nolife tv


This video is interesting. It’s a broadcast by Nolife TV (French TV). Members of Morning Musume are replying to the video message by Nolife.

3:48- Tanaka Reina 田中れいな speaking.

It never fails to make me chuckle, that she speaks in Fukuoka (福岡) dialect. The sentence ending with とお, as in “知られとお”–which, in standard Japanese, is spelled “知られてる” (“is known”).

There are a lof of famous geinoujin (芸能人, celebrity) who are from Fukuoka prefecture. 松田聖子, タモリ, 有坂来瞳, IKKO, 森口博子 to name a few. Moriguchi Hiroko occasionally slips her accent, but almost all of them don’t betray where they are from in their speech. 武田鉄矢 had been the only geinoujin who speaks in Fukuoka dialect on national TV.

In fact, to me, Tanaka Reina is the second person who speaks in dialect–The first person was 中澤 裕子 a member of 1st generation Morning Musume, who speaks in Osaka dialect.

I can’t think of any aidoru who speaks in dialect (non standard), apart from these two girls.

That’s why I always find Reina’s speech interesting.

Now, let’s watch the video from 3:48.

Here’s the transcript from 3:48. The parentheses are my comments.



れいな、ちょっと、場所は今から勉強するとして、(all the girls in the 2nd row grins!)


絶対行きますから!…たぶん! (oxymoron!)

The girl next to Reina: 行きたいですね!

Reina: 行きたい

高橋愛: ぜひ機会があったら、行きたいと思います!]



Reina: I noticed, Morning Musume is known in France! 

Reina: Reina, I’m just going to have to learn where it (France) is located from now,…

(Everyone in the 2nd row grins!)

Reina: Europe is super cool! Like.

Reina: I’ll absolutely go there!…Probably. (Oxymoron!)

(Everyone laughs)

Someone: I’d like to go there!

Takahashi: If we have the opportunity, we’ll definitely go there!