nomad star

Favorite WOY vehicle !

The Orbbles ! 

Man oh man ! Space bubbles that allows you to take litteral WALKS IN SPACE ??? I’ll take 50 of those please !

Also, I love the fact that they’re used by space smiling pirates as sails 

By the way I love the theory that these pirates might be star nomads

@disneyxd you better give us the answer to that in season 3 !

Oy sorry I’m posting this a bit later. I was unexpectedly out all day :/ But hey @corndog-patrol here’s you a little fic for the woy gift exchange! Ah it can be perceived as a friendship or just normal ship, but I wrote wit with the intention of being skellydance. Hope you like it!

Hater woke in the middle of the night with all the usual aches forming in all the usual places. He rested with his eyes closed twisting his hips one way and feeling the bones along his spine pop pleasantly. He relaxed, arm curling around the body of a furry. He gave a small smile at the warmth of it, mind a deep haze.

When his pillow moved, and a small soft hand came to rest on his cheek, Hater tensed; he didn’t own any soft pillows, or movable ones, for that matter. He opened his eyes and saw orange.


All at once Lord Hater let out a roar, arms shoving the star nomad off his bed. Wander hit the floor with a hard sound that made him wince in sympathy, despite being upset. “What’re you DOING in here?!”

Wander looked up at him, blinking a bit blearily and eyes reflecting the blue light from the nightlight across the room. Hater felt an odd fluttery feeling in the pit of his stomach at the sight. Wander just rubbed at his eye and stood, “You were having a bad dream earlier in the night.”

Hater frowned, briefly reflecting back and only getting a hazy memory of an unfamiliar planet engulfed neon colored flames. He shook it away, “It doesn’t matter, get out of my room! Get out, get out, get out!”

Wander pursed his lips, hesitating before a sly smile grew over his features, “Are you sure you want me to go? You seemed pretty cuddly a moment ago~” Hater’s response caught in his throat as an angry flush rose in his cheekbones. “Aww, you look cute when you blush.”

Hater fumed at him, blush worsening and briefly speechless.

Finally Wander sat on the bed, looking at Hater and eyes gently serious, “Hater. Do you want to talk about your dream? Having bad dreams is normal but… You’ve been having these for a while, haven’t you?”

“No!” He crossed his arms, narrowed eyes glaring at the other. He didn’t even want to begin on how Wander knew that.

Wander seemed to know he was lying, only giving him a long look before shrugging, “Okay.” He slid off the bed, “I’m sorry for startling you. I hope you sleep peacefully.” He started for the door, and Hater found himself pausing.

He wanted Wander to go, get out of his sight, and never come back to HIS bedroom again.


Wander paused in front of the door, looking back.

Hater looked away, fidgeting. For whatever reason, somehow, someway, Wander had kept his nightmares away, even if momentarily. Perhaps he was just that pure that even nightmares shied back at the sight of him. “I mean… This is MY bedroom, and you shouldn’t ever, ever, EVER come in here unless I SAY you can stay here. So you just should have my permission before you just waltz in and do whatever you want.” He paused, arms crossing again as his eyes followed the designs on his blankets. “I might need someone to go get me water if I wake up thirsty so… I guess you can stay.” His voice was an annoyed drawl, but Wander still lit up.

The sound of a kettle-squealing left him as he bounded over and tackled Hater with a big hug, “Good because you’re very nice to cuddle with, you know.”

Hater scoffed, “Of course, I’m the GREATEST cuddler!”

Wander wriggled himself back under the covers and up against Hater’s side, beaming up at him, “The best in the galaxy.”

“Right,” Hater laid back down, facing away from Wander and jerking the covers up over his shoulder.

The room became silent with the ticking of a clock becoming a roar, and the small lights from a game counsel and LED nightlight illuminating the room. Hater was stiff, and painfully aware how loud and heavy his breathing was, how his arm was uncomfortable smushed between his body and mattress.

Then a thin orange arm looped over his side and he felt innocent warmth press against his back, a head resting against his shoulder blade. Hater let out a deep breath, shifting a little to be more comfortable. He tapered off into peaceful, dreamless sleep at the sound of soft breathing behind him.

May I present;

My personal headcanons on Star Nomads (also known as Wander’s species)

- the Star Nomads have tails, long,sleak, and smooth with a soft scruff of fur on the end. The Star Nomads made it routine to keep them groomed and primed,it was also traditional for they’re tails to be used in courtship rituals (the reason Wander doesn’t have his is because it was ripped off,straight from the bone. A Star Nomad without it tail is the equivalent of being neutered)

- the Star Nomads greatly value the prospect of true love,it’s been tradition that the first person they fall in love with will be they’re soulmate.

- when a Star Nomad is attracted to someone (purely romantic,no other attraction will get this) they’re fur will glow brightly,think of it like a very pretty blush.

