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Forthcoming movies to get excited about in 2017.

Edit: I’ve removed The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortaro from the list, as production was cancelled early in 2017. Vox Lux and Annihilation have both been pushed back to 2018, but I’ve left them on the list anyway. I made this list in January 2017, so give me a break.


Young Outsiders Recast –> Nolan Gould as Two Bit Mathews

“Life was one big joke to Two-Bit. He was famous for shoplifting and his black-handled switchblade (which he couldn’t have acquired without his first talent), and he was always smarting off to the cops. He really couldn’t help it. Everything he said was so irresistibly funny that he just had to let the police in on it to brighten up their dull lives.”

Baby Blue Eyes

Nolan Holloway imagine

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Requested-Hii! I wanted to request something since you wanted some. Froy and reader have an really huge and violent fight and he secreams at her. And she has panick attack. The way he screams at kind of triggers her panic attack. Then he tries to calm her down. Then he is all needy like he wants to make himself forgive.Like you know its a little cliche but… ı want to see a needy froyyy. Thank you💕 . Or maybe you should do it with nolan not froy. Yeah it should be nolan

Warning- Fighting, Panic Attack, smol baby blue eyes Nolan

Word Count-1,458

Tags- @riverdalexvixens

Nolan had been acting distant lately and (Y/N) had been trying to get him to talk to her yet he’d always avoid answering or simply answer “Nothing, I’m just stressed.” or “I haven’t been getting enough sleep.” or when (Y/N) would ask if she could sleep over or have him sleep at her house he’d say “Can’t I’m studying.”. (Y/N) hated the fact that he was being distant and just wanted to hold her boyfriend in her arms, she saw Nolan near his locker and decided to try to talk to him. She leaned up against the lockers looking up at her boyfriend “Hey babe.” (Y/N) said cheerfully as Nolan glanced at her while putting his books into his locker “Hey (Y/N).” her eyes brows furrowed usually when he greets her he’d say ‘Hi baby, or babygirl.’ but her personal favorite princess. “Babe can you come over tonight? I was thinking of binge watching some disney movies and the live action Beauty and the Beast is now on Netflix.” Nolan looked down shaking his head ‘no’ “Sorry, I have two test that I have to study for.” (Y/N) felt her heart break as she swallowed the small lump forming in her throat “I’ll um, see you tomorrow then.” she mumbled pushing  herself off the lockers to get to class.

(Y/N) had met up Lydia and Malia at a small ice cream shop in need for some girl time and just wanted to let out what she’s feeling. 

“He’s been..distant lately.” (Y/N) mixed her ice cream together as Lydia and Malia listened to her rant “When I’d ask, wanna sleep over? Or can I come over? He’d say can’t studying. Today, today I asked him to come over and binge watch disney movies and he said he was studying.” (Y/N) ate a spoonful of ice cream not minding the brain freeze she was currently having. Lydia sighed “Hun, maybe he is studying I mean it’s near semester exams and maybe he’s just stressed I mean he does play lacrosse too and balancing grades and lacrosse can be difficult.” Malia snickered placing down her empty ice cream cup onto the table “Maybe you should go over to check on him, you do trust him right?” (Y/N) nodded her head “Of course I trust him. Don’t bring up the one thing that crosses a girls mind when their boyfriend is avoiding them.” and that one thing was ‘Is my boyfriend cheating on me?’ Honestly that could be a hit tv show follow someone around and document the entire thing for television.

(Y/N) paced back and forth unsure of what to do, it was currently 7:30 Nolan had gotten home from practice an hour ago should she go over? Take Malia’s suggestion and see if he’s actually studying? “No, I’d just look like a total dumbo if he was actually studying then it’ll look like I don’t have trust in him.” (Y/N) thought to herself “Fuck it.” she thought rushing into her closet to pick out his Lacrosse hoodie she’d been sleeping in for the past few nights when Nolan couldn’t come over she slipped on some shorts and a pair of her white vans then headed down the stairs “Mom I’m going over to Nolan’s!” (Y/N) yelled on her way down being sure to have her phone wallet and car keys “Okay sweetie! Drive safely!”

