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ok but: when maedhros asks feanor if they’ll go back for fingon feanor laughs

there’s something here

Ahhhh shit

Why would Fingon alone forgive the Feanorians for the boat-burnings and seek to reunite the Noldor? Because when has Feagon taken responsibility for anything ever?

Why the repetition of the death-by-balrog? It was only one death that history muddled into two. 

Why did Galadriel spend all that time behind the girdle? To keep her hair out of Feagon’s grubby paws.

Why did Fingolfin suddenly take back his ‘son’s’ kingdom and then die in despair not long after? He found out

time to delete all my slashfic. 

Barad Eithel (S. 'Tower of the Well’: barad "tower" + eithel "well, gen.) was the mountain fortress of Fingolfin and his son Fingon, thus the seat (until the Nirnaeth Arnoediad) of the High Kings of the Noldor.

It was set in the eastern foothills of the Ered Wethrin, at the source of the River Sirion. It was here that the Battle of Unnumbered Tears took place, and where Fingon was slain, giving Morgoth the chance to take control over the chief stronghold of both Mithrim and Dor-lómin.

Art by  ~Mohammad Ahmadvand | Dream Persian City

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LOVE those last two paragraphs, what impact! Super understated, super real.

Yeah, nothing good comes of a king who can’t control his emotions! The Noldor need a ruler who can scrunch up all his anger and resentment and despair into a tiny core of white-hot fury and never express it in a healthy way until it’s much much much too late. 

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oh no look at maedhros being a good big brother. maglor’s voice cracking :(

listen, Morgoth has been poisoning the water and vegetation, it’s very arid so if his eyes are watering and his voice is going rough you know exactly what to blame. 

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Love this. Maedhros can’t help falling into the role of the good big brother again. Maglor with his speech all ready–the last bit was so good–they are great characters.

Maedhros long ago worked out the perfect combination of passive aggression, patronising concern, resigned burden shouldering and noogies to make him the ultimate Older Brother (he made charts - he is his father’s son).

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I love that we can leap from torture references to flashbacks of them getting faced and piercing their nipp- ears without it feeling like whiplash; you capture the mood and the span of their history and what they’ve experienced so well.

Maedhros has, sadly, mixed up the time they actually got drunk and got nipple piercings with A Thing That Happened In Angband which makes the next time Celegorm tries to tell the story confusing and distressing for everyone involved. 


@thearrogantemu , here’s one Finrod inexplicably missed!


Anonymous asked: “hi! i am rereading the silmarillion after many years and i’m having some trouble with the noldorin royal family’s relationships. do you know a chart that shows who was on especially good terms with who and who disliked who? or if it interests you can you talk a bit about it? i love your blog!

Oh boy, Anon, you said the magic words: Noldor and chart. So have four! First a family tree to help keep the relations straight. Then a chart showing members of the family described by Tolkien as being on especially friendly or unfriendly terms. Then a chart showing everyone’s reaction to the Oath of Feanor, and finally one showing the lineup for the departure of the Noldor from Valinor.

If you’d like to read more about the Noldorin royal family and their complicated relationships, I’ve got plenty more posts for you:


Anon asked: “Apparently, there are many Elvish languages and I can’t really get them straight. What languages are there, and where (and when) are they spoken?

So, here you you! A little disclaimer: I didn’t put as much careful research into this as I might have, and it relies more heavily on secondary sources than I generally prefer. But Tolkien wrote so much on language that I could have been in the research stage of this post for weeks and still have tons of work to do. So consider this a sort of quick, casual guide to the realm of elvish linguistics. 

PS: The maps are excerpts from Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Middle Earth

PPS: I didn’t include any of the Sindarin-speaking men in these maps. Technically, the men of Gondor spoke Sindarin, but in their own dialect. But since they aren’t elves, I decided not to include them.

Fingon the Valiant 

Of all the children of Finwe he is justly most renowned: for his valour was as a fire and yet as steadfast as the hills of stone; wise he was and skilled in voice and hand; troth and justice he loved and bore good will to all, both Elves and Men, hating Morgoth only; he sought not his own, neither power nor glory, and death was his reward.

Ring of Doom: The Silmarils

Manwë: So. We’re here. Let’s talk business Fëanor.
Yavanna: Alright soooo the light of my trees has died and the Silmarils are the only thing that can make them better soooo …
Fëanor: ok and.
Manwë: Well, are you going to help out or not.
Fëanor: Let me think - no.
Manwë: Dude wtf. The silmarils happened because of her.
Aulë: Alright Manwë, don’t exaggerate. Let the man think.
Fëanor: Look, I’ve locked them up. And I’m not making any more. So, if you want, kill me. Y’know. First of the Eldar and all that.
Mandos: You’re not the first. js.
Fëanor: Wow Melkor was right, you’re all dicks.
Mandos: Welp, he’s spoken. Douche.
Nienna: … *cries on the trees*
Fëanor: And you’re all just gonna … let her do that.
Noldor Messengers: URGENT NEWS.
Manwë: Oh boy.
Noldor Messengers: Fëanor, your dad is dead.
Fëanor: Fingolfin that asshole –
Noldor Messengers: Nah, Melkor.
Noldor Messengers: Oh yeah. And he took your Silmarils, too.
Aulë: Ouch.
Manwë: Ok Fëanor, let’s take this slow -
Fëanor: *seethes* MORGOTH.