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’ “Are we—safe?” Hinata whispered. He hardly cared. Even if danger was imminent, he couldn’t have looked away from the sight in front of him.

“Yes,” Kageyama said. “They won’t notice us. We’re not… important enough.”

And that made sense, Hinata thought, that they were as insignificant to the moving mountains as they were to the ice itself.’

The land is dark and cold, child, so 
brave it with a soul that sees its beauty.

Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Inspired by Studio Ghibli, Fantasy, Snow and Ice, Enemies to Friends, Bonding, Long Journey, Developing Feelings

I wrote this fic for the HQ Ghibli Zine as a collaboration with @ainu​ and we’re super excited to finally post our pieces! You can read it at the link above on AO3, or here on Tumblr below the cut. And Ainu’s awesome cover art is here!

While the original project is no longer happening as planned, we’re compiling works by all participants over on @hq-ghibli-zine​! Check it out for more Ghibli Goodness <3 (Seriously, everyone’s stuff is magical.)

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If enough of a life was spent upon the ice, the cold became its own kind of warmth.

So went the old saying of the people of the ice.

Each tribe across the land, be they wanderers or village dwellers, kept with them one special torch to stave off the cold, one that would always stay bright, and never burn low. The flame could light any kindling, and would only be extinguished if a lesser flame touched it, one not of the sacred fire.

These torches had been lit by the Eternal Flame, located far across the ice. Few dared attempt the long and lonely trek to reach it, but the fire was part of each tribe’s long history, and if, by chance, it were to go out, the journey would have to be made as recompense.

But one year, during an annual gathering of the tribes, it happened that two torches were extinguished. And so, as tradition dictated, they must be taken across the ice to bring back the fire again—to the far reaches of the land, into the unknown wilderness.

“How could this have happened?”

The question was directed at two boys, of different tribes, yet currently befallen by the same circumstances: Kageyama, a wanderer, and Hinata, a villager.

They each held the darkened remnants of their tribe’s sacred torch, and though both insisted the other was at fault, their stories amounted to the same thing—someone had pushed, someone had shoved, and the torches had fallen, into the enormous bonfire pit of manmade flames that warmed the hall used for tribal gatherings.

Now the nomads and the small fishing village had lost their sacred fires, and there was only one way to reclaim them.

“He’ll slow me down,” Kageyama said, glaring in Hinata’s direction. “He’s never even left the village. I can take both torches, and be back within—”

“It is the two of you who doused the Flame,” said his elder, “and as you are both of age, it is the two of you who must rekindle it.”

And Hinata, whose dream it had always been to see more of the ice than the snowfall across the tops of the village houses, balled his hands into fists and glared right back at Kageyama.

“You’ll be trying to keep up with me,” he declared.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” Kageyama sneered.

But neither of them had any idea of the journey that lay ahead.

Preview of my piece for @sagezine​‘s Ghibli Zine! I wrote an original AU inspired by the prevalence of natural wonders and landscapes in Miyazaki’s films.

I was lucky enough to get to collab with @ainu for this zine! The preview of her beautiful artwork is right here <3 

Once pre-orders are up, I’ll share a link!


[My own art/character design/Mi-ru] 탄주(Tan-Ju)

These water-like skin colored creatures are species that build civilization in deep sea trenches and dwell in those habitats. They breath mostly with their gills, or with primitive lungs, which allows them to breath above the ground, but imperfectly. Their skin is covered with hard scales and usually is tinged with colors like aquamarine that makes them quite inconspicuous. However, during mating seasons or in a battle, the skin color change gorgeously which looks like . Gills, which has advanced into a tentacle that hold paralysis sting that can be used in emergencies.

Tanjus are species that migrate in a family unit. Generally the family group consists one male Tanju along with 3 to 5 female Tanjus. Most of the hunting and nomads(large fishes such as Tuna) is the females duty, while the male usually protects the herd, or do other duties that inquire a large amount of strength. Because of that, male Tanjus have various threatening colors unlike female Tanjus. But the leader of the family is usually the oldest female Tanju.
Originally, all Tanjus are born as females. If the male Tanju of the herd dies, however, the largest and strongest female Thanju undergo a sex change into a male which takes about a week or so. Also, if the herd is under an attack, they all transform, leaving few female Tanjus.
They trade their youngest member of the family with other family groups once, which seems to be a tradition to prevent some sort of incest.

Part extracted from 사미(Sa-mi)(’s universal pictorial book.

[사미 (Sa-mi) : a 바리(Ba-ri) expert 차페나(Cha-fe-na)‘s direct disciple who continued 차페나(Cha-fe-na) ’s work and compiled the universal pictorial book.]


First I want to express @uber-the-man‘s gratitude for wonderful translation! Thank you so much!!

And This is one of my own designed creature for my own universe called 미르(mi-ru). And I really excited about introducing in tumblr. This creature means a lot for me and there are more creatures like this so I will introduce one by one like this. Please enjoy!

And you know what I’ll say next…..

Thank you and LOVE YOU!!!!!