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I Heart Steve #52

I love this panel. It really sums up Gruenwald’s run. Steve’s a workaholic, Rachel wants Steve, Jack lives in a perpetual state of horniness and would probably get it on with a lamp should the occasion arise, Sam questions all his life choices and wonders what led him to this point in his life and if he shouldn’t have become a dentist or a lawyer instead and D-Man also wants Steve. 

Captain America #342 - Mark Gruenwald

wittyusernamed  asked:

Could you please explain the story behind Steve's superhero-themed stripper outfit? the black and yellow one. he's a sexy bee (sorry, just had dental work done and im still a little... out of it.)



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Oh god how I love Nomad. I gave Steve the code name Nomad in the Tiny Spy Assassin Steve stories like, 99% because it made me fucking laugh. 

Fortunately, Past Me has already written up the story of Steve, Nomad, and Roscoe The Horrible Dead Captain America. You can read all about it here.