• Tolkien: "And then, Gil-Galad son of Finrod..."
  • Tolkien: Wait.. I changed my mind. Finrod never married and never had children.
  • Tolkien: Yup. So, Gil-Galad son of Fingon...
  • Tolkien: Now, reconsidering it again.. Maybe not. Let Fingon stay true to his only love.
  • Tolkien: Alright then, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth...
  • Tolkien: Speaking of Orodreth, I'm not quite sure about his father either.
  • Tolkien: Well, maybe he should be his former brother's son.
  • Tolkien: That's better. So, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth son of Angrod son of Finarfin...
  • *years later*
  • Christopher Tolkien: Dad.. What the fuck am I gonna do with this dude

Stuff from my recent portfolio. Not sure if I want to post the rest but here’s a peek anyway. I’m a bit leery of including a fan character into a portfolio but at this point my Maedhros is so OC looking that you can’t really see the Tolkien in him anymore so I decide to risk it > < My brother says he looks like a pirate so he can be a scar-ry redhead elf pirate:P Pirate King Maedhros. Aaaaaaaa


silmweek / day 02. / elves - high kings of the noldor

High King of the Noldor was the title of the head of the House of Finwë in Beleriand and Middle-earth. It was held by Elf-lords of the Noldor who held rulership over all the Noldorin realms. The forefather of the House of Finwë was Finwë, the first lord of the Tatyar who led his people in the Great Journey from Cuiviénen into the West to dwell in Valinor.

WIP. Not sure if I’ll ever finish it; I was an idiot and did it all in one layer and also intricate armour is hard never mind normal armour, I always do this to myself T T And the face is familiar because I took it from that Maedhros head turnabout sheet I did; I think I’ll do that for all of my drawings in the future so to save time on rendering the face.

HC: Maedhros with a sword gauntlet because I can see Celebrimbor making one for his uncle.  

Quick character concept for Caranthir. My HC Caranthir is a seer who sees horrific visions of his siblings’ futures and their descendants. Not too sure if I want to make the crow raven (my bad, thanks ali-labyrinth) a regular feature but we’ll see:P I should just tag my art the unhappy Feanorions:P

Feanor armour concepts for an illustration I’m doing for class. I don’t think I’m going to end up mirroring the exact designs in the illustration since they are too complex and beyond my current painting abilities but it was fun to design. Very final fantasy because I love their armour designs:D