She parked on his driveway sitting there for the past five minutes unsure if she should go up and knock “It could end up one way or another, one he could actually be studying and and two he could be with another girl.” (Y/N) rested her head against the steering wheel “No (Y/N) don’t think that way, it could just be him studying and not have another girl in his bed..” (Y/N) began to overthink as her breathing became heavy “Just get out of the car and go.” (Y/N) mumbled as she exited her car making her way up the porch standing in front of the door. She slowly lifted her hand moving over to the doorbell her finger ghosting over the button (Y/N) drew in a sharp breath pushing the button “Coming!” Nolan shouted once he opened the door my heart beat began to accelerate. “(Y/N)?” Nolan questioned his hair was a mess and his eye bags had gotten worse “May I come in?” (Y/N) questioned as Nolan gave her a small nod opening the door a little wider so that she could enter.

(Y/N) and Nolan sat across of each other in uncomfortable silence his books were laid out on the bed some were on the ground. She glanced at Nolan then back to her hands that rested on her lap “Do you not trust me?” Nolan asked in a hushed voice causing (Y/N) to look back at Nolan “What?” she questioned as Nolan stood up running his hands through his hair “Do you trust me?” he repeated as (Y/N) mirrored his actions “Yes, of course I trust you Nolan.” (Y/N) walked up to him placing both her hands on his cheeks using the pad of her thumb to brush his cheek bones Nolan removed (Y/N) hands from his face as he took a step back “If you trusted me then you would’ve call or texted me that you were coming over.” Nolan raised his voice causing her to flinch “Nolan I was worried about you.” (Y/N) said as her vision blurred slightly.

Nolan sat on the edge of his bed “You thought I was cheating didn’t you?” (Y/N) shook her head ‘no’ causing Nolan to chuckle “I know it crossed your mine (Y/N), I know a little part of you thought I was cheating.” (Y/N) stayed quiet as she let the tears fall down her cheeks since his room was dark and the moonlight only shined in the corner of the room he couldn’t see that his girlfriend was crying “Dammit (Y/N) answer me!” Nolan yelled causing (Y/N) to breathe heavily she fell to her knees the room began to spin “I was scared.” she said in between breaths she took off Nolan’s hoodie and placed it next to her “I thought I was gonna lose you! I thought you found someone better when you were constantly avoiding me!” Nolan noticed she was breathing heavily and shaking Nolan immediately noticed she was having a panic attack “(Y/N)? Baby I’m so sorry!” Nolan apologized as he cradled her face he remember what Lydia had said “I read once that holding your breathe can stop and panic attack, so when you kiss someone they’ll hold their breathe.” Nolan kissed (Y/N) as she was taken by surprise he pulled away a couple seconds ago pulling (Y/N) into a hug “Princess I’m sorry I yelled at you, I’ve been so stressed I barley paid attention to you, Princess I’m sorry I’m so sorry.” Nolan began to cry as he placed his face in the crook of her neck peppering kisses here and there mumbling “I’m sorry.” every so often.

“How did you know that kissing me would stop the panic attack?” (Y/N) questioned pulling back to look at Nolan’s face “Lydia, I heard her say that holding your breathe can stop a panic attack, so when I kissed you-” “I held my breath.” Nolan slowly stood up picking up his sweater then giving (Y/N) a hand to stand up “Princess, I’m sorry I ignored you.” he mumbled engulfing her into another hug “Do you wanna watch the Beauty and the Beast that came out on netflix?” he mumbled causing (Y/N) to smile widely.

Nolan rested his head in the crook of (Y/N) neck leaving butterfly kisses every so often “I love you princess.” he mumbled as he arms tightened around her waist “I love you more babe, but could you let me use the bathroom please?” Nolan shook his head no “I’ll come with you.” he kissed my cheek causing (Y/N) to laugh “Wait outside the door.” Nolan placed (Y/N) over his shoulder causing her to yelp “Babe! I can walk yunno.” Nolan placed her outside the bathroom door “Hurry.” he whined as (Y/N) entered the bathroom.

Once they sat back on the couch Nolan pouted tapping his thigh signalling (Y/N) to sit on his lap “Babe? There’s lot’s of room on the couch.” (Y/N) joked as Nolan chuckled kissing her shoulder “I just want to hold my princess.” Nolan laced their fingers together brining the back of (Y/N) hands to his lips she used the pad of her thumb to brush across his cheek bone as she leaned in to kiss him. It was a short but passionate kiss, they spent the rest of the night binge watching Disney Movies whispering sweet nothings between one another.

