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057: In the menu

I’ve been thinking on this one weeks and weeks in advance, until finally getting all “special dishes” together. A special parody compilation on many videogame companies’ policies and behaviors. In case you’re a little confused, here’s what’s going on:

Pancakes a la Microsoft: We call “pancake” to those who flip over their opinions and come up saying pretty much the opposite of what they had previously stated. That’s almost canon with Microsoft and his many, many 180º turns in regards of their policies.

Ubisoft Soup: This was a joke back then; today it’s a sad reality. Ubisoft is now known for releasing the same game over and over, with little to no real added substance. Just how many more Assassin’s Creed games are they going to release? This soup is getting pretty watery, indeed!

Nintendo Pizza: One could argue that Nintendo, the same as Ubisoft, releases the same games over and over… And yet, one can’t help to admire the way Nintendo always seems to find that extra “something” that makes every “new” game a completely fresh experience. That’s why Nintendo has a pizza, Triforce-shaped.

Capcom Combo: Hey, remember when Capcom used to sell all that in-disc DLC? Here’s a dish up to their standards!

Molyneux’s 22 Mystery Cans: Kind of a pun between Peter Molyneux’s studio (22 Cans) and the hype that surrounded his experimental game “Curiosity: What’s in the Cube?”. I don’t even know what’s in those 22 cans… Purchase at your own risk.

OUYA Rice Cube: I must admit I love the concept of OUYA, but in practice it’s just like this dish: it looks good and you can enjoy it… but in the end you will stay hungry.

Steam Appetizer: You have never been in a Steam Sale, haven’t you?

Electronic Arts Official Dish: Only available in Origin, see.

Lately I’ve been wanting to draw something unexpected for my Bits & Bytes characters. Here’s a sneak peek of… something.

See, since now Gretha moved in with Nolan, he found a strange box amid Gretha’s packages. Yup, it reads “Gretha’s ‘toys’. DO NOT TOUCH!” on the signs.

What is Gretha hiding? You’ll find out in the final piece, but in the meantime I’m curious to see what’s your guess on the matter. Onwards!

135: Custom-Made

I don’t know if the final price of Super Mario Maker had been announced previous to the pre-order announcement, but that’s when I found out the rather steep cost of the game, which prompted me to draw this one page.

I’m still gonna play the heck out of this game… but I haven’t purchased it yet. As I said, it’s a steep price.

EDIT: Fixed a typo. Move along, people. Move along.

006 - The client is always right

I never really got hooked on The Sims, but I’ve seen enough of it to feel amused at the social interactions between characters. However, their droning talk in drawings and sudden changes of mood always felt a little creepy.

Of course, since these are the closest thing to a REAL human being, they like to drop by Bits & Bytes and have a… good?… time with friends. Sometimes. I guess.

I hope.