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[My own art/character design/Mi-ru] 탄주(Tan-Ju)

These water-like skin colored creatures are species that build civilization in deep sea trenches and dwell in those habitats. They breath mostly with their gills, or with primitive lungs, which allows them to breath above the ground, but imperfectly. Their skin is covered with hard scales and usually is tinged with colors like aquamarine that makes them quite inconspicuous. However, during mating seasons or in a battle, the skin color change gorgeously which looks like . Gills, which has advanced into a tentacle that hold paralysis sting that can be used in emergencies.

Tanjus are species that migrate in a family unit. Generally the family group consists one male Tanju along with 3 to 5 female Tanjus. Most of the hunting and nomads(large fishes such as Tuna) is the females duty, while the male usually protects the herd, or do other duties that inquire a large amount of strength. Because of that, male Tanjus have various threatening colors unlike female Tanjus. But the leader of the family is usually the oldest female Tanju.
Originally, all Tanjus are born as females. If the male Tanju of the herd dies, however, the largest and strongest female Thanju undergo a sex change into a male which takes about a week or so. Also, if the herd is under an attack, they all transform, leaving few female Tanjus.
They trade their youngest member of the family with other family groups once, which seems to be a tradition to prevent some sort of incest.

Part extracted from 사미(Sa-mi)(’s universal pictorial book.

[사미 (Sa-mi) : a 바리(Ba-ri) expert 차페나(Cha-fe-na)‘s direct disciple who continued 차페나(Cha-fe-na) ’s work and compiled the universal pictorial book.]


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