• Tolkien: "And then, Gil-Galad son of Finrod..."
  • Tolkien: Wait.. I changed my mind. Finrod never married and never had children.
  • Tolkien: Yup. So, Gil-Galad son of Fingon...
  • Tolkien: Now, reconsidering it again.. Maybe not. Let Fingon stay true to his only love.
  • Tolkien: Alright then, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth...
  • Tolkien: Speaking of Orodreth, I'm not quite sure about his father either.
  • Tolkien: Well, maybe he should be his former brother's son.
  • Tolkien: That's better. So, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth son of Angrod son of Finarfin...
  • *years later*
  • Christopher Tolkien: Dad.. What the fuck am I gonna do with this dude

There are parts of my Larp Costumes  that people never see, armour and overcoat cover it all. The grimy shirt has one purpose only: To protect my undershirts from the scalemaille mesh. The black dirt is from the armor, and I do not bother with cleaning it off every time, since it gets like this as soon as I wear the scalemaille. Only the collar, sleeves and lower hems can be seen beneath the armor.

The linen undershirt is my most recent one, and it uses a new base pattern I made. Collar, sleeves and hem will peek out under most outer layers, so I added some embroidery to them.


Stuff from my recent portfolio. Not sure if I want to post the rest but here’s a peek anyway. I’m a bit leery of including a fan character into a portfolio but at this point my Maedhros is so OC looking that you can’t really see the Tolkien in him anymore so I decide to risk it > < My brother says he looks like a pirate so he can be a scar-ry redhead elf pirate:P Pirate King Maedhros. Aaaaaaaa

Elven Accents

Middle Earth was supposed to be an origin myth for Britain, so I highly encourage we consider elven accents and their closest British equivalent.

Vanyar - Irish: It’s so lovely, you just want to hug them. Ingwë and Indis just talk and all heads turn so they can listen. Indis’s kids have a slight tinge to their accents because of it, and sometimes, Findis goes full-Irish just because she can. (None of her other siblings are as good at it as she is). And if there’s a Vanya nearby, they are going to get nominated as the evening’s story teller. No matter what.

Falmari - Yorkshire: It’s very thick and difficult to understand when they talk too quickly, but it’s also warm and beautiful and normally quite understandable. They tend to talk loudly, which is all a part of the charm. It’s also very, very hard to lose once you get it. Eärwen keeps her beautiful accent even after she moves to Tirion and all of her children have distorted versions of it.

Noldor - Scottish: Half the reason they get into so many fights is that no one can understand what they’re saying. Finwë’s house has the “posh” version, so they’re a little easier to understand than your average Noldo, but still. It gets like 10x harder when they’re angry. This also became a problem on the battlefield when Fingon was trying to command Sindar troops, too, and they weren’t quite sure whether they’d heard him correctly. But it is still glorious. After the ban, a lot of the Noldor try to take on the Sindar accent, but only with varying success. (For instance, Maedhros and Maglor could hide their accents 99% of the time, but whenever they got frustrated, their burr would come out and Elrond and Elros thought it was so funny, so they’d start leaving toys around for the Fëanorians to trip on just to hear it. Celebrían and, later, Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen would do the same thing to Galadriel).

Sindar - Posh Southern English: It’s why we see it in the movies, seeing as how by the end of the Third Age, most elves were Sindar or had been influenced by the Sindar accent for so long. It was very pretty, although the exiles totally teased it for being dainty.

Silvan - Welsh: This is also why the English accent is considered the only Elven accent. A lot of people couldn’t tell the difference between the Silvan and Sindar accents, but if you dared to say they were the same thing in front of a Silvan elf, you would be met with a fierce flurry of incomprehensible words. “THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND OURS IS BETTER” is a very common and completely accurate statement among the Silvan. 

WIP. Not sure if I’ll ever finish it; I was an idiot and did it all in one layer and also intricate armour is hard never mind normal armour, I always do this to myself T T And the face is familiar because I took it from that Maedhros head turnabout sheet I did; I think I’ll do that for all of my drawings in the future so to save time on rendering the face.

HC: Maedhros with a sword gauntlet because I can see Celebrimbor making one for his uncle.