Not Enough Left

The sun sets in the west

My eyes drown in this miracle

Drenched in gold and silver

My heart beats melodically

The clouds drift on the seas

But..there’s not enough left for me


Here I stand

at the end of the world

The trees tipping over the edge

The waves towering above

And the sky begins to fade to grey

Like an old-school photo stuck on a new-age wall

And still.. there’s not enough left for me


I see ashes on the floor

Someone’s body grows cold

Fading away into the past

his name is forgotten by us

Nothing more than a ghost

There’s not enough left for me


I sit in the aftermath

My ears bleeding from the ignorance

Man-kind disappears into the moonlight

And my soul is lost somewhere

Talking to itself

Nowhere to be found

Yet still haunting me,

Echoing in my mind,

There’s not enough love left

Not enough love left for me


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Puff & Pass

Corporate junkies

Pinched together on a bench

Draped in their penguin suits

Ravenous from

Last nights binge…

Chowing their

Ready made


Organic footprint justified

Lettuce leaves

This is the age of

Laptop fearing

Email connecting

Pixels joined at the hip

To numb the loneliness

Of our current

Raging heart quivering

Latent dreams riding

On the hiccups of our past

The fear rushes through us

Races beyond us

Faces skewed from

Collagen blasting

Bodies hunched over from

Botoxed careers

And with every turn

We push the merry-go-round

A little faster

Dangerously tipping the balance

While on the pursuit of balance

A new generation churns in

Wishing they won the war

With their packaged happiness


Spiritual hunting

Fame grabbing



Standing up to what has

Already been stood up to

Finding another cure

For the cured

Pushing their expired luck

And selflessly

Standing on the edge

And so we get up

We slip up

Another day

Another year

They say we have

No more chances to mess up

Another child is born

There are no guarantees

Just a bunch of corporate junkies

Pinched together

On a bench


For yet another



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The 15th of August

One day you wake up

           and all of a sudden

the lines across your forehead

  begin to grow deeper.

One day you wake up

   and all that you are used to

disappears into a dark tunnel.

One day,

the world seems too grey

       to paint,

too sweet

   to dilute…

and the people you’ve learnt to love

start fading into the light

lit up by the past,

with luminous coloured labels-

signalling the start and finish

  of each memory spent with them.

One day you wake up

and the pieces don’t fit into place anymore,

what used to be important

         becomes frivolous, mediocre,

almost as though your dreams were only

  empty promises

made in an age when promises

                were meant to be broken.

One day you wake up

and the eyes staring back at you

are without love,

or passion for love.

The look of yearning is present-

yet for what…

is absent.

And you discover that

you were drowning in a dream:

a dream of life being as real as it can be

  a dream that hurts when it bites,

or tingles when it loves.

One day you wake up-

and with all the lines

      digging into your forehead

or all the people who now,

         seem dead

and the dreams that escape you somehow…

you are grateful

       for each revelation…

as you realise:

waking up after a long sleep

is the greatest gift

you have ever received.

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when it arrives

at my doorstep

in the daylight-

I crawl to my bed

and shudder to think

it has come for me today.


is captured

in the rays that creep

onto my bed covers

as I hide my head

beneath the blankets

frightened to believe

that they have crept in

for me today.


could be my sinking heart…

and however spirited

my departure into the dream world may be,

this faceless void

into which I stumble when I awake

cannot be filled.


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