- additionally,when a Star Nomad is kissed by the one that makes them glow, the fur around they’re cheeks puff up and release tiny bits of star dust.

- a Star Nomad stops aging at the age 25, and won’t grow physically older until they find a soulmate and have children.

- the Star Nomads were known to be fierce warriors,despite they’re innocent appearance,many were weapon experts and had a natural abundance of strength in their bodies, and could easily lift something ten times they’re size (Wander has this strength, he just doesn’t like fighting nowadays.)

- Star Nomads are one of the few alien species to be born with incredible celestial bodies and still be very organic,because of this,many evil overlords hunted them to drain their bodies of the celestial energy.

- Star Nomads have the ability to sharpen their teeth and release hidden claws,coupled with they’re knowledge of battle strategies,it can make them absolutely deadly in a fight.

- during battle,Star Nomads will usually get on all fours,making it known they mean business.

- there is a point in which,when a Star Nomad is pushed too far over the edge,they become engulfed in a blind rage,it won’t matter who you are to them,they’ll rip apart anything in they’re way,it’s like Timebomb times ten.

- Star Nomads eyes are known to change color,depending on mood,if their not changing,they’re eyes are just about every shade of the color spectrum.

- Star Nomads come from eggs about the size of a large watermelon,they wrap their tails around the first person they see,giving them they’re full trust.

- when they’re born,Star Nomads’ fur is pure white,the fur changes color to its permanent colors as they get older,an albino is rare,but not impossible.

- If a Star Nomad were to be drained of their celestial energy at any given time, they’re fur turns a sullen gray, and they must rest and take a special medicine at least at until their fur returns to its natural colors.

- Star Nomads are incredibly protective both when in heat, and looking after offspring,a guttural growl isn’t uncommon to hear, and they are known to sometimes become slightly possessive of they’re mate and offspring.

- when a Star Nomad dies,it’s fur turns pitch black,if one were to have they’re fur settle into black permanently,it is considered a dark omen.

- if all of a Star Nomads energy from their celestial bodies were to be drained, they would receive a fate much worse than death,nothing but a lifeless,hollowed out husk of they’re former selves.

- the female Star Nomads have long spines arching from the base of their neck to the end of they’re tail,despite how sharp they appear,they are very soft like downed feathers.

- both male and female Star Nomads have pouches, the parents usually switch who carries they’re egg/offspring,though more often than not its the male partner.

- Star Nomads can indeed mate with the same gender, and in some cases,species outside of they’re own,offspring are usually possible as long as the would be partner is they’re Soulmate.

- because they are favored for they’re vast amounts of energy in they’re celestial bodies, the home planet of the Star Nomads have been constantly attacked and raided for millions upon billions of years,the Star Nomads soon made it priority to keep strong in case of attacks as hostages are alarmingly regular,schools had to teach multiple battle strategies and techniques,by the time the little Nomads reached they’re early hundreds,they were taught weapon training.(Wander and his family were no exception,he used to fight the attackers,usually going with a mace and pure wit and battle plans.)

- unfortunately, the eggs were not spared during attacks or raids,many overlords and space pirates had it in they’re heads they could become all powerful if they consume them,it backfires as the eggs are extremely poisonous when eaten,enough toxin to down a small army.

- during the times both eggs and younger Star Nomads were taken,many set out on rescue missions without a second thought (Wander was no exception,once he and his <in my headcanon> older brother went to rescue a little girl, but were too late as her celestial bodily energy were completely drained,despite that,they’d taken what was left of the girl to her folks,the family couldn’t bare to see the child like this and declared they had to end her misery, Wander stepped up,no parent or anyone should have to do that,he wouldn’t speak for the betterment of a month afterwards.)

- the name Star Nomad wasn’t the species original name,they were once called the Novians,but the multiple attacks on they’re home planet caused many to flee the galaxy, the term Star Nomad came to mind, and very few remember the original name aside from a good chunk of the shrinking population of those who have not fled they’re home.

- when a Star Nomad dies,a loved one would close the departed eyes, and place they’re palm on the chest of the passed Star Nomad and utter in the original language of the people,which roughly translates to “Your life was not wasted,dear one. You will be one with the Celestials,roam free,beloved.” the mourner would then place a single kiss on the departed forehead,wishing them luck in the afterlife.

- using their celestial bodily energy,Star Nomads can create spheres showing they’re memories,it usually takes a lot of energy though, and it’s traditionally used to remember big moments in they’re lives (marriage,graduation,birth of they’re first born,ECT.) and as long as they have the memories owner or another Star Nomad,others can view the memories.(the last time Wander ever did this,it was the day before he fled his planet.)

