Return to Faraway Downs.. To me.

The rainy season had been brought upon them just weeks after the night that Drover and Sara had shared a tent together.
And now, things had been different between them. 

Good, but different and often they shared a tent together after.

Though, Sara’s end of the different feelings had been something else all together… Something that she desperately wanted to tell Drover, but didn’t know how.

Sara moved forward on her horse, more dressed now like a drover then ever before as she gently moved the cattle along. Strangely enough, they’d been behaving as apposed to the night before when none of the cattle wanted to stay in place. As of late, the young brunette had been feeling more and more strange. 
Obviously taking notice of the few men on horseback watching them as they lead the cattle through the area. They didn’t look too threatening as of now, but one looked familiar from what she could tell..

Crinkling her nose, she chose to ignore them as she took a drink from her water bottle and glanced back at the man who she deeply cared for. The man who some months ago had nearly left her in town, insisting she would only hold the team back. Unable to help it, a smile crept across her face as they began to near town.