Build It Better - Nolan Patrick

“you always build it better the second time around” 

for anon

inspiration: build it better by aron wright 

lowercase intended 

word count: 1693 

warnings: cursing 

a/n: rip. but also i’m back in my home country! I posted a masterlist and put the link in my bio/description or you can find it below this post!

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nolan knew he’d fucked up. he knew he shouldn’t have pushed you, and he knew he shouldn’t have said what he did.

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Forever and Eternity

Don’t worry @littledancersun I will still do your request, it just made me want to write this ♡

You were a chimera, Theo WAS your Alpha, when Kira put Theo into the ground, you left Beacon Hills. Once the ghost riders ( is that what they’re called? ) started taking people, Liam texted you to come back to Beacon Hills, but you didn’t know Theo was gonna be there.


You walked into Scott’s house and noticed a familiar scent. Theo. You walked into the kitchen and saw him. Your eyes flashed a deep purple colour ( I think purple is a witch colour ) and mumbled a spell under your breath and Theo went crashing into the wall. “ bitch. ” you heard Theo say once he slammed into the wall. You ran towards him and punched him in the face. Blood was coming out of his nose, so you punched him again. “ Y/N! ” Liam yelled at you, you whispered a spell and he fell to the ground, he couldn’t move, kinda like Kanima venom.


You stayed in Beacon Hills after the ghost riders, since you thought everything was okay. Theo left afterwards, Stiles went to his FBI school thing and you and Liam were friends. Shocking.

There was lacrosse practice, so you decided to watch, especially since Nolan was on the team. You’ve had a big crush on him since you saw him.

After Liam decided to finally get on the field, he got flipped. And there was a wolf. Liam and Scott followed it into the woods, you didn’t want to look suspicious so you stayed. Nolan ran towards the school, throwing his lacrosse stick at the field. You decided to follow him to make sure he was okay. “ Nolan? Nolan?! ” he ignored you and ran towards the locker room. You ran after him and saw him sitting on a bench with his face in his hands. “ Nolan? ” you asked. You heard a small whimpers coming from him, he must be scared out of his mind.

“ I..I….don.. ” he struggled to talk. “ it’s ok, you don’t have to say anything. ” you sat down next to him. “ y..your…y/n ” he said. “ yeah ” he moved his hands from his face to your hand, that was right next to him on the bench. “ your the only one who…who came after me. ” he looked up at your eyes. His back straightened and leaning towards you. His eyes still looking at yours. He leaned closer towards you and moved his hand to your waist. His lips were ghosting over yours.

You couldn’t take it anymore. You smashed your mouth over his and started kissing. Your lips moving with each other. You moved your body closer to his and moved your hand to his neck. Your lips moving slow, but passionate.

You quickly pulled away as you heard the door open. “ HOLLOWAY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? ” coach Finstock yelled. “ just calming myself down, coach ” he said quietly, his eyes looking at your lips. “ GET BACK ON THE FIELD! ” coach looked at you, “ GET OUT OF HERE L/N ! ”. Long story short, you and Nolan were madly in love.

You and Nolan saw each other everyday, you loved him and he loved you. Even when Monroe tried to get him to be a hunter, protecting you was the top of his list. No matter what. You didn’t know that Monroe put you on the top of her list too. Her kill list.

Scott warned you about Nolan, but you didn’t have to worry about him. He told you about Monroes plans, he told you what she wanted to do to you. Monroe didn’t trust Nolan since he was with you, but she also thought he could help her in a way.

You were in the hospital since Nolan texted you to meet him here. Once you walked in everyone was staring at you, and you glared back. You walked around ,looking into rooms, but Nolan wasn’t there. You walked into a room and saw Nolan passed out on the ground. “ You know, I thought you wouldn’t reply, most girls just read and don’t reply. ” You turned around and saw Gabe holding Nolan’s phone. Your eyes turned purple, your claws and fangs came out, and you roared as loud as you could. You ran at Gabe, but he brought out a gun and shot you in the shoulder, you coughed and saw purple dust. “ Monroe didn’t want me to kill you, she wanted to do it herself. ” Gabe said as he punched you and knocked you out.

