That time Jer and I gorged on animal at…Cockscomb

I still think about that pig head. It’s crisp skin, heady aroma, moist meat and rich fat. The pig is marinated and braised, before being put in the wood oven to crisp up. 

Cockscomb is the recently opened restaurant of Chef and restauranteur Chris Consentino, the king of offal and winner of Top Chef Masters (not that I watch that kind of stuff). It is definitely home to all things nose to tail, pig head included. We grabbed a seat at the bar on the first floor facing the open kitchen. There is another bar upstairs as well with great views of the restaurant below. 

We went a little surf-and-turf, adding Chris’ version of chili crab to our pig head. I mean, why wouldn’t you? The gin and tonic was the perfect drink to cut through the richness of these dishes. To pair with our pig head/crab, we had braised tripe. The tripe was still a little gamey and funky smelling. It made me long for some of the amazing braised tripe I’ve had in Spain. 

For dessert, we had panna cotta. A simple, clean finish to a great dinner.

Cockscomb | 564 Fourth Street, San Francisco


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDkD_hNhdQo)

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