nomadofthenorth asked:

You're vegan right? How long have you been? Any advice for a newbie?

Hi yes! I have been on and off for over three years. When I first went gluten/wheat free (over a year ago) I ate fish for a bit but I went back to full vegan after i adjusted. It is hard to be gluten/wheat free and vegan since a lot of the yummy alt vegan proteins have wheat and a lot of soy isn’t good either. If you don’t have an intolerance or allergy restriction then you have so many more options when you go out to eat or when you want a (faux)burger or (faux)hot dog. I think now is such a great time to be a vegan bc there are a ton of options and restaurants seem to be more accommodating. I guess some tips would be: if you are struggling with not eating dairy just know that soon the cravings will go away- casein produces the same reaction in your brain as morphine so your body needs time to detox (I used to love dairy but i prefer alt to real now), eat a ton of veggies vs faux meat- you can find recipes to make veggies or fruits look and taste like anything, nutritional yeast is really good it gives like a smoky/cheese flavor to things, there are a million different sites that will tell you what you can eat to get all the vitamins/minerals/nutrients you need, and get creative. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or want help with recipes feel free to ask.

nomadofthenorth asked:

I meant to write you last night. Anyways, I wanted to say I think you're awesome. I respect the fact that you respect yourself. I wish more people could get in that frame of mind.

Thank you!!! This means a lot. I’m going through so much depression right now that honestly all I have left is to respect myself and love myself no matter what I feel inside or what the people outside are telling me. It’s not always easy but if I’m not going to than who else will?? Sorry I made this public but I wanted to show this and make my thanks to you public because I appreciate this comment very much.