nome king


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Ascend the throne! Friendship? Or Power?


Houou Academy High School

Shishidou High School

Legendary Gangster - Nishiyama Takanori (Nishikawa Takanori)
JOKER - Kamimori Ryunosuke (Kamiki Ryunosuke)

Introduction Story

-8PM. Shibuya ward, Westside.

Houou Academy High School’s intelligent-type delinquent group, called “Seventh Heaven”, and Shishidou High School’s violent-type delinquent group, called “Route Seven” are always in conflict for Westside’s throne. These boys never stop arguing, but by no means, are they are harmful existence.

The reason is because they were born and raised in Shibuya, and love it more than anyone else. In this town, many of the young residents take spiteful actions, so they won’t show mercy on those who lack manners and morals. They’re the ones who even properly separate the garbage from ordering fast food.

In reality, these two powers have an extremely strong influence of power and it’s no exaggeration to say they preserve the town’s order.

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Princess Ozma at her throne in the Emerald City.

It always bugged me how girly and generic Ozma became in the Oz books, given her previous protagonist self. Once she became Princess she became kind of a generic wise magic noblewoman (pretty much indistinguishable from Glinda) and often used as a deus ex machina. I don’t know if in the non-Baum books she ever went on adventures or had to fight for her kingdom or do anything that actually had conflict (besides the Nome King transformation thing).

Based some of her design off flappers because they were famously glamorously androgynous. Also put she’s pretty much wearing a matador outfit because those outfits are amazing. She’s also supposed to be wearing jodhpurs, but she ended up with a pretty bad case of dem hips.