You felt burning on your shoulder * roar * , you opened your ( purple ) eyes and saw Melissa quickly back away from you. “ Sorry. ” you said quietly. She took out a lighter and held it to where Gabe shot you. You look over to your right and see Nolan, covered with bruises and blood. You whispered a spell and saw his bruises heal and the blood disappear. You leaned your head back and felt your heart beat slow down. “ Okay and done ” Melissa stood up and walked towards Nolan. You stood up and looked at Nolan, he still looked beat up, even when you took his injuries away. Nolan blinked his eyes and smiled when the first thing he saw was you. “ Ok, are you gonna help or are you gonna sit around and not help? ” Melissa asked. “ I’m gonna help. ” . “ Good ” Melissa said while turning on her electricity stick ( still have no idea what it’s called )

You were at the edge of a wall, staring at Gabe , Liam and your ex Alpha ( Theo ) fighting. You heard a hunter talking into a walkie talkie , you heard Monroes voice reply. Before you could get up and slit his throat, he was shooting at Liam and Gabe. Even when he shot Liam down to the ground, he kept shooting at Gabe. You ran towards Gabe, “ Y/N !!! ” Liam and Nolan yelled. You felt multiple pins of pain pass through your body. You heard Gabe fall behind you, you felt the muscles in your legs start to feels numb. You fell next to Gabe. You heard him crying and felt him lightly kick you as he tried to crawl to the wall. “ y/n, y/n ” Nolan said as he ran to you and supported you with his leg. You were healing, you felt it, but the pain was still there. You stood up, limping leaving Nolan crying on the ground.

Your eyes glowed purple, you flicked your hand so your claws were out. You turned your head to the side, hearing your bones cracking, your turned your head forward and roared so the hunter could see your fangs. While you felt your body healing, you slowly walked towards the hunter. You yelled a spell, and the hunter quickly crashed into the wall. Black smoke covered your body and you reappeared into front of the bloody hunter. He quickly took out a pistol from his belt, you moved your arm up and slightly moved your hand and the gun crumbled into gravel. You looked at your hand and saw your claws were still out, you looked back at the hunter and saw him squirming. You looked back at your claws and slowly moved your hand towards his neck, you looked at his face and saw him shut his mouth. You placed your claws on his neck, but not hard enough for it to puncture him. “ Please…plea- ” you slashed his throat before he could finish.

You turned around and saw Liam with a face of horror, you walked towards Nolan trying to figure out what he was thinking, “ I don’t care, he hurt you, and I still love you ” Nolan said as he stood up and slowly hugged you, tears running down his face. You heard Liam cough, and saw Gabe leaning on a wall. “ it hurts…it hurts ” Gabe said while blood was coming out of his mouth. “ hurts ”. Theo walked towards Gabe and kneeled in front of him. He pulled Gabe’s sleeve up and grabbed his arm. Black veins were moving on their skin. Theo was taking his pain. He let go of his arm, “ Does it still hurt? ” he asked, his voice soft and calm. “ No ” Gabe replied “ Good. ”. Theo stood up and watched Gabe die a painless death.

You and Nolan were sitting outside of the school, “ Monroe, she’s still out there. ” you said. “ I know, but.. what I don’t know is what your deal with Theo is. ” he laughed. “ Well that’s a story for next time, for now my story is you ” you said as you you kissed Nolan’s cheek. “ For now? ” he questioned. “ forever and eternity ”

7x02 spoiler fic

So this came to me last night after watching the season 7 premier. 


Turning off the bugs engine, Emma quietly exited the small vehicle and made her way down the docks, contemplating if she wanted to board the Jolly Roger or just continue to walk near the water. Flexing her fingers at the stiffness radiating through her body, the dread amplifying slightly now that she had followed her instincts to the sea, Emma figured common ground was good and jogged up the gangplank.

Something was off, her magical instincts vibrating with it, but she wasn’t sure what it meant; Storybrooke was fine, no evil doers were raining down hexes like they were confetti at the moment, nor was the Sheriff’s office even busy with normal non-magical cases; everything was peaceful and calm. In fact, the only real concern Emma had on her mind right now was-

“Henry,” Emma scoffed, feeling like a fool for not realizing it sooner. His messages had been coming fewer and fewer in the last few months, becoming non-existent 3 weeks ago. She’d been worrying for days now, allowing her brain to rationalize away what her heart and magic had been trying to convey.

Henry was in danger.

