and happiness.

V (Taehyung):

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Ah, this cutie would be so hyper when he heard you won. His mouth forming into that box smile of his, clapping rapidly, and cheering you on as you climbed up the steps onto the stage. He’d press his hands to his cheeks in sheer disbelief and pride throughout your whole speech, simply staring up at you, his heart fluttering.


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Jungkook probably wouldn’t be surprised, knowing how talented and hard working you and your group are. He’d simply applaud with that cocky smile on his face, nudging the other members saying, “I knew they’d win. I knew it.” On the inside though, he’d probably be freaking out, feeling so amazed, feeling inspired by you to work even harder on his own performances.

Ozy’s review of Half the Sky linked to a bunch of GiveWell analyses of microfinance, all of which are GiveWell at their best: grounded, clear, polite, and making it abundantly obvious (this is my interpretation, not theirs) that this is a terrible way to help poor people and it’s really upsetting how popular it is!!! A representative bit:

We recently evaluated a microfinance institution (MFI) in Malawi, the Microloan Foundation, as part of our process for distributing a grant to an economic empowerment charity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its stated interest rate for its most popular loan type is 20%, but:

  • 20% is the rate over the course of the 4-month loan. The “nominal Annual Percentage Rate (APR)” (a common way of stating interest rates in standardized terms and the rate which U.S. lenders are required to provide to borrowers) of this loan, with no other costs, would therefore be 60%.
  • Interest is calculated as a flat rate. 20% of the whole loan amount is charged each payment, instead of 20% of the remaining loan balance. This method raises the nominal APR from 60% to 93%. On a $100 loan of this type, a borrower would pay $20 in interest compared with only $12.80 on a loan with declining balance interest.
  • Payments are due every two weeks, instead of every month, so that the first payment is due only two weeks after the loan is made. Requiring 8 payments instead of 4 raises the nominal APR from 93% to 102%.
  • The Microloan Foundation requires borrowers to hold 20% of the loan amount in a savings account which cannot be accessed until the loan is repaid. On a loan of $100, this requirement reduces the effective size of the loan to $80, while decreasing the effective size of the last payment due by $20 (because savings are then accessible). The savings requirement raises the APR from 102% to 149%.
  • Arguably, the APR used above (i.e. the “nominal APR”) understates the interest rate people are paying because it does not take into account the compound value of interest. (Wikipedia’s entry on APR has a discussion of the relevant issues.) At relatively low interest rates, such as the interest rates we’re used to in the U.S., the “nominal APR” (what is usually reported) and the “effective APR” (the “mathematically true” interest rate) are usually very close to each other – but at the much higher interest rates charged by microfinance institutions, the “effective APR” can be considerably higher, raising the question of which one should be quoted to give Americans the best picture of what people are being charged. The Microloan Foundation’s nominal APR of 149% is equivalent to an effective APR of 326%.”

Now, obviously, giving poor people loans with high interest rates is not inherently evil; if people previously had no access to credit, calling someone evil for offering them shitty access to credit just means they will continue having no access to credit. I am not a fan of taking choices from poor people for their own good.

But saying a loan has an interest rate of 20% when it has an effective interest rate of 326% is just defrauding people. C’mon. Direct cash transfers are way way better than loans as a path to economic empowerment.


The Fandom Awards 2016 Nominations so far!

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