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how do i loathe thee? let me count the ways || a harphy/minty au

nathan miller, an army brat, moves back to his hometown for his senior year after almost ten years. in a matter of days, he’s added to the starting roster of the baseball team, and college scouts from across the country are zoning in on “the nomad”, the name he’d earned after attending thirteen different schools, five of them being high schools. his place on the team is threatened after a bad grade in physics, though, and he’s forced to get a tutor: monty green. it doesn’t take long for miller to fall for him, but tragically monty isn’t allowed to date until his foster sister does, and amateur photographer and hardcore feminist harper is just about the most intimidating person on campus. miller convinces his old best friend murphy to win harper over (after murphy loses a bet, of course) and distract her for a little while so miller can take monty out. but things start to go haywire when murphy finds the whole thing becoming less of a bet and more like the real deal.

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The last 24 hours had not gone well. Clay had informed him that his romp as porn king was over, so Jax had done what was supposed to happen in SAMCRO. He called for a vote, to vote on it for good.  But things had gotten even worse that day, because then, he had made a comment about dead wives and Clay had asked him if he remembered that promise. That had then prompted Jax to set down his gun and turn around, daring Clay to shoot him. They were supposed to have a vote tonight, but now it was all fucked up. He’d gotten the call that morning, and when he got there, he’d turned to Bobby, when he found Caracara burned down and he’d said a few angry words.

“This was Clay. Call Quinn. I’m going NOMAD.” 

He’d then walked away and when he finally stopped feeling like he’d shoot Clay when he saw him, he had headed to the clubhouse.  He then got himself a beer, before slamming a glass on the bar. “Motherfucker.”  It was just a shit day all around, already. Chibs had gotten out of the hospital and Jax had to stop on the way to get him to not shoot one of the Irish in the face. Chibs words had stung. The rumors had gotten around.

“You’re not my VP anymore, NOMAD.”  That had stung and he was pissed and slammed his fist down hard on the bar. It was then that he spotted something and saw his mother jump. He was going to apologize but she’d gone back to the office. Fuck this day already. It was going to get worse. 

Jax hadn’t talked to Clay yet about what he did to Caracara, but he would.

Closed RP :: Star Wars AU XD


Getting onto the planet had been easy. Riku had gotten really good at hiding his force signature over the last two years. He knew they were here, and while he wasn’t ready to make a move yet any information would help. It wasn’t until he reached the the surface that he noticed the weak force signature. It was someone who was trained, that much he could tell.

The silvered haired teen hesitated a moment wanting more to get the information he came for, but it wouldn’t be right for him to leave whoever it was, or at least he assumed it wouldn’t. No, he couldn’t just leave whoever it was to die, not after what had happened to the nomads he’d been with for some time. Turning his back on what he’d came for he tracked the signature finding eventually led to a boy. The boy seemed to be a Jedi padawan. That caused him to second guess his actions, but he’d already decided he wouldn’t just let the boy die.

It took some time to get the boy onto the ship Riku had stolen some time ago and get off the planet. Once he had the autopilot on he moved back to treat the boy’s injuries. With the boy treated the silver haired teen made himself scarce. He disappeared into the room he’d claimed not really wanting to deal with what would happen when the boy came to right away.