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Reyes + cheesy pick-up lines! Cheesier the better!

how can anyone resist cheesy pick-up lines. 800+ words, and a good dash of tooth-rotting fluff for you.

There were certain times when the wind blew in just the right direction, dusty yellow-grey clouds of sulphur and sand were kicked up into the slums. Frankly, it didn’t do much to make the place any worse than it already was, but SAM advised them to take precautions when heading out to the forward station. Scott wore a light-weight respirator. Reyes, like most Kadara residents, made do with a bandana knotted over his mouth and nose.

They made it to the Nomad no worse for wear, other than red-rimmed eyes and stench of rotten eggs they’d never be able to wash out. Scott pulled up a routine systems check, while Reyes tugged his bandana down and sighed dramatically. 

“All these toxic clouds, and you’re the one that leaves me breathless,” he said. 

Scott closed the system check UI and slowly turned to Reyes with a blank look. He reach across and pulled the bandana back up over his mouth.

Even if his pride would never allow him to say it, Scott knew part of Reyes wanted to to visit Eos, to see the first true Initiative settlement, a bastion of promise for all Milky Way species in the Heleus. It had been easier than he had expected to coax him into a shuttle he’d requisitioned specifically for the occasion, lured by promises of a romantic, secluded break (and the guarantee of a good enough signal to keep contact with Keema, just in case).

They touched down on a rocky outcrop overlooking Podromos, since once Reyes had realised where there were going, he had made it very clear he wanted to keep a bodily distance from any actual contact. Scott had been fine with that. He just wanted to let Reyes see what they had managed to achieve, that even if he loved it, there was more for humanity than places like Kadara. 

“It’s so hot here. Much hotter than home. All this desert…” Reyes trailed off as he took a seat beside Scott at the cliff’s edge, his feet hanging over the side just like the time they’d spent on the rooftops in Kadara. Their hands found each other, their fingers twined, and Scott felt a flush of warmth that had nothing to do with the blazing sun, “…and you’re still the one making me thirsty.”

“Pathfinder,” SAM announced out loud so they could both hear, “If you pushed him now, I could still make it look like an accident. Would you like me to proceed?”

They stood on the balcony of one of Reyes’ many rat-hole apartments in Kadara Port, side by side, arm brushing arm as the fat yellow sun went down on them. It was a rare and coveted moment of peace, with neither of them being pinged for the next emergency, neither of them with anywhere they urgently needed to be. Scott sighed contentedly and let his head rest against Reyes’ shoulder as they watched the constant comings-and-goings of the streets below. 

They were only a few floors up, but it still felt like a world away, like they were in orbit, so unreachable and alone. It was a chance to notice how Kadara itself had grown and changed under the Charlatan’s rule. There were more people, since it was a free port now. The scant few vendors had became a real market. There were ordinary people who felt safe enough to venture out, families too. There were even sanitation workers around the clock, cleaning the gutters and clearing away the constant build-up of refuse.

“Garbage men in Kadara. I can hardly believe it,” Scott said with a half-smile. It was such an insignificant detail, but it felt like a true mark of civilisation on a wild frontier. Reyes let his head rest against Scott’s; he could feel him smile too.

“All these street-cleaners–” he began, but Scott had been ready for it. Without missing a beat he lifted his head, fisted his hand in the front of Reyes’ shirt, and crushed their lips together, swallowing whatever ridiculous pun had been coming next. They didn’t even bother him that much (although it would be nice to be able to have one intimate moment without the humor-defense shield active), it was really just a matter of principle at that point, and if Scott knew anything about his man, it was that there was really only one way to shut him up.

It worked like a charm; Reyes folded into him, around him, melting into the kiss like honey. He slipped his arms around Scott’s waist and held him close; Scott could feel his lashes brush his cheek, his tongue touch his teeth as they relaxed into each other. They swayed together, no Kadara, no Intiative, no Helius - for a moment, it was just the two of them in the entire galaxy. They broke apart eventually, but they stayed close enough to stop the world come creeping in between them, forehead against forehead, noses brushing. 

“…and you’re the one that swept me off my feet.”

