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Silly ask: how do you imagine Dracula doing the Transylvanian Twist (and why was he upset at his favorite dance move changing in the Monster Mash song)?

The Transylvania Twist is too good for us, so Drac thinks. He thinks that everything from his archaic, blood-spattered, not-actually-related-to-Vlad-III past is better. This is why modernity baffles him and why he is inevitably defeated; he is a desolate, desiccated relic of an early age mankind has long forgotten, and his pitiful struggles to reassert dominance by taking over 1890s England are just the final, wobbly, death-throes of the dance moves that no mortal will ever see performed again. How can I even begin to describe them? Those are mysteries best left to the fast travelling dead. They probably involve doing that one awkward knee thing people did in the 1920s.

In any event, we all know he’s pretty cheesed about this Monster Mash business, and I think it’s for the same reason that he’s probably annoyed by triplicate carbon copies of typescripts and everything else that he couldn’t read about in his massive library of conquest-themed non-fiction: he’s a loserly, pathetic square from the 16th century and he’s throwing a massive tantrum because nobody thinks he’s cool anymore.


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I’m sorry for being stupid maybe, buuut are Trapper and Nurse sending this hearts?


Someone may or may not pull the other into the water at some point. This may or may not lead to some nom fight and flirting and provoke the franchise killers. I may or may not get carried away www

Y'all can drag me for this, but...

That episode was fucking amazing. Like, for the past two weeks I’ve been bitching about the quality of the CBS edited episodes, but this one blew me the hell away. They got in the post-noms fight, Jody’s breakup, Jody’s makeup, the Josh vs. Mark fight, and the Paul/Jessica deal.

And the PoV comp didn’t start until 40 minutes in and was maybe 10 minutes of airtime.

Honesty, I’m SHOOK


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