nolan t. jones

inthedarkarcade  asked:

Any new or secret-secret, hush-hush, only-in-whispered tongues projects on the horizon? Any potential collaborations?

This is a tough question in that I’m doing so much that I’m never certain what folks are aware I’ve got going on behind-the-scenes, so I’m gonna run the WHOLE PROJECT LIST in order of release.

HOUSE OF ORR is my ongoing fantasy webcomic about the best guild to ever converge drawn by Victoria Grace Elliott and with a lot of editorial love from my Roll20 co-creators.  We update every-other week on Fridays— next month we’ll have updates November 1st, 15th, and 29th, the last of which will be an overhaul of the website (it’s gonna look great).  Here’s a crazy splash page/wallpaper:

COLONIAL SOULS is my upcoming four-issue space opera about an almost extinct alien race.  Andrew MacLean drew it (go check out his current Kickstarter), and Pete Toms drenched it in NEON. This book is DONE, I’m just figuring out printing.  It will be an independent release on the shelves of all willing comic book stores late this year or start of next.  It looks like this:

(REDACTED) is closest to a “secret project.”  This is a fantasy thing, it’s twenty pages long, it’s going to be online, it’s for someone else’s universe/book, and it’s GREAT, GREAT, GREAT.  Tait Howard and Jared Morgan have drawn it, but it still needs some coloring and lettering.  Expect this soon.  Here’s a sneaky-peek:

SCAMTHOLOGY is Joe Mulvey’s giant circus party where he’s invited a bunch of great creators to contribute to his superpowered con men universe.  My story (which is completely written) is set to be drawn by… well, this isn’t quite announced yet, so I’ll sit on it. LET ME PROMISE, it is an honor AND we’re gonna make it so Vegas it’ll blow your mind, “baby”. Look forward to this next year, and here’s the teaser poster:

DECAGON OF DOOM is an intergalactic wrestling one shot I’m making with Timo Weaver.  There’s going to be a side story in an upcoming sci fi anthology, and then the full thing sometime early next year. It is DOPE: 

I’LL MAKE YOU REMEMBER is a four issue look at memory and loss drawn by Anissa Espinosa.  We have an issue and a half done, no release date yet, but it looks great:

THE RENEGADES is a long-gestating story about genetic creations in the near future.  Teemu Juahani does the lines, Pete Toms does the colors, and I have no idea when it will come together, but I love it:

It’s worth mentioning that Dylan Todd is doing design work on 85% of these, and I love him dearly.

As for what’s beyond all of that, I don’t know.  I’m looking forward to having a few of those things wrapped and out in the public eye before taking on much more BUT you never know when the perfect storm is going to happen.