- Star Nomads are usually born with strong abilities used through their celestial bodily energy, the most common tends to be healing,elemental capabilities, and illusions (Wander’s is elemental heat,it’s not exactly fire,more like thermal radiation,he doesn’t use it much,so it’s less powerful than the average Star Nomads.)

- the ‘hair’ atop a Star Nomads head works not too different from a comb,it will spike up when the Nomad is angered, but will also stand on mussled up ends when stressed,scared,or agitated.

- when a Star Nomad goes into the infamous blind rage,it’s known to be absolutely savage, but no extra strength goes into the Nomad during this state, it’s began to be commonly called "Going Blood-Eyed” it’s almost priority for Star Nomads to stay calm to avoid it.(Wander has went Blood-Eyed only twice before,the first was the reason he left his home planet, the other was when he first fought against Screwball.)

- it’s common for a loving couple of Star Nomads to curl they’re tails together in embrace,or sometimes seeking comfort.

- Star Nomads can purr,hiss,growl, and even roar, but it’s more guttural,thus deeper than you’d originally think.

- Star Nomads love being pet, but there are spots that are big no-noes for them,the biggest one is probably the area near they’re fur ‘skirts’ whem someone tries to touch the out-of-bounds areas that are NOT they’re romantic partner, the Star Nomad will usually lash out.

- The planet the Star Nomads call home is Novxoron.

- The Star Nomads have a great love and respect for music,there was a time where whole towns came together to sing songs and dance hand and hand,but there’s been very little of it ever since the species had been hunted for they’re celestial energy.

- Being a matchmaker is actually a well paying job on Novxoron, the Star Nomads pride themselves in they’re judge of character matchups,when they see a couple compatible enough,they’ll stop at practically nothing to get them together,sometimes becoming irrational and acting rash.

- The Star Nomads have what one would call,a natural path to the          Spiritual Plane,meditation is highly respected,being the main gateway to the Spiritual Plane,they can visit departed loved ones this way,and encounter ancient races of spirits for aid of wisdom, the Mooplexians are a good example of this.

- On Novxoron,there are creatures called Zunox,they’ve been spirituality connected to the Star Nomads since what may as well be the beginning of time,when a Nomad comes of age,that being 100,they come to the             Solar Spires, a small chain of floating islands, and have they’re Zunox choose them,the way they know is when one locks eyes with them and tries to kill them, with they’re defeat comes eternal loyalty.(Wander’s is still on Novxoron, he didn’t want to put her in danger going into space,his parents have taken care of her since he left;her name is Moon.)

- an inter species offspring of a Star Nomad usually go like this,the Nomad will carry the child/children (Nomads typically have one-to-two offspring at once) in a womb for five months,all Nomads have one,regardless of gender, and them that’s when the egg is layed,it usually takes a good seven months to hatch, and during that time, the Nomad parent becomes VERY protective, and at times,even a little possessive,of they’re egg(s) and mate,they will not let either leave they’re sight and will sometimes become aggressive towards those who come too close or try to touch the egg(s),unless it is they’re romantic partner. During the pregnancy stage,both partners are effected,there are instances where they’ll share the others traits even. While the egg(s) need to be kept warm, the Nomad will coil they body and tail around it for extra protection.

- It is virtually impossible for a Star Nomad to be tickled,it is not in they’re biological make up to be,if one were to try,it would make they’re insides convulse,making them throw up,usually they’re own blood. 

Have a bunch of space cowboy doodles. I apologize beforehand for icky colors.

My Human Wander is basically what you get when you put Jack McBrayer in all his chinless glory, Wander’s hairy spoon design, a dash of The Two Man Gentleman Band’s pre war inspired fashion, and The Man with No Name’s poncho into a blender and vomited onto a canvas. 

And the reason why middle Wander is suddenly left handed is because I’m so used to drawing Muppets playing instruments left handed and now I’m stuck with drawing left handed instruments on default. Feel free to laugh at me.

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Happy 27th!

So,this is actually my first 27th thing, and I’m not completely sure how this works,so I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.

My favorite WOY shipping…

It’s a hard pick,since most of my ships tend to center around Wander (he gets everyone,what a trouper) But I just HAVE to go with Nomad Hunter!

I know it’s like,the crackiest of crack ships,but I can’t help but think the dynamic would be really interesting! Ripov is so gritty and a bit of a loose canon, and Wander is the adorable yet manipulative sweetie pie,Wander could totally teach her more about bad things can change, and she could in turn help him let off some bottled steam,cause GROP knows he’s got some (I mean,he’s practically SEETHING at the sight of Screwball)

Plus,they’ve both lost people they care about, Ripov lost her entire crew, and Wander most likely lost traveling partners,whether it be from age or something else; they could comfort each other on that fore front.

They’ve both also had they’re fair share of scars,mentally and physically,I mean,Wander LITERALLY wandered into the middle of an intergalactic civil war when he stole his hat,no way he didn’t get some reminders,I love the idea Wander and Ripov could swap Scar Stories with each other,it’d be cute in its own weird way!

I may be one of the few people who ship this,but by golly,I wILL GO DOWN WITH THIS ITTY BITTY SHIP.

WOY Villain Leaderboard 4/12/17

As of the time of this post there were 53 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. Little Bits
  2. Viscout Virulent Venom
  3. Those Two Guys From That Time
  4. Conqueror
  5. Empress Plum
  6. Mempha
  7. Emperor Awesome
  8. Countess Slugula
  9. Obsidian
  10. Emperor Calamity
  11. Greg
  12. Azolla the Plant Villain
  13. Captain Novo
  14. Jeffrey the Terrible Liar
  15. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn
  16. A Potted Plant
  17. The Night Mayor
  18. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  19. Princess Cellophania
  20. Clockwork
  21. Lord Hater
  22. Mono
  23. Eliza Stipe
  24. Gentleman Tooth
  25. Jinx the Star Nomad
  26. O'Yojimbo
  27. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  28. The Scuzzbuckets
  29. Ted From Accounting
  30. King Vortex
  31. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  32. The Twins
  33. Rongruffle
  34. General McGuffin
  35. Miss Incendiary
  36. Bunny T Marchenhaft
  37. Jamie
  38. Kairos Khan
  39. Ryba Alameda
  40. Mr. Slick
  41. Not Pirate Nel
  42. The Knight Mare
  43. Sir Bradly Starlight
  44. SuperNova
  45. Mistress Myrna
  46. Killbot 86
  47. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  48. Dr. Screwball Jones
  49. Styx Asterope
  50. The Schmartians
  51. Linda Whiskers
  52. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  53. Sketch

Your #1 Villain for April is:

Little Bits

Little Bits will hold this #1 spot for the month of April.

If you want to participate in the #1 Villain prompt, please draw/write/create anything with your Villain OC fighting Little Bits. Remember to schedule your post with this awesome creation for: 8pm EST, April 27th with the mentions @woyvillainleaderboard, @savewoy, @woyseason3, and @disneyxd… and the tags #savewoy, #wander over yonder, and #woy villain leaderboard.

Congratulations, you antagonistic adversaries. And most importantly… GOOD LUCK.

In a world where the impossible is made possible, you can live the life that you will love with all your heart. 

Just take a look at what has already been created. Airplanes, computers, amazing smartphones, and other things that were considered absolutely impossible centuries ago.

Now take a look at the lifestyles people have. Take a look at digital nomads, traveling YouTube stars, successful comic book artists, authors, singers, traveling healers, etc. These people did not just get lucky. They are not more deserving or talented than you are. They are just people who decided to go for it and did not give up. So, what’s stopping you?

WOY Villain Leaderboard 4/5/17

As of the time of this post there were 53 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. Little Bits
  2. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  3. SuperNova
  4. General McGuffin
  5. Ryba Alameda
  6. The Twins
  7. Jamie
  8. Those Two Guys From That Time
  9. O'Yojimbo
  10. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  11. King Vortex
  12. Azolla the Plant Villain
  13. Bunny T Marchenhaft
  14. The Schmartians
  15. Killbot 86
  16. Empress Plum
  17. Ted From Accounting
  18. Eliza Stipe
  19. Obsidian
  20. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  21. The Night Mayor
  22. Kairos Khan
  23. Mistress Myrna
  24. Sir Bradly Starlight
  25. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn
  26. Conqueror
  27. Emperor Calamity
  28. Dr. Screwball Jones
  29. Mr. Slick
  30. Lord Hater
  31. Princess Cellophania
  32. Mempha
  33. Rongruffle
  34. Styx Asterope
  35. A Potted Plant
  36. Linda Whiskers
  37. Miss Incendiary
  38. Jeffrey the Terrible Liar
  39. Viscout Virulent Venom
  40. Gentleman Tooth
  41. Sketch
  42. Captain Novo
  43. The Scuzzbuckets
  44. Greg
  45. The Knight Mare
  46. Jinx the Star Nomad
  47. Not Pirate Nel
  48. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  49. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  50. Clockwork
  51. Emperor Awesome
  52. Countess Slugula
  53. Mono

Your #1 Villain for April is:

Little Bits

Little Bits will hold this #1 spot for the month of April.

If you want to participate in the #1 Villain prompt, please draw/write/create anything with your Villain OC fighting Little Bits. Remember to schedule your post with this awesome creation for: 8pm EST, April 27th with the mentions @woyvillainleaderboard, @savewoy, @woyseason3, and @disneyxd… and the tags #savewoy, #wander over yonder, and #woy villain leaderboard.

Congratulations, you rampageous ruiners. And most importantly… GOOD LUCK.