Is Charming really going down a dark path of vengeance on Once Upon a Time? — Brett
There’s potential, but OUAT won’t pick up that story immediately. “We know he’s tempted,” EP Edward Kitsis tells me. “It’s not something that’s going to come to the forefront right away. It’s something he is clearly thinking about. I would be really disappointed if we didn’t pick it up and at least find out the answer by the end of the season.” EP Adam Horowitz concurs: “That story is not over. David has made a decision by not burning [the evidence] to pursue it. How he pursues it and when he pursues it, we’ll see as the season progresses. But he’s certainly wrestling with something, and how it impacts inversely in his relationships with Snow and his family is part of the story, as well as the ultimate answer to the mystery.”


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[slaps bread on someones face] "U R AN IDIOT SANDWICH" "u r an obstacle and that is all u will ever be" - Elliot Ramsey in Cold Kitchen [I COULD IMAGINE ELLIOT SWEARING LIKE A SAILOR WHEN THEY CAN SPEAK LMFAOOO]

YES ELLIOT DOES SWEAR QUITE A BIT… They don’t talk much but they do TEXT AND WRITE A LOT. THEY DON’T CENSOR THEMSELVES UNLESS NECESSARY. It’s probably a good thing they don’t talk much, they’d probably let a ‘fuck’ slip around small kids a lot…

193: Halloween 2016 (Finale)

Nolan and Gretha can’t find Herobrine around, but another creepypasta appears at the party…

…or does it? Happy Halloween!

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A little lonely

Roxy sat on a bench, watching the people pass as he sipped at a blue slushy. He was sure that Enlil was probably spending the event with rich and Daniel was probably with Nolan. He really didn’t know who to spend time with and a fair is no fun when alone. He pouted softly and waited patiently for someone familiar to pass, someone he could play games with and go on rides with.

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