The last two years of my life have been very interesting. Nothing particularly bad has happened and I’m very very thankful for that, but a lot of good stuff has happened. One of those things was me finally going onto the internet, and taking part in stuff. It started on November 26th, 2012. I joined the Final Fantasy Forums at 14 years old, not having a clue what I was doing. I stayed there until October of last year, but during that time I did learn a lot. I made some friends, had some laughs, and became a better person overall. The biggest thing I learned during my time there was: GFX. Some members there really took me under their wing and taught me about Photoshop and how to do certain things. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that (even though these graphics aren’t the best :P). Eventually though, tempers and attitudes got the better of that community, and I wanted out. Everyone started acting holier than thou, and that’s not my style.

However before I left FFF, I joined two other websites. Two which I am still a very active member of to this day. In June 2013 I joined a forum called YTtalk (again as a 15 year old goober having no idea what he was doing), and the other website, well that was Tumblr. Took me a while to really find my place on both websites, but once I did, I had the time of my life. Words can’t do justice, to how much I value YTtalk and Tumblr. I’ve come a long way since June 2013, on both websites. Here we are, and right now: I’m over 500 followers on Tumblr, and I’m a staff member on YTtalk. Two places I never thought I’d be. Sure, it seems insignificant, but after being told over and over that you’ll never be able to accomplish this or that, or that you’ll never be this or that, you start to believe it. May 2014 changed that, and made me much more confident. The owner of YTtalk gave me a chance, and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Again, I know this stuff seems so insignificant, but it means the world to me. The littlest things. People saying they love my blog? What? That’s insane. People thanking me for moving their thread on the forum? Did I really do that? It’s still just unreal to me. I can’t believe how far I’ve come from being that goofy 14 year old kid.

So, here’s my follow forever. It’s huge, but I couldn’t help it. <3 I love all of you guys so much, Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without you guys. :) So thank you guys, for everything. :D Rock on.

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nomaliciousness-deactivated2015  asked:

okay i want to know this about u, do you really prostitute for donuts?! lol :P

yes. you can find me on the corner of Hardknock and Life around 1am, M-F. I then move to the corner of Dunkin and Donuts around 3am. the rate is 3 for bj’s, a dozen for full on sex and 2 dozen and a large latte for overnight. each additional full on sex is a half a dozen.

pay me in cheap-ass donuts and I end your life.

Sopapilla Twists

A fancy(ish) name for a delicious and easy dessert..


-1pkg Crescent Rolls 

-cinnamon (as much or as little as you prefer)

-sugar (as much or as little as you prefer)

-½-1tbs. (more if you desire)

Melt butter 20 seconds at a time in a mug, then add cinnamon and sugar according to preference and mix it on up with a knife or chopstick. Pop those bad boy crescent rolls open and lay them out on your cookie sheet/pizza pan/aluminum foil; leave them unrolled for the moment.

Spread that ooey-gooey cinnamon-y goodness on those puppies with the knife or even your finger, then roll ‘em on up all purdy. Place them in oven/toaster oven and cook according to package directions.

Once they’re that perfect golden-brown, take them out and let them sit for a minute while you grab the honey. Plate that sucker and drizzle the honey to your heart’s desire. Grab a fork and devour.

Quick, cheap, and nomalicious!