Autistic Aang
  • Autistic Aang who frequently misreads social situations.
  • Autistic Aang who doesn’t understand social norms, especially not ones that have changed over the past 100 years.
  • Autistic Aang who also assumes that other people have the same motivations and reasoning he does, which means he assumes everyone is as caring and selfless as he is, and unfortunately this is not always true.
  • Autistic Aang who stims with airbending.
  • Autistic Aang with hyperempathy, who cares so much about everyone, who feels incredible pain when he thinks of all the suffering that happened in the 100 years he was gone and blames himself for it.
  • Autistic Aang who didn’t understand why the other air nomad children treated him differently once they learned he was the Avatar. After all, he was still the same person; why should that make any difference?
  • Autistic Aang who refuses to accept traditional solutions, who uses his unique approach and way of thinking to find more peaceful ways of solving problems even when everyone else tells him it can’t be done.
  • Autistic Aang who needs to wear very comfortable, soft, flexible clothing like the clothing the air nomads wear, who is extremely uncomfortable in anything tight or hot or scratchy or restricting.
  • Autistic Aang who needs to be alone sometimes to think and make big decisions properly.
  • Autistic Aang who doesn’t like the sensory experience of having hair.
  • Autistic Aang who has a very expressive face, who doesn’t know how to hide his emotions.
  • Autistic Aang who likes to move around, who sometimes just can’t sit still, who flails around and stims and jumps and flies and flaps his hands and arms.
  • Autistic Aang who can’t accept unexpected or new information unless he sees it for himself.
  • Autistic Aang who struggles to accept change.
  • Autistic Aang who can’t control the volume of his voice when he’s excited or upset.
  • Autistic Aang who doesn’t know exactly how to make friends, who just tries to be as nice and happy as possible and hopes that people will respond positively to this and want to be his friend. Luckily this works really well for him most times.
  • Autistic Aang who sometimes asks questions with answers that seem really obvious to other people, but he genuinely doesn’t know the answers and is very confused when people expect him to.
  • Autistic Aang whose favorite sensation is, of course, the air. He loves flying, he loves manipulating the air, he loves the feeling of a gentle breeze or a strong gust of wind, just sitting or standing and letting the air hit his face is one of his favorite ways to calm down when he’s stressed or overstimulated.
  • Autistic Aang who loves to talk about things he’s passionate about, and he loves to listen to people talk about things they’re passionate about.
  • Autistic Aang!

This is me adding nothing of significance to the Solas meta pool that already exists. It’s one part Thedas history lesson, one part linguistic etymology, and one part meta about an ancient elven nerd and why he had such trouble with Dalish clans after he woke up in modern Thedas. It ended up being a very long post.

tl;dr: shaping of history and oral traditions losing important detail, along with Solas’ own nature worked against him. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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Portrait of a girl from the nomadic Fakirani Jat tribe wearing traditional clothing near the village of Chhadvara, located roughly 100km from Bhuj in the Kutch District , © Kimberley Coole


futuristic bicycle nomad transformer fashion wear

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It was the evening time of day, and the sunlight was getting less and less scarce. Not an ideal setting for what the young female was about to attempt to do– especially being in the middle of an unknown forest– but this was an opportunity that she refused to let pass her by. She’d been tracking these creatures for the past week. This task was getting tedious, and it was hard to pin them down since her targets tended to be nomadic.

Strategically wearing darker clothing, including the hood of her jacket thrown over her head, Alanis had been walking through the woods for nearly thirty minutes. She’d hope that they actually haven’t moved on again. The payout for these targets to be exterminated was two hundred and fifty for each head. So, maybe this was all worth it.

But just as her trekking seemed pointless, Alanis could spot an area in the distance through the trees. And what she also saw was an old cabin, that seemed to be abandoned.

Standing in the midst of the trees, Alanis simply crossed her arms with an already annoyed sigh. They had to be in there. Though, as Alanis was staring and casing over the old log building with her eyes, the door crashed opened and figure of a body being thrown in a great, inhuman distance. The girl simply crouched behind the nearest tree, watching from where she was positioned.

“NOO– Oh GOD– Please–!” A feminine voice screamed with a sob, as the figure that had been thrown out of the cabin appeared to be a female. The unknown girl was scurrying on the ground, but she appeared to be injured and couldn’t get to her feet.  “Pleeeease—! Please don’t do this! I’m sorry–I’ll do it– I’ll do whatever you want!” The girl cried even louder, while she kept trying to scoot away on the ground.

Alanis could not see exactly see who the girl was talking to from where she was. The only thing that happened next was the sudden and unexpected movement of the girl being dragged in a harsh way back into cabin with such quick speed. All Alanis could hear was the same voice yelling at the top of her lungs in a constant, blood-curdling way.

“Augh, shit–” The raven-haired female uttered under her breath while she slowly stood up from her crouching position. Not only were the vampires in there, it seemed as if they found themselves another defenseless victim. And now, Alanis felt that girl’s life rested in her hands.