“Eh… h-hello LavBerry…I hope you are doing splendid.” Nolan appears in NatureTale, speaking to himself trying to figure the right thing to say after being gone for so long. “Its.. g-good seeing you again? ..No.. uh.. what do I say.” @lavender-sans


I was on Pan’s Podcast! First social thing I’ve done on the internet publicly in forever.

We talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, Courage, DeviantART, Brackenwood/Newgrounds and Scary Godmother and I’m super anxious/awkward :P


Happy Everything 2016!

As you can tell, dogs have been fully eliminated from our family pictures. We at least attempted to include them last year, but they were having none of it. This year we just said screw it ahead of time and took their picture in the backyard. It was hard enough to get all of us humans to be looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.

Before you are amazed that we got a family picture where everyone (including an infant and a toddler) is smiling and looking in the general direction of the camera, let me drop a real quick #truthbomb and tell you that this was Photoshopped. We took about 60 pictures and not one was good on its own for various reasons. This one was the best of me, Nolan, and Ellie (even though she’s looking to the side), but Eric was looking down at Ellie! Rather than keep trying for something that was never going to happen, I Googled some tutorials and replaced Eric’s face with his face from another picture where he was looking at the camera. 

So, kids. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.