((my apologies to anyone who’s waiting for an ask/rp reply, I’ll try and get to them soon! I JUST NEED TO FINISH FANART OF ALL THESE AMAZING MOTHSS!!
I get very excited by moths. (if people haven’t noticed pfpfpdpf)
And that include moth inspired characters/ mothified characters!!!

from top to bottom:
Moth!Jamison @window-service
Moth!Mitch  @thatscreechinghellhound
Moth!Henry @ghostest-withthe-mostest
Moth!Cherry @cherrymangomuffin
Moth!Nolan (i think?) @officernolan

5 down 5 to go! ))

May Zedong, who's more of a useless lesbian, you or Weiss? (Asked by anon)
  • May, her face quickly boils into a flustered mess, stumbling over her words: Wh-What!? Me? No! NO!! Not me!! Her! Her her not me!
  • May, pulls her hat down over her face and drops to a fetal position, clearly very embarrassed: Ugh. Wake me up when I'm dead.
  • Roy, one hand on his hip, the other scratching his head: Oy. Wt's ya problem?
  • Nolan, shaking his head with crossed arms, sighs: Aye, I'm tellin ya. She'll be death o' us I swear.
  • Brawnz: Oh come of guys, don't pick on her too much.
  • Brawnz, a joking smirk splitting across his face: We all know she's not a useless lesbian.
  • May, pulling her hat up: Y-you think so?
  • Brawnz, doing his best to hold back snickers: Yeah. You're much more of an "incompetent bisexual".
  • Roy, slapping his knee in laughter as him and the other boys burst out, May throws out a grumpy 'hmph!' And storms away: BAAHHAAA!! Oi lord ya sure gottuhr didn't ye.

anonymous asked:

I bet Louis regrets his "closet" choice! He could be releasing a solo album, not having to do any pap walks, faking 2 girlfriends and a baby, have had a fashion spread, and in a Christopher Nolan movie.

Next time he resigns up for more Babygate he really has to tick the “Yacht” box. 

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I just thought maybe BC wanted to work with Michael Caine or some other actor for Now You See Me 3. Who knows how long MC will keep working and these seem to be what he does besides Nolan films. Not knocking him for that (or BC for NYSM3). You do you, Michael Caine.

He’s definitely earned it! He’s been living in a ton of movies…(like one of my faves-“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ”).


Gotham City Sirens | Selina Kyle

“Live fast. Love hard. Die young. Leave a good-smelling corpse.” - Catwoman 


The Dark Knight trilogy - alternate posters! Available here

How y'all doin?! I’m not allowed to show anything I’m drawing, but I thought I’d share a fun little thing that I’m doing. I love this series called A Movie Poster a Day (google and check it out!). Anyways, it inspired me to do my own little series.

In the style of minimalist, retro/ vintage posters, I’ll find beautiful shots and imagery within the movie itself to showcase.