wonder woman appreciation

- this movie was is the most empowering thing i’ve ever seen

- the fierce, muscular fighting amazonians 

- steves and dianas relationship was so pure, respectful and supportive, never seen sth like this in film before

- dianas gang was so amazingly diverse and not just a random bunch of muscular dudes withn no backstory whatsoever

- the scottish man terrorized with PTSD

- chief napi telling diana about what happened to his people

- sameer the sassy/cynical moroccan secret agent

-they showed the real cosequences of war and not some glorified propaganda version (captain america *cough*)


- “i’m both aroused and scared” had me cracking up

- the scene with steve and sameer were disguised as germans in the car was HILARIOUS

- the nomansland scene was probably the most badass thing i’ve ever seen

- STEVE AND DIANA DANCING among the villagers felt so organic and beautiful

- the love scene OH GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN

-diana being the godkiller was the coolest plottwist of all times 

- steve saying i love you and sacrificing himself THE FEELS

- diana is such a good, pure and brave character she actually makes me believe in the good in the world

- the confidence with which diana walks into battle gives me life