Spinning on her heel, Emma made to head back to the her vehicle when her boot pinged off of glass, the sunlight glittering off the bottle as it skidded across the boards. Recognizing the bottle Killian had provided to Henry and Emma to communicate, she quickly chased the object, her heart pounding at finally hearing something from her son. She didn’t hesitate to pull the stopper, her magic practically ripping the cork out in her haste.

“Mom,” Henry started, his voice deeper, older, as it flowed from the enchanted bottle, reminding her of just how long it had been since she’d physically seen him. “I need your help. I-I can send a portal with this message, but it won’t last long. Please,” he added at the end, his voice cracking on the plea.

Digging out her phone, Emma had just barely tapped the contacts app when a loud whoosh sounded to her left, the air crackling with magic as a round portal appeared out of nowhere.

“Shit,” Emma muttered, the dread in her stomach amplifying as she realized her family wasn’t going to arrive in time. Knowing she only had a few moments to alert Killian of what was happening, she quickly started to type a message to him when the portal started to hiss, the size diminishing at an alarming speed.

“No!” Emma hollered, hastily shoving the phone into her jacket pocket before racing into the orange vortex, her mind consumed with finding her son.


Running his hand down the horse’s neck, Killian smiled gently, murmuring his praises as he brushed the large beast.It had been quite some time since he been on a horse but when David had suggested they take Neal out for a short ride he had agreed readily, happy for the chance to test his rusty skills.

Hearing movement from outside the Nolans barn, Killian gave the horse one last affectionate pat and, after looking a few stalls down to check that young Neal was tending to his own horse properly, followed the sound outdoors. He found David returning from the main house, two beers in hand.

“We should make this a weekly ritual,” David suggested, handing off one of the pre-opened cold bottles. “Maybe even get Emma out here one evening to join us.”

“Aye,” Killian agreed, his face slowly morphing into one of concern as fiddled with the paper around the beer. Emma had been moping around for weeks, her spirit lowering more and more each day as the absence between Henry’s messages became longer.

Never one to not notice things, David sighed. “Still no word from Henry?”

“No.” The admittance tasted bitter on his tongue and Killian took a pull from the bottle, using the moment to collect his thoughts. “And I have no misgivings about his abilities. Henry is smart and more than capable.


“But,” Killian admits, repeating David’s skeptical tone, “the Lad isn’t one to neglect his Mum.”

Agreeing, David nodded. “Maybe-”

“Bloody Hell,” Killian growled out, abruptly dropping to his knees as an intense pulse of terror shot through his chest, the sudden emotion stealing his breath. He could hear his name being called through the throbbing in his ears but all he could was clutch at his chest, his heart thundering as the intensity scaled down enough for him realize what was happening.

“Emma,” Killian panted, allowing David to help him to his feet. “Somethings happening.”

Fear shot through his father-in-law’s eyes as David quickly got his phone, bringing it to his ear while still helping to support some of Killian’s weight. Killian listened in fear as the muffled rings sounded in the sudden silence, his stomach dropping even more. She didn’t answer.


Two sets of eyes snapped back toward the house, watching as Snow came through the sliding glass door, her eyes trained on her phone. “Regia just texted me that she felt a massive surge of power and-”

“Did she say where?”

“Was it Emma?”

Startled by the force behind the questions, Snow took in the scene before her and demanded, “No. What’s going on?”

“Call Regina, tell her to locate it, now,” David instructed his wife. “It’s Emma.” Snow’s eyes flew open but she complied immediately.

“Dad,” a timid voice called from the barn door, all eyes turning to Neal as he hovered in the doorway. Swallowing, the boy tentatively raised his arm, pointing out past the back border of the yard. “I fe- I felt it. That way, down by the docks.”

Killian didn’t hesitate to turn heel, his cell still pressed to his ear as he started to run toward the road as fear gripped his heart. He could hear David and Snow exchanging worried words before he felt David racing after him, both of them heading toward the squad car parked out front of the Nolan residence. Holding the phone with his shoulder, Killian put the key in the ignition and had his foot was poised to gun the gas as soon as David got his door closed. He threw the car into drive and used the attachment placed on the steering wheel with his hook to maneuver down the driveway, his free hand left to end the call when Emma didn’t answer.

The ride to the docks was tense and, besides for the multiple calls made to Emma that went unanswered, only broken once by David when, after Killian squealed the tires around a particularly sharp left turn, reached out and laid a hand on his arm.

