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What about some Randicon headcanons?


- Nomi often has a lot of nightmares, but doesn’t like to wake up randy so often. So he normally sits downstairs or in the kitchen while trying to get the dream off his mind.

one night Randy finds him and just ahhh.

- Nomi borrows Randy’s clothes. like, all the time.

- Randy gets really annoyed when Nomi becomes so secretive and never shares anything about himself. Since randy is such an open person and pretty much shares everything about himself.

- Randy always makes hot chocolate to cheer nomi up.

- Their first kiss was accidental. During training Nomi tripped and well you know the rest.

- (not sure if these are really head canons or not but…) Nomi usually doesn’t get involved when Randy is fighting as the ninja, only when he really needs help. But at some point Nomi needs to be rescued by the dashing ninja and he is swept off his feet.

i gotta draw this sometime.

- Whenever Nomi gets sick he will deny that he is no matter how bad. “Ninjas don’t get sick!” is his only exscuse. Randy finds it hard to work with him when he is sick. As he is very stubborn.

- Randy always gets Nomi to sing for him, any chance he can. Nomi normally sings the lullaby his mother would sing to him.

- Well the thing i love about this ship is that either of them can be bottom or top, bless.

- Nomi would somehow get seriously injured and actually had a chance of dying. but dang magic book and all. and randy would practically sob into his back as he wouldn’t let go. i actually drew this, go me.

- Randy talks in his sleep, so he’ll say stuff he could never say to nomi’s face. And Nomi finds it cute.

- Randy also grabs and hugs stuff in his sleep, including Nomi.

- Some nights Nomi doesn’t even sleep. He’ll just lay in bed and brush at Randys hair while just talking to him as he falls asleep.

- Howards words always hit Nomi deep. Like maybe one time Howard really got at nomi and told him he was afraid that Nomi wouldn’t be able to protect randy. So that often scares nomi.


i didn’t even know what i was doing og my gosh i’m sorry.