nomadic d

arc; defenders of freedom 

i’ve been meaning to do a quick rundown of this arc for ages but it’s basically bucky’s post-cacw arc — now with more Thrilling Heroics and sense of societal responsibility! 

in a similar style of buckycap forming/joining the new avengers, bucky puts together a loose team of heroes/vigilantes that are willing to take on smaller, more street-level problems that might not concern the UN or overtly fall under the jurisdiction of the accords. they’re less global-level events and more local / regional level catastrophes that need a little Extra Intervention. 

there’s not as much emphasis on Heroic Titles or anything but if he was going to take one on it’d be nomad because i will never let nomad bucky go


Nomad Stride -  Pianoramic video

« Ah l'horreur de ces appartements anonymes où nos enfants sont nés ou sont morts, devant des décors sans vie, quittés depuis et où d'autres nomades ont, à leur tour, repris la vie saccadée, sans souvenir d'âme, sans oser même en retenir car on ne saurait où les mettre. »

Léon Degrelle, Les âmes qui brûlent.

wittyusernamed  asked:

Could you please explain the story behind Steve's superhero-themed stripper outfit? the black and yellow one. he's a sexy bee (sorry, just had dental work done and im still a little... out of it.)



:D :D :D 

Oh god how I love Nomad. I gave Steve the code name Nomad in the Tiny Spy Assassin Steve stories like, 99% because it made me fucking laugh. 

Fortunately, Past Me has already written up the story of Steve, Nomad, and Roscoe The Horrible Dead Captain America. You can read all about it here.