“It’s gonna be ok. Emma will be fine.”

Killian’s only response was to push the gas pedal down harder.

He skidded the car to stop beside Emma’s bug, not surprised to find Regina’s car already there also. They headed toward the Jolly Roger, finding Regina standing on the middle of his ship, her right hand in the air in front of her.

“Where’s Emma?” Killian demanded, his eyes raking everywhere as he spun, looking for his wife.

“She’s not here,” Regina said absently, her attention still focused on her hand, a slight glow following in it’s wake as she moved it slowly around her.

“What do you bloody mean she isn’t here? I felt-” Killian cut his snarl off, choosing to run his hand through his hair than voice the agonizing despair that had ripped through his body mere minutes before.

Snapping her eyes his way, Regina finally lowered her arm. “I meant she is not here. No one was when I arrived,” she informed him, her voice tight.

“But someone was before? Other than just Emma?” David questioned, his voice practiced steel as he looked around the immaculate ship.

Regina opened her mouth but hesitated, the unusual uncertainty drawing both mens attention. “I’m not sure. The magic originated here, Neal was correct, but…”

“But what?” Killian pressed, stalking closer.

“It doesn’t feel like her magic,” Regina finally conceded. “Light magic, definitely, and a lot of it. But it wasn’t hers.”

“Ok,” David sighed, watching as Killian pulled out his cell again and tried to reach Emma. “Her car is in the lot so she was here at some point today and there are only so many light-magic users in this town. Neal was with us.”

“And I was at my office, finishing up some paperwork,” Regina informed them. “It isn’t a very long list.”

“What about Rumple?”

“Light magic isn’t really his deal. But I attempted to contact him already on the drive over and he didn’t answer.”

Hearing Emma’s chipper voicemail recording once more, Killian swore under his breath and started to pace, waiting for the beep before pleading, “Love, please, just let me know you’re alright.” Ending the phone call, Killian looked down to place his cell back in his pocket when something glared in the sun, catching his eyes. Curious, he walked over to the crate by the railing and bent down, his breath leaving him in a huff when he palmed the glass bottle he had gifted Henry to allow him to communicate with them.

“Is that-” Regina trailed off, recognizing the bottle immediately and Killian didn’t waste any time in popping the cork with his teeth, the three of them circling around the bottle. The message replayed, his relief from hearing Henry’s voice soon replaced with a shuddering realization that, while Emma wasn’t in any danger from Henry, she had surely jumped through a portal to some unknown land, alone and without any help.

“We need to reopen that portal, now.”

“And how do you suppose we do that? We don’t have any magic beans,” Regina reminds David, starting to pace herself, her fear for Henry overriding her usual calm. “And I can’t use the Apprentice’s wand because I don’t even know where to summon a portal to.”

“There has to be another way to generate a portal,” Killian growls out, his voice impatient.

“Unless you plan on enacting yet another curse, I believe we’re out of options at the moment, considering that the only other way I’ve jumped is with the Hatter’s hat, and Jefferson has gone into retirement.”

“That’s the only ways you’ve conveyed between realms,” Killian picks up on, turning back toward the former Evil Queen. “But others have come to Storybrooke in different ways, aye?”

“Well, yes, of course,” Regina answers. “Mermaids can travel under the water through self-made portals, but humans are unable to follow.”

“Genie’s have the ability to grant wishes to do so,” David offers. “And Nemo is able to use Kraken blood to move between realms.”

“Neither of which are helpful to us at the present moment though,” Regina admits bitterly. “And the ashes my mother used to make her portal are long gone. But,” she added, her eyes widening, “I do have another family member who is quite adept at getting in and out of Storybrooke…”

“Zelena,” Killian supplies.

“It’s worth a shot.”

“Ok, I’ll head out to the farm and see if she can offer any insights,” David decides, heading for the squad car as soon as the words leave his mouth.

After watching David jog away for a few beats, Regina finally turns back to Killian. “I’ll go try and track down Gold, since he refuses to answer his phone.” Pausing briefly, she sighs deeply before crossing her arms, her voice uncomfortable but steady. “I know you’re worried, but Emma made the right choice. Our son needed help.”

“I would never eschew Henry any assistance he needed.” Unable to forget the absolute terror that had bloomed in the chest, Killian rubbed his hand over his heart, a physical pain still lingering from when it had alerted him to the danger being faced by his True Love.

“Well then Dearies, it’s quite fortunate that I’m here to help, isn’t it?”

Startled, Killian turns to see Rumple appearing on the deck of the Jolly Roger, both hands clutching objects. “Forgive me if I find that hard to believe,” Killian practically sneered.

“You forget, Pirate, that Henry is my grandson.”

Chuckling darkly, Killian shakes his head, tossing back, “and you only remember, Crocodile, when it’s convenient to you.”

“That’s enough,” Regina barks, stepping between the two men, who had stepped closer to each other in anger. “Henry is out there somewhere, in danger, along with Emma.” Turning towards Rumple, Regina looks down at his hands and asks, “you have something to help us?”

Pausing for a moment, as if he was debating his next move, Gold finally nods and holds out the gleaming heels. “It just so happens that I do.”

A look of realization appears on Regina’s face. “Zelena’s silver slippers.”

“Able to travel to any realm with a mere click of the heels.”

“And if we don’t know which realm we need to get to?” Killian questioned.

Smirking, Gold held out his other hand, opening it to dangle a familiar golden compass before their eyes. “Then it would be best to have something that would lead you right where you needed to go.”

Reaching for the offered object, Killian’s jaw clenched when the blasted crocodile tutted and pulled the compass away, turning to pass it and the heels over to Regina instead. “I believe we’ll leave this one to someone who is actually capable,” Rumple taunted. Indicating for her to put on the heels, he added, “I believe it is in our best interests to not dally. Something tells me we will be needed quite soon.”

Sharing a look with Regina, Killian quickly sends out a text to David as she moves to sit and slip on the silver shoes. By the time he replaces his phone in his pocket Regina is holding the compass out in front of herself, waiting for the others to move closer before clicking the heels and stating loudly, “take us to Henry and Emma.”

A glowing circle of flames suddenly opens in the air in front of them, the loud whooshing from the portal drowning out the frantic ringing from Killian’s phone. Sharing one last look, Killian places his hand on Regina’s arm while Rumple does the same on the other side, the three of them walking through the portal without looking back.

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Also canon: Gabe and Nolan get scared at night, so they sleep in Theo and Liam’s bed.

Theo and Liam cuddling at night. The floor outside creeks as Nolan stands outside their bedroom for a minute or two. He opens the door and stands there holding the door
“Liam?” He says really low. Liam wakes, he knows why Nolan is there. He makes some room and tells Nolan to climb in… 

Gabe then wakes up, clutching his chest where he was shoot (BUT SURVIVED!) the room is really dark, he has the feeling Monroe is lurking in the shadows, that she is under his bed, that she is standing just at the window to his room, even though he knows its impossible as they are upstairs. He gets up and goes to the bathroom, noticing Nolan isn’t in his bed, he walks to Theo and Liam’s room and peeks in. Nolan is there. 
Gabe looks at the three of them, feeling alone. 
“Get in” Theo mutters. 
Gabe grins, then climbs in next to Theo who sighs as his blankets are taken up with Gabe too. 

All 4 boys just sleep together. No Monroe, no Gerard, No Tara disturb their sleep. 

AU in which nolan is emily’s ever loyal pet dog that tirelessly follows her around, wearing his trademark bowties

Happy very belated birthday Liz! ♥


If Matty had ever tried to say he had been to a nightclub he was sure everyone would be able to see through his lie immediately. As social as Matty was, he didn’t go out drinking often. In fact, the first and last time he’d been out to a bar was his twenty-first birthday. That wasn’t the first nor the last time he had been drunk but he preferred a more casual environment to drink with friends.

Now, there was no getting around it. Matty had to go to Alastor since Nolan had asked him to join Harper. And if Nolan asked, Matty followed without question. He had never spent any time with Harper outside of Nolan’s basement and that was always an experience in itself so he wasn’t sure what to expect tonight. He was looking forward to getting to know her better though. He always loved new company.

Which brought Matty to the corner where he and Harper agreed that they would meet. It most likely would have been easier to meet inside but since they were investigating and he had never been inside before, he wasn’t about to take any chances blowing their cover. He gave a small wave and a smile to Harper when he saw her approaching. “Hey, you look nice tonight! Are you excited?”