Ok, so I have two boys.  One is still a child and likes girls stuff and kawaii.  The other is a teen that likes weed and porn. You try fitting these two in the same bedroom! lol.

the finger-paint and cupcake sticker is by budgie2budgie

posters is by Nolween

danbo is by onebillionpixels

I use a lot of paintings from ohmyglobsims

Hikari Shimoda art is a pain to find, 

that is as much as I can remember.  Fuck its overloading my brain trying to find everything. lol If you are trying to find something in this, ask me and I will do everything I can to find it for you! :)

Tinkerbell ♥♥ …
【CC Random】#5
Thanks to all CC creator (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Sims made by me

Hair :S-club
dress :Nolween
Wings :Esmeralda
rose :Jennisims
Shoes :MJ95
Flower hoop :salem2342

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Enjoy Simming and I hope you like it
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P.S : Be careful,it’s not about what i forcelly love,but just what comes to my mind XD

Rhodd   by Iwan Rheon ( while i’m at it )

Aux filles de l’eau by Nolween Leroy ( french song )

Music To watch boys to by Lana Del Rey

Secret door by Evanescence

Angels  by Within Temptation

Your Body is Wonderland John Mayer ( For Ramsay XD )

I cry all day  by Hyphen Hyphen ( Yes i changed i love this song !!!)

Sounds Like Heaven  by Marina Kaye

Mowgli’s Road by Marina and the Diamonds

I’m with you   by Avril Lavigne ( what ? XD )

Nothing Else Matters by Lucie Silvas ( I love her version )

Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes  by Beck

God it was hard !

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