Memory is quite often unreliable. If you take the time to really define it, it’ll come down to be just an interpretation of your own reality. Over and over again I tell the same stories to people about my life that to this point they’ve become factual. But in that sense, sometimes just one or two little details are changed to my liking, told into my favor and what I believe-or rather what I want to believe- to be real. And so from thence on those small details start to become warped into the factual reality I have always been recollecting about, and now my memory seems to be distorted. 

The smallest things slowly creep their way into the picture I’ve always painted, and after such a long time, it’s hard to really remember how everything truly was. Such is the pain of memory at times.


Make Your Own Ecto Cooler

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Nostalgia Critic - Are Video Games Art?

I really recommend watching this video. The Nostalgia Critic Doug Walker makes a really good argument as to why “games as art” may not necessarily be there YET, but has all the potential in the world to get there some day. It’s a great watch, and a subject that I personally hold dear.

Cheetah Girls
  • Her: Cheetah Sisters
  • Me: Asdfg. Nolstalgia. Stahp.
  • Her: Notice there is a star around Raven. The star of lesbianism.
  • Me: xD I think it's because she was an original disney actress but lesbianism works too.
  • Her: Lesbianism is her calling.
  • Me: IT'S A SIGN.
  • Her: "Should I date him?" "No." "Should I give her a chance?" "Yes."

Have a slice of my childhood.

Mina and The Count.

I rediscovered this gem today. So Good!