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Who said you need fancy equipment or expensive applications to create graphic designs and illustrations? I mainly use a cheap phone app! Here’s an illustration I created with an android app called, “Design.” The Design app uses vectors, which is so cool! All done with the help of my Galaxy Note 4 and its stylus pen. Keep an eye out on our website, this design will become a shirt in the next few weeks! Keep creating y’all!

Ariel unleashes its madcap Nomad buggy

Stop what you’re doing. The Atom’s creators have made an outrageous buggy and you need a go in one.

Is Ariel the coolest carmaker on the planet? It’s increasingly looking that way. They only make one actual car, the Atom, but it’s a belter. And it’s going to be joined in the range by this, the Nomad.

OK, so it’s not a car in the traditional sense. Yet it’s still somehow recognisably an Ariel. And an outrageously fun-looking one, at that.

It’s described by Ariel as “a modern buggy designed for the rough and tough of the wild but just as home in the city”. The thought of commuting in a Nomad strikes us as a strangely irresistible one.

It’s shorter than a Renault Twingo, while at 670kg, it’s around 200kg heavier than an Atom, but it’s still little more than half the weight of a Ford Fiesta.

At its heart is a Honda-sourced 2.4-litre four-cylinder VTEC engine, here tuned to produce 235bhp at 7,200rpm, while serving up 221lb ft of torque, which is more than you’ll find in the bonkers-fast BAC Mono.

The result is a 0-60mph sprint of 3.4 seconds and a 136mph top speed. We can’t possibly describe the engine as well as Ariel puts it in its own bumf. “Be it crawling over rocks, executing that Scandinavian Flick at full throttle or just powering away from the lights, this engine delivers.” Has there ever been a more exciting sentence in car advertising material? (x)