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I don’t know anything about going to the Grammys! I kind of assume we’ll go as a band and just hang out and see if we can find a drink from somewhere, not to sound like too much of an alcoholic. We’re not really used to things like this. We went to the AMAs recently, but we’ve only been to a couple (other) awards shows. It’s still new territory and we always feel slightly out of place, so it’s always fun just to watch the spectacle, try and have a good night, and see some amazing people play live.
—  Dan Smith (USA Today)
The Following Accounts are on the Ballot or Nominated for the 2015 Acnl Awards!

Below is a list of all of the people who are officially on the ballot or nominated and what category they are in. If you don’t see someone here who you’d like to win, be sure to nominate!

Accounts that have a ★ next to the name are on the ballot. Accounts with nothing next to their name are only nominated. Accounts with nothing need a second nomination to be officially on the ballot. 

Also, categories with a ✔ next to them means that there are three or more accounts on the ballot and the category is ready for voting. (Once a category is ready for voting, you can still submit nominations for that category, but once there are 7 people on the ballot nominations are CLOSED for that category.)

Best Qr Code Account: ✔

  1. bramblescrossing ★
  2. crossingcreep ★
  3. mayorofmoonlily ★
  4. mzbecksboo
  5. @ablesisterscloset

Best Adoption Account:

  1. mallowcycling ★
  2. villagertrade
  3. townofdisney
  4. lazysummerdaisy

Funniest Acnl Blogger:

  1. komorebitown ★
  2. pitfallseeds-and-weeds

Best Acnl Username:

  1. seabassbitch ★
  2. getbellsgetbitches
  3. gratuitousdogboobies

Kindest Acnl Blogger: ✔

  1. shiity-mayor ★
  2. xxtulipcrossingxx ★
  3. complimentcrossers ★
  4. unablesisters ★
  5. navicrossing ★
  6. marina-village ★
  7. dimplecrossing
  8. barredknifejaw
  9. lazysummerdaisy
  10. mayor-kyoto
  11. peppy-bunny
  12. royalfairytale-crossing
  13. bentocrossing

Best Acnl Town: ✔

  1. stumpbuddies ★
  2. jinglefruit ★
  3. cheriafalls ★
  4. fateside 
  5. creepymayor
  6. @megashiny-diancie
  7. faerie-crossing
  8. mayordinx

Best Overall Acnl Blogger:

  1. unablesisters ★
  2. acnlconfessions

Best Acnl Artist:

  1. amaranthcrossing ★
  2. gameoveracnl
  3. lollibeepop

Bloggers Who Need More Recognition: ✔

  1. animal-fucking-crossing ★
  2. harvestmayor ★
  3. wisteria-trellis ★
  4. xxtulipcrossingxx
  5. mayor-of-fandoms


And that’s everyone! Remember if you aren’t seeing someone here who you think deserves an award, please feel free to nominate them! Nominating can be done via my ask